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very nice, but form validation not work for me

Thanks. Seems to be working fine for me. What browser & OS are you using?

sorry, sorry, sorry work fine…I made a mistake

Good job! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you louiejie!

Fine solution of responsive menu. I bought it and I hope you will make other color themes. Not to be pleasant to all dark color…

Thanks for purchasing! We will surely make other themes, possibly even color variations for this one.

Good job. I would buy it, if there’ll be a fixed version with light colors.

Thanks benfike. Please watch this theme for future updates, as I’m pretty sure we’ll do a lighter version as an option.

nice debut! good luck!

Thank you very much!

Nice theme.. I’ll bought for sure.

very nice work glws

Glad you like it.

Excellent job man !! I like it !! That’s why I wish you Good Luck with sales ;)

What a great work! I dont need it for now, but good luck with sales! ;)

Very unique and neat design! Congrats and good luck!

This is very nice; agree on more color options though :)

I will be purchasing this theme tonight, for two main reasons. Great Login and the small sidebar. :)

Thanks everyone for super-cool comments! :)

Hey, great looking theme, but I can’t find the theme folder in the .zip file. Please tell me which file to zip to use the wordpress upload feature so I don’t get the missing style.css error.


Thanks for purchasing this theme nomadaj. It seems that you bought this theme thinking it would work in Wordpress. Unfortunately it won’t. This is custom admin panel theme, used mostly by programmers for building custom CMS systems.

What is with people trying to use wordpress with admin themes.. Themeforest needs to have some sort of “HEY YOU.. THIS WON’T WORK IN WORDPRESS” alert before people are allowed to buy.

Awesome theme, just awesome – I just had to buy this.. not sure what to use it for right now but yea, I just could not let this one go, just had to own a copy!

I have a question though – Looking at the menu/navigation on the left, is there are way to toggle it, for example, have it expanded to begin with and then pull it in after say 2 seconds?

Thanks :)

By default no, as the menu is 100% CSS controlled. It’s not hard to achieve this, though. Please shoot me an email and I’ll help you.

Thanks, sounds good :)

Ps. I am amazed that less than 3 people have rated, when it’s been bought 40 times.. hmm oh well.

awesome UI designs man! congrats :)

Thank you!

I am just learning bootstrap, will it work with the current bootstrap version 2.3.0 ?

Currently it will work with 2.2.1. We’re releasing a new version this week that will feature Bootstrap 2.3.0.