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I went ahead and purchased the full version and I am having the same problem as DeLinds. My thumbnails are not being generated and there is no “timThumb” plugin present.

What’s your site url? I will check… or please send a message… thanks

Im needing to remove the SIDEBAR blog widget on one of my pages (portfolio) because i am using SlidePress Plugin as my portfolio gallery player. Can you please tell me how to disable the SIDEBAR blog right widget?


I see all the pages in your site use the blog template, please change the portfolio page to extra page template1.

Then open the “template1.php” in the “wp-content/themes/photoworks/” and remove code line 34 – 44.

Please send message to me then I will send the code to be removed.


Great theme. I’d like to purchase it but I have a few questions:

I’d like to know if it is possible to add video to it somewhere around the photo galleries. Or can I just add pages or blog posts that have videos in them?

Also how I can customize colors. If it’s through coding or in photoshop files provided.

Is it possible to add other plug ins like a shopping cart, google ad sense and or any other ecommerce apps?



You can post video in the blog post.

To change color: Change in the psd then change the css

Yes, it possible to add other wp plugin.


hello, we have buy your theme photoworks and we have a problem with galleries. we have integrate 6 galeries (we need 7) and our problem: all pictures in the middle from galeries has no a broken! we have two pictures into one picture. can you tell us your emailadress?we can send the url to demo our problem or we can make a screenshot and send to your emailadress!

thank you


How could I adjust the php files to have the entire twitter-bg image be a link to my twitter page?


Do you mean the twitter icon? You want to link the twitter icon to your twitter page? All twitter background and icon is a background image, so you can’t easily add hyperlink code… I will check and let you know…


I just try and we can link the twitter icon… please send a message then I will replay with the guide… thanks

Sorry, just one more question tonight.

In the PSD files, there is a bottom to the slider image that has a glossy top and then goes below a couple pixels, but then on the live page demo and on mine, that doesn’t show up. Instead, it’s just black below. I’ve tried looking in the stylesheet to see where this black color is defined, but have been unable to find it. Can you help?

Yes, I will check also about this…

We have fixed this issue.. I will upload the update to TF soon… thanks

hello swalian! why dont you answer us?we have a big problem with galery!the first two galeries has no problems!then galerie 3,4,5,6 have problems!all galeries have 8 pictures,and pictures 2 and 3 and 6 and 7 are not split on galeries. please tell us your emailaderess and we can send you a link to see our problem,we need fast help!

thank you and best regards


Already answered by email :)

I am having problems, with this theme i have just purchased, how can i contact you ?

You can send message via my profile here http://themeforest.net/user/swalian I will reply via email… thanks

Great template. Still learning how it all works.

There are some very oversimplified instructions to make the home page gallery work. Not working. Is there a more detailed description of how exactly put photos in the front page gallery or a discussion about it somewhere?



Open the help file and follow instruction #6, please let me know if you still found any issue… thansk

Hi, i really like this template. Still learning how it all works.

Bud i have one big Problem, i cannot add a new Category in WP. (2.9.2) Has this to do with the theme ? Thanxs!

I think the issue is not because the theme, but you can test by change to default theme and try to add new category.

I Re-Install the WP 2 .9.2 and now it works..FYI

Thank you

Great… please enjoy :)

Hi A very easy/obvious one no doubt but so far no luck :( I’m trying to set the blog/latest news page of my site to only display 1 category of posts.

I have tried category-exclude and category-include but neither seem to make any difference. http://www.mudclubweddings.co.uk/latest-news

I have the category include working fine on the gallery page but not the latest news, not sure if its something i’m missing or whether i’ve inadvertently deleted something.

Many thanks in advance

Maybe it missing some code when you modify the theme. Please re-download the original version then compare the code. See the template-blog.php file.

Thanks for the speedy reply. That was the first thing I tried.

Is there anywhere else that would overide the include/exclude settings on the page?

No, no other setting that overide the include/exclude… please try to use the original version of the theme and see the result. You can rename the modified version then copy again the original version to themes folder….

I have a question regarding sizing of the photos on the slide show.

Pretend I have only two photos in my slide show

Photo 1 Photo 2

And photo 2 is smaller then photo 1.

When the slideshow moves to photo2, I still see photo1, in the areas that are smaller then photo2.

Is there an easy way to fix this?


The photo dimension should match the whole slider area…. but I will check again about this…



In the specific case I was referring to, each image is smaller then the slider area. I don’t know specific images without looking them up, but something like 350 by 280 is a ball park of the image size.

Is there a preferred size to upload the images as? I know when I upload them un-cropped they exceed the size of the thumbnails div.

Thank you for such great reply time.

The image dimension for home page slider should 960px × 327px, if you have smaller images you can put the images into 960px × 327px dimension with black background….

Hi, I have an issue with permalinks.

When setting anythong other than the default settging, images do not open in the portfolio section, they do not seem to pick up the link.

images from the blog area work fine.

It’s trying to open an image here; http://www.swaffsphotography.co.uk/portfolio/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/RS9DonnaNook-211109-9033.jpg

but it should be here; http://www.swaffsphotography.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/RS9DonnaNook-211109-9033.jpg

Please see here;



Please send me a message via my profile page regarding this issue… I will check tomorrow..


How difficult is it to change the colors of the navbar and the background.

Does the theme options provide a way to choose different color schemes?


No, this theme doesn’t come with other color schemes. To change color, you should change in the css… I will guide you if you have an issue when change color…


I have same problem as one other poster.

The lower home page icons are not displaying and I can’t even see where they are called in the home page template. I don’t think this theme displays the way the demo does.

Please tell me where those icons under the “Our Clients” section is called or configured.

Also I had to deliberately exclude the home page from the menu or 2 home pages were being displayed.

What’s your site url? Or please provide screenshot… thanks

The “Our Clients” icons is a content in a home page post.

Please enter this following code in the home page post under the main text: <h3>Our Clients</h3> <ul class="list1"> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon1.png" alt="" /></li> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon2.png" alt="" /></li> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon3.png" alt="" /></li> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon4.png" alt="" /></li> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon5.png" alt="" /></li> <li><img src="wp-content/themes/photoworks/images/icon6.png" alt="" /></li> </ul>

Slideshow not working either although the thumbs underneath seem to.

I didn’t use wp_content/upload/ -i just ftp’d them to a folder for testing.

Not sure if this is the issue -can’t see any obvious errors in the error log


When uploaded the images via ftp, you should upload to ‘wp-content/uploads/’ folder. Please see the help file instruction #5.