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Yes – i read that – but i don’t want my images in that folder I want them in their own folder called “images” .

The url;s are correct for where they are in the custom fields.

What do I change to get the slideshow to work?

Hello, I am very happy with the appearance and ease of use. Is it possible to have only the slider on the home page? I would like my photos to appear on separate pages arranged by category.

If you want to show only the slider, it required some change to the code, please send me a message via my profile page… I will reply with the guide on Monday. thanks

Actually, I would like it to look like your live preview. If I could get it to that point, I think it would be a good start.

hi dude how many pictures can we add to it if it is unlimited or limited

dude can you let me know how many pictures can be added to it.


You can have unlimited pictures in the portfolio page, it only limited to 8 pictures for each category. thanks

Is there by any chance that i can increase more than eight pictures in your theme,i loved every thing in your theme,

2)how many categories can we add,

As you see in the demo, the place holder of the portfolio page only fit with 8 pictures for each category…. you can have unlimited categories as long as it fit the width of the theme.

In the dropdown menu, you also can have unlimited sub page, so I think it is no problem to show a lot of pictures… but it only limited 8 pictures for each category…

Hey hey!!

My slider folder shows up in my design page and my photography page (both are “children” of my “portfolio” parent page) I don’t want the slider folder to been seen anywhere other than on the slider.

How can i get rid of the slider folder on my child pages inside the site? how do I make the slider show up ONLY on the slider

Here’s the link http://www.5thstagemedia.com/

Thanks dood!

Awesome template! really really happy with it!!!


When you enter the ‘category-include’ in the gallery template, don’t enter the ‘slider’ category id.




Thanks dood!

I love his template and easily would of paid 4 times the amount I did!

thank you :)

This may be a stupid question, but how to I get rid of the little bird sitting at the top of my page?

In the ‘theme option’, find the ‘Twitter Setting’ and you can disable the twitter (bird) status in the header.

Just a heads up that depending on your server, you may need to delete a line in the slideshow.php file to get timthumb working properly. I deleted the / in front of the src image link call:

img src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/scripts/timthumb.php?src=<?php $values = get_post_custom_values(“image”); echo $values0; ?>&w=97&h=56&zc=1&q=100”

Otherwise, its a nice theme.

We have tested the timthumb can work with or without ’/’, but in the timthumb example use the ’/’, so we decide to use the ’/’. thanks for the info…

Thanks so much for my little bird solution. That worked like a charm. But now I am intrigued by the last comment from SdAdamH. I tried all night last night to get my slideshow to work and nothing is working. I can’t get neither a thumbnail, nor a full size picture to appear. I’m ripping my hair out and can’t for the life of me guess where I’m going wrong. The directions seem so clear and easy, yet no worky. I tried both the FTP route and the WP image upload route. I also just opened the slideshow.php file and I can’t find where to remove the forward slash. This is the last (and most important) piece of finishing my new site. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

What’s your site url?

Have you check the folder permission… try to set ‘scripts/cache/’ folder permission to 777 or 755.

Hey Paulasworld,

The first step that I do when I troubleshoot timthumb is to check and see that the code is correct in the source code. Do a view source and see that the image path that you inputted is right. When in doubt, the absolute path to the image works fine with WordPress. Just my 2 cents…

My temporary site URL is: http://www.yogadudes.com/Blog/

I just don’t have any idea how to check the permissions. Yikes. I’m sorry.

And SdAdamH I also tested the absolute path in a browser and it does work (displayed the uploaded pic). So I included the full path in the “value” portion of the customized field, but that didn’t work either :-(

If somebody could just explain how to set my permissions I will give that a try. I’m so eager to add the pictures to the slide show.

thanks for all the help.


I see there are no images that you enter for portfolio page and slider.

Please see the help file instruction #5, #6 and #9 …



Hello again swalian, I finally managed to get the pictures to show up on the homepage slider. Although it seems like I need to make a new post for each picture, rather than just adding multiple custom fields to one post. But at least I’m getting something up there now so I’m thrilled.

I do still have on question though. I’m working on the ‘gallery’ page and the only instruction that I don’t quite understand is “Add the value which is the posts categories id, separated by a comma to multiple categories.” I’m not sure what the category id is or how to find it. And can I upload all photos for a particular category in one single post?

Sorry to be such a pain. I’m so close to having it all figured out. So close . . .

For example: You create category named ‘Landscape’ and ‘People’, it will have an ID (automatically created by wordpress) let say 5 and 11. These IDs that you should enter in the ‘category-include’ custom field. Thanks.


No luck on my end with the slider, I have read through the previous posts and followed the instructions that came with the .zip file, I’m at a loss!

here is my site:


Much appreciated!

Thank you for the quick email response, one more question…

Is there a way to tweak the gallery window larger then 960×327?

I know others have tried in the past with no luck, was just wondering if that has been changed..

Thank you!

The size of home page slider large image is already set 960×327…. what size do you need?

My concern is the height. I have many images that far exceed the 327 height limit. I plan on doing some tweaking to the header and the nav, in order to buy me some room up top. My thoughts are reducing the header to 50px and reducing the nav to 23, which saves me 73px of space.

I would ideally like to have the main image set around 600 in height, while also dropping the slider down so it fits below the image itself. 600px in height would be very generous, I am giving myself room to play there…

Thank you.

I will check if we can quick tweak about this on Monday. Just sent me a message via my profile page about this…. thanks

PM sent.

Thank you.

Got your pm, will check the issue today…

Dear Steve,

When I download your theme on my hosting tool, the system gave me “style sheet is missing” error. Could you help me about it?

Thnx in advance Muge

Yet another PM sent.

Thank you.

The top of the images are not cut off, but you was upload with 327px height… please see at http://megstonefineart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/charcoal.eidolon1.png

Hello Swalian!

Loving this theme but I am having a slight problem! On the home page slider I’ve been able to add a thumbnail image although the larger 960×327px image isn’t appearing!


What’s your site url?