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hi, it’s compatible Photojax theme with wordpress 3.7.1 version? thank you.

Hi! Quick question: on the drop-down menu, I want to change the color on roll-over. I went to the css, in style.css I changed all #ff0000 for my new color.

I payed special attention to do so in the drop-down styles, but the color is still red. What am I missing?


Thank you! The galleries are now working… However the drop-down menu color hasnt changed. Is it OK if I send you an email with access to the site so you can take a look?


Thanks! I sent you a message through your profile page…

Hi, I have this theme (which is amazing by the way) but I was wondering if you’ve considered adding a filterable functionality to the galleries?


I haven’t considered it because I wanted to keep the page clean/fast. Adding the filter would slow things down a bit and could cause issues with the AJAX functionality. I’ll write it down and have a second look when I make the next update.

Hey there…Man I love this theme!

I would like to ENABLE the right click option for one of my pages, so that clients can take their photos…

Is this possible?


Great, glad to hear ;)

You have 2 options:

1. Enable right click everywhere and find a plugin that will allow you to set it on a per-page basis.

2. Alter the function – see functions/scripts.php line 80:

// Disable right click
    if( of_get_option('click_protection','1') == '1') {
        wp_enqueue_script('wpex-disable-click', WPEX_JS_DIR .'/disable_click.js', array('jquery'), 1.0, true);

And include an if statement so that the code doesn’t run on that specific page/post – see http://codex.wordpress.org/Conditional_Tags



Hi, I want to be able to password protect a gallery but when I use the standard wordpress password protection it doesn’t work – has this been disabled or would you recommend a plugin that allows you to do it? Thanks


The reason is because the gallery part is actually outside of the content, so the theme would need some additional code. If you contact me via my profile page I can have a look at adding an update to allow password protection on galleries.

Hello, I would like to password protect a blog post but is doesn’t work. Is this the same problem as ?

“The reason is because the gallery part is actually outside of the content, so the theme would need some additional code. If you contact me via my profile page I can have a look at adding an update to allow password protection on galleries”



The password protection should work fine, but the featured image isn’t hidden, is that what you want to do? If so contact me via my profile page for the update!

Thank you for your patience over the Holidays!

Hi! One last question :).

Check it here: http://www.gianlucamaroli.it/galleries-category/musica/

All site is light skin, but this category in, as you can see, dark skinned. If you click on one of the four galleries, however, gallery’s photos are on a white background, that so split che dark background with a white “line”, with height same as photos’.

Is it possible to make ALL dark?

Hope I made myself clear. Thanks again!


The best would be for you to make a function to actually load the dark.css file onto this category:

function my_load_dark_skin() {
    if ( is_tax('gallery_cats') ) {
        $queried_object = get_queried_object();  
        $term_id = $queried_object->term_id;  
        if ( $term_id == 'YOUR CATEGORY ID HERE' ) {
            wp_enqueue_style('wpex-dark', WPEX_CSS_DIR . '/dark.css');

Of course change where it says “YOUR CATEGORY ID HERE”.

hi, can you please help with the captions. I will send you the website details, can you let me know how to update the theme. Rajvi

hi, can you please help with the captions. I will send you the website details, can you let me know how to update the theme. Rajvi

hi, can you please help with the captions. I will send you the website details, can you let me know how to update the theme. Rajvi


You don’t even have the buyer tag next to your name, so how do you expect to receive money back for something you haven’t purchased?

I had to leave town for a while and just got back. I will be going through emails soon, but because of your attitude I will likely answer your question last if I answer at all.

ps: You are using version 1.0 of this theme, so it’s very much outdated – http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photojax/ – so please refer back to my original comment regarding having to update your theme. You will, however, need to purchase the theme in order to update.


ok, as I explained earlier my partner bought the theme, I will now log-in with the as I have the purchase code. Rajvi


Sorry, unfortunately I do have tons of customers so it’s hard to remember all that.

Please update the theme and see if the image descriptions work, if not, I’ll be glad to help you out!

Sorry things have gotten a bit slower over the Holidays, I haven’t seen my family in over 3 years so I’m trying to make up for that ;)


On the homepage, it’s possible to have more or less column for the gallery ?

