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Awesome template. Thinking of purchasing this template. Can you tell me when are you going to release version exactly please.

Thanks for your interest. Next version will be released today.

Please add wizard to this template in your next release.

The wizard will not be a part of 1.1 release, but it’s integration is planned for future updates.

Photon UI version 1.1 is now live. Please check the Changelog under Item Details tab. Note that Twitter Bootstrap has been upgraded to v.2.3.0 although the summary on the right states 2.2.2 (TF needs to update their options here). Lot’s of good stuff added, we’ll keep it coming. Thanks all for buying!


The widgets look amazing. Is there any way that these could be arranged in such a way as to remember the user’s preference? e.g. The next time I log in could the dashