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Hi there. So the theme that I need is the following:

1. Full Video Background. Either Youtube or Self Hosted. 2. The video is to be on a constant Loop 3. When you click on a menu, the new content is overlayed in front of the video. No break in the video. 4. Only one video to be played on a loop and no break when going between menus.

Is this something that this theme can do?

Also, how are the loading speeds? I know it depends on the video, however, general idea would be nice.

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest.

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No

The code is optimised and loading speed depend on content, how much images you have, video size, Internet bandwidth, hosting. From my side (if we talking about the theme) I did my best. :)

Hi sorry for my english 1st congratulations for your superb theme

I don’t find in comments with my YouTube vidéo (on my 21 ’’ screen) is not in full with (i have 2 bars on left and right)

Is there any CSS i can add i tried }

.menu-wrapper .logo img {
 background: none!important;

it works 1 second and after the 2 black bars appears thanks for all

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing. Appreciate it.

I hope it will help: http://goo.gl/8mzwlt

Hello, at first congratulations for the theme.

I just added a widget in the footer, but now the pages scroll is not like before, you can see the ‘bottom’ of the page.

I’m wondering if there is any way to solve it.

Thank you for your time.

The website is www.guilleplacencia.com


Hello Eduard,

Thanks for purchasing. Appreciate it.

Could you be more clear? I didn’t understand your question

Hello i need to may day I can not create pages the way it appears on the demo site !

Video Tutorial home page how to create and inserting audio home page


Please, read user’s manual. You can find it in the downloaded package.

Hi there,

I love your theme and use it several years without problem. but my hoster now upgraded to php 5.6 and suddenly everything crashed and the theme is not working anymore. The hoster said it´s the themes´s fault?

Can you please advise? Thank you fro quick response! Best Martin ++

Login/password to your hosting

ok. I did it and send everything to you right now- thanks for support!!

Problem solved. Just a notice for other who have the same problem: make sure that you’re using latest theme version.

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I am trying to have the video in my portfolio project page to be embedded from youtube and automatically play back at 720p or 1080p. I have tried adding ?vq=1080 to the youtube embedding, but still wont work.


Append the following parameter to the Youtube-URL:
240p: &vq=small
360p: &vq=medium
480p: &vq=large
720p: &vq=hd720
1080p: &vq=hd1080

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Trying tha but still shows up as 360p when I play. Can you show me how it would look with entire sting I should put in please? I appreciate your help thank you.

Chrome didn’t support this method. Read this – Click me

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Hi there,

I am searching for the original version of your theme version 1.1 because someone modified this version to my needs and can´t remember where or what he recoded :-(

And I have to update to latest version asap.

thanks for helping.

Hi there,

The latest theme version you can download from your account (‘Downloads’ tab in the top right corner).

You can get v. 1.1 if you contact me via email.

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I wrote you an email the other day regarding the version 1.1 of your theme …

would you be so kind to send that to me? I did let customize this version a bit but they can´t remember which code so I can´t update. thats for what I need it.

thank you! best Martin

Hi Martin,

I’m so sorry. I’ve attached the file to email but forgot to click the send button. :(

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Kotofey, with each post I write with your theme I fall more in more in love with it. Excellent work here!

Thanks urboiphoto. I’m glad to hear it :)

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Any word if you’re going to do an update to make this theme mobile friendly according to Google’s standards like your other theme Vernissage? Either way I’m thoroughly happy with this theme.

Yes, it’s planned. This feature will be added in next update.

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Dear Kotofey,

Nice work with the site! I’ve purchased the theme and I’d like to remove the logo. I’ve Googled it first, but most seem to be more interested in removing the box around the logo. So can you please help me with this? Appreciate it.

Thank you, Aefat

Hi Aefat,

Thanks for purchasing. Appreciate it.

Add this CSS to the custom CSS field in the theme options.

.logo {
   display: none;
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Your welcome and thank you, you’ve been very helpful!

Hi, kotofey, its been awhile :)

anyways, for some reason i cant figure out how to put the social icons on the left side of the page and then change its color to #ec008c..

when i inspect it.. it just doesnt allow me to change it..


To put social icons on the left side, try to use this CSS style (put this code to the custom CSS field in the theme options)
.social {
   right: 0;
   left: 50px;
   float: left;

As for color, you can’t change him, because it’s an images. They are stored in photolio/images/social folder

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creale Purchased


Is your theme add txt files in the cache folder of the theme ?

Or am i under attack ?

Thank you


Don’t worry. It’s needed for better performance. :)

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wakka992 Purchased

Hello Kotofey, first of all congratulations for the theme, i love it!

i’m having a problem with the thumbnails of this page and i can’t understand where the problem is, can you help me? http://www.medialoca.it/?page_id=12


Thanks. I’m glad that you love this theme. :)

Could you be more clear? Didn’t see any problems on this page.

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