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Hi I just checked this out for use on an Iphone and it doesn’t work? Is that right? Does it work on any mobile device? Cheers Mat

Hi Mat,

This theme works on mobile phones, but it’s not responsive (yet). Some features (such as video background) didn’t not supported by IPhones / IPads, but works on Android devices.

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I just finished installing and activating the theme with no error messages or issues. However, when I wanted to edit the look of the theme under “theme options”, the menu wasn’t there. So the menu under “Appearance > Theme Options” does not exist.

How can I fix this? The only menus available under “Appearance” are: Themes, Customize, Widgets and Menus.

I also wonder where I can remove the line on the bottom of the site which reads: “© 2012 photolio by kotofey for ThemeForest.net. Powered by WordPress”.

Best regards, V

I have another question… sorry for bugging you so much! But how do you remove the Facebook and Twitter links from the lightbox window for all the enlarged images?

Hi there,

1. The code removes only the black bar.
2. Search results (second result) ;)

P.S. I got your email and will answer asap.

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Thanks for your reply! :D

1. For me it removed the whole thing though. But, I’ve actually gotten used to it without the line so I kinda like it this way now. :)

2. Thanks! Sorry about that!

Thanks! I appreciate if you could give me some advice on how to fix my problem, if the answer isn’t a simple one.

Back again! :) In case you might have missed my previous question, I posted it again. With two additional questions.

1. I was wondering, is it possible to remove the bar on the bottom or adjust its height? Not the loading bar, but the black bar underneath it.

So, what I want to do is remove the bottom part, but keep the loading bar.

2. In the “user manual”, you mention how to upload and add images to the Gallery via the “Featured image” section. However, I have thus far not managed to get it to work since you can only add one image at a time. In your “how to video” you show the process of how to upload and add images, but the interface is different, is it due to you used an older version of Wordpress in the video and the method has changed now?

3. What resolution would you recommend for viewing a fullscreen image on a widescreen monitor for the background?

Best regards, Vira

Hi Vira,

1. Answered.
2. The method is the same. You need to click on ‘Add media’ button and then you’ll able to use bulk upload.
3. http://themeforest.net/item/photolio-photography-portfolio-wordpress-theme/2058432/faqs/12411

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Thanks! Will look into it! :)

Hello, I also have a problem. The best thing to explain is if you follow the link and have a look. I know there are still some things missing, dont care about. pls got to: http://foto-maronn.de/?cat=25&v=3a52f3c22ed6 there´s a blog without a picture in the background it only shows up if you link with the side menue at hte same topic- pls klick Epson Pulsense PS-500B and the picture will be loaded. How can I fix this? thanks in advance Sylvio

Sorry, now you can have a look !


Sylvio_M Purchased

Still the same problem – http://foto-maronn.de/?cat=25&v=4cf633e45227 opened over the menue no bg picture opened over the last entries the is the pic in the bg – the static page was set !

To set up the blog you must create a new page, you can do so by navigating to Pages > Add New. Once you have created your new page which you want to use as “blog”, navigate to Settings > Reading and configure the “Front Page Displays” setting. Select the “Front Page Displays” and choose the page you just created as your posts page. Your blog page is now created and ready for use. All posts will show up on this page. Then, go and edit ‘Blog’ page and set the background image. It’s all.

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Hello, i didnt find sample data for this theme. and whats your slides images size ? I put some photos for home slider, but my images are not fit to screen. Thanks.

thanks and i created a gallery full screen portrait page. But a filter on images. ?s it removable ?

And how can i change fonts ?

1. Sorry, I didn’t understand your question.
2. Which fonts?

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Hello again.

Here are my questions :)

1) When I view my photos on the site, I see little spots on the images and I want to make them remove, i would like to see them clear, without these little spots. I think it’s the style of the site. Is it possible to remove them or change this style?

2) I want to change the font style on the “Budy” and the “Menu”. How can I do it?

3) Is it possible to settle/put the Vine or Instagram profile pages item on the right bottom of the site? I see just, facebook, google +, twitter and YouTube?

Thanks in advance.


1. Check theme options
2. What is ‘Budy’? :)
3. Yes, it’s possible but require custom modifications. Email me and we discuss it.

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I’m having an issue where I use the prettyPhoto and the image shows up with undefined instead of the title? And I’m not sure where I can fix that.

Could you be more clear?

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Sylvio_M Purchased

Thank you and sorry to post to you at FB. I recently set up the blog page as it is described in the documentary. But although the backgroundimage, set as bg image on the blogsite , isn´t showing. But if I klick on the last entries of the blog there is a picture in the background. Here´s the link- I know that you support many people.

http://foto-maronn.de/?cat=25&v=3a52f3c22ed6 please solve the problem.

may i didn´t have to wait 16 days ´til you answer this

have a good time

Your blog page was set up not as it’s written in the manual. Please, check again

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how can i activate the pluging for make the theme move import demo? i all ready bought the theme.

To import from a WordPress export file (XML) into a WordPress blog follow these steps.

Log into your blog as an administrator.
Go to Tools > Import in the blog's admin panels.
Choose "WordPress" from the list and click the "Install Now" button in the modal window for the WordPress Importer plugin.
Activate it by clicking the "Activate Plugin & Run Importer" link, Upload your XML file using the form provided on that page.
You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the blog. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the blog or to create a new user.
WordPress will then import each of the posts, comments, and categories contained in the uploaded file into your blog. In addition, you can import attachment by checking the "Download and import file attachments" option.