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By any chance.. do you know how I can get the “booking” form up and running? I can’t seem to get it to work :(

Hi – you don’t appear to have a purchase badge.

Not sure what that means- but I got this “landing page” and the theme I’m using in the wee hours of the morning (4 a.m.) today…

You show no purchase of this file possibly you used a different account to purchase if so you need to login with that account please

Also this is a HTML template not a wordpress theme….maybe that is the issue?

Hi Jonathan,

Fantastic looking landing page. I wish I had something to use it for. It’s definitely been booked for later though. Best of luck in your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thanks so much for the compliment and encouragement :)

Hi Jonathan

do you have an email address i can contact you on? I’m setting up a site promoting sqeeze/landing pages and i’d like to promote your work.

cheers Rory

:) Why thank you very much! My email address is

Don’t forget to come back and post the url once your up and running – it’s good promotion for us and your site/pages as well! :)

Thanks and good luck with the page!


A great looking theme Jonathan01.

I’m having troubles with the form also. It all works fine, and the “successfully sent” message shows, but no emails arrive?

Also it seems there’s no validation error message for the email field? If someone enters an incorrectly formatted email address is simply appears as if the form doesn’t work (because there are no error messages).

Please Note: I have modified the email address to my own email (from the default

Also I am hosting with HostGator, and they do have PHP5 + servers.

Hi there, unfortunately all we do is provide a very generic script for the contact form. I would check with your hosting company to make sure they have the sendmail php function turned on. Some hosting companies do not like you using anything else but their own functions.

Hope this helps


I did get the form working: it was my own error.

  • But I still think it’s a big issue that there are no error messages on the form fields. If someone fills in the form incorrectly (namely the email field which does have requirements!) it almost appears that the form has been sent. They would never know any different. That in turn is very bad for business because any client will assume you simply have not replied to their form submission.

We will look at adding messages thanks for the feedback – however if someone enters an incorrect email address you could not reply to them anyway, and as you stated, the form does not submit – completion of the form shows the ‘message sent’ confirmation message – validation does occur, and it just does not send – which in turn means the validation works correctly.

Again thanks for the feedback – it’s most appreciated and we often update our items based on good feedback like this.

If you haven’t already contacted via my profile page – please do so – as when we update the script etc we can let you know directly via email :)


Almost 2 weeks later, I even emailed theme-forest directly and no response. I did purchase this the other night I thought I did it with this business account, actually to be honest I could have swore that I did. How else would I get all the files, obviously I’m not a hacker because um… I can’t even get a stupid contact form to work. If anything that should certainly be an indication of my “coding” or whatever skills. I purchased this at the same time I did the Elliot theme, here I am in the midst of wedding season looking like a complete moron to my family, friends, and clients. Who knows how many people filled out that form and I didn’t respond to. It makes me sooo frustrated. I just would really like to know how to get it to work. I don’t see a spot to replace an email, on my end it’s working fine- but no emails.

Oh yeah, I also get it’s not a wordpress template… I am using it as html… in front of my wordpress site, so no go there. is my site. :(

Sorry we need proof of purchase for any form of support. Please continue to contact ThemeForest support for your issue with regard to your purchase – thank you.

Hi, just installed your landing page in my bluehost hosting and email form doesn’t work. I don’t think that you used the correct php file to correspond with the fields in the form.

Hi – thanks for the purchase – yes we did use the correct form / fields and php – everything is tested and working by both ourselves here and theme forest when reviewing – I suggest contacting your hosting company as they may want you to use a specific script they supply if they do not have php configured with sendmail. Please see your documentation for the script type and it’s function. Unfortunately some of the lower cost hosting companies place restrictions on the services but offer alternatives.

Also please make sure you changed the to email address in the script as per your directions – it may well be sending, you are just not receiving – could also be the issue.

Hope that helps!


Yeah, thanks for that. I suggest you double check and triple check because the form is not corresponding with the php file. My hosting is enabled for php senders by the way and yes it sends emails, and yes I received all the emails I tested, but instead of receivieng the whole information it only sends fields spoecified in php which dont correspond with the html form…... Could you fix accordingly and email me when ready, thanks.

You are absolutely correct – I sincerely apologize for this. This must’ve gone by the side when packaging up the files and we packaged the wrong mailer. I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I have the files ready to be uploaded to TF for approval to update the file, but if you contact me via my profile page – I can ship the new mailer.php to you via email so you don’t have to wait for TF to approve the files.

Again – sorry for the confusion and thanks again for letting us know about this


— Jonathan

Hi – just wanted to let you know that the package file has been reviewed and replaces the download from before – simply head over to your downloads page and re-download the package – then just replace your mailer.php file with the new one in the re-downloaded zip.

Again many thanks for you bringing to our attention and your patience.


No worries, the download file is not working though.. Can you email me the file:

In what way please?

At the moment I tried downloading it twice and it’s been flagged for too many downloads lol.. can you email me the new file (email above) please.

Hi again – the file was emailed direct to you.

Many thanks



If a user does not fill a required field out, is there anyway to indicate to the user they need to fill out the required field in order to submit to the form?

Perhaps something as easy as a message coming up “Please fill out required fields in order to submit” if they don’t fill out all the required forms.

Would appreciate any help, thanks.

Hi and firstly many thanks for the purchase.

The form we supply is a bsic form – most people utilizing landing pages normally have their own scripts from CRM tools or email database systems run off 3rd party solutions – therefore we only provide a basic “get you going form” with this product – validation, as you said, does occur and will only submit if all details are entered and entered correctly – we currently do not do a JS validation with messages for missing fields etc – there are plenty free ones available on the internet and a quick search in google should get what you need.

Many thanks again for your purchase


this theme will not upload to wordpress at all for me.

Hi – unfortunately you purchased a landing page – not a full WordPress theme.

Landing pages are strictly HTML only.

ah.. makes perfect sense now :)

Yeah! Got it all installed but the images are too big. Any advice on how to fix it?

Hi and thanks for the purchase

Either change the layout via CSS or simply create your images the same as the example ones supplied


any links of people who have actally complted ones to show??



Hey can we add more fields to the custom form? The landing page I want to make has way more fields and requires that I put in dropdown menus as well. Will I be able to add in more fields easily?

Also with HTML and CSS knowledge (some jQuery knowledge) will I be able to move the slide show up next to the form?


Hi – you should be able to accomplish anything you want via html/css and your php contact form script you want to include – nothing particular special or complicated about what we offer and the code is heavily commented as is the css style sheet.

The script supplied you could definitely build on to add more inputs and drop downs as it’s a simple mailer script that you can customize – if you don’t have that knowledge I can pass you along to a programmer but of course they would charge for their time – but it’s an option :)

Obviously alterations and customizations are just dependent on your skill level as support is limited to installation of the delivered files, rather than assistance with modification and customizations I’m afraid.


Hi Jonathon

Do you have a showcase for this landing page that other buyers may have submitted?


Hi – unfortunately most buyers on themeforest by to then flip for a client and because of that business model authors do not get to know of uses I am afraid.


Can I use this with my smugmug website? I need to know for sure if it’s going to work before I make the purchase. Thank you.

Unless smugmug offer a plugin to bring in your images I wouldn’t of thought so. A WordPress theme can host all your images etc but if you wish to bring in your images from another site based on an account they would have to offer a way to do this for you.

Many thanks


Hi – the template is just HTML there should be no reason why it shouldn’t work with anything. I’m not familiar with smugmug but as I said – this landing page is just a simple HTML coded to specifications.