Thanks very much


You would have to tweak the CSS in order to alter the columns, there isn’t a built-in option for this. But I’ll definitely add one in the next update ;)

hi, can you make the caption size smaller, have been trying to look in the editor. Also can you have info on 2 lines?



hi, just found it thanks.


hi, sorry I now have another question, where can I add the favicon. It doesn’t seem to be in the Theme Options? Thanks Rajvi


hi, sorry another question, I can’t seem to find the red colour on the drop-down menu. Where is it in the editor so that I can change it as well as the hyper-link colour.

hi, where can I add the favicon. It doesn’t seem to be in the Theme Options? Thanks Rajvi


Hi Rajvi,

We didn’t add this to the theme panel. You can use a free plugin from WordPress.org for this or you can simply dump your favicon.ico file into your server’s root folder and modern browsers will actually find it on their own.

Hi, I was wondering if there was an easy way to reorder the thumbnails in a gallery other than changing the time of publication.


To be more clear, not just the images within a single Gallery but The featured Thumbnails that display with in a gallery category.


I answered my own question. Nevermind! Again, awesome theme.

Hi there, I imagine that his theme would be great for my photography business.

I do have a few questions before purchasing:

1) Can the menu navigation dropdown be transparent opposed to black? (see attached image: http://i44.tinypic.com/35bh1uc.png)

2) Can the menu navigation font be changed? Thanks so much!!


Also, the images not on display in slideshadow have less opacity than the main image. Can this be modified? (see image: http://i42.tinypic.com/3022qyu.png)


Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, hopefully you’re still interested!

1. Yes, you could easily add some CSS to your site to give it some opacity. Example:

#navigation .sf-menu ul { opacity: 0.85; }

2. I would recommend this plugin for changing fonts in Wordpress – http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-fonts/

3. Yes this would also be an easy CSS tweak:

.visibleNearby .rsSlide img { opacity; 1; }

That actually looks better without opacity, I’ll probably update the theme ;)

I have a question regarding the home page gallery. I would like to link each home page thumbnail directly to coordinating blog posts instead of opening the Ajax slideshow. So basically, when they click on the home page thumbnail, it takes them to a related blog post with more details and photos.

Home page is here: http://bradsantdesign.com/photo/

Is this possible via some css changes? If so, where do I start?


Actually you can disable the featured image on single blog posts via the theme options under the blog tab – its the only option in this tab actually ;)

ps: Uploading an update to fix the galleries icon in 3.8 right now.


Haha, that was far too easy of a solution…sorry to bother you with seemingly-menial questions.

I’ll keep an eye open for the update. Looking forward to it!

Merry Christmas, and thank you again.



Thanks and happy holidays and new year to you too!

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to disable the auto rotate function within the royal slider? I didn’t see anything right off the bat in the theme options.



There isn’t a built-in option for this. But you can open js/royalslider-init.js and on line 13:

enabled: true,

Set the value to false.

enabled: false,

Are there any examples of this theme that combine vertical (portrait) format pictures with horizontal (landscape) pictures in the same gallery? All the pictures in galleries in the demo are either one or the other. You don’t mix portrait with landscape.


The reason i don’t combine them is because the spacing wouldn’t look as nice. Of course its possible to combine them, but if you look at the way the them works, if you have a vertical image with a horizontal next to it to one side and a vertical to the other site there will be more space between the vertical-vertical image then the vertical-horizontal.

Example: http://cl.ly/image/0Z0l120N3T1y

But this is also because the default resizing is to crop images at a certain height but leave the width untouched. If you want you could change the default cropping to have images always cropped at the same size (but maybe not as ideal as creating galleries that are consistant).


I was wonderering how I can update the theme. I have tweaked it a lot, so replacing it might be difficult?

There is no rush to reply this message. Enjoy your holidays!

Thanks, Anders


Hi Anders,

What have you tweaked? Generally when working with WordPress you should be making all your tweaks via a child theme, that way you don’t have to worry about the updates overriding your edits.

If you have tweaked a lot of the parent theme files, hopefully you kept track of the files edited so you can update manually and then hopefully you can pass your edits to a child theme so you don’t have to do all that next time.

You can see the files edited in the updates here: http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photojax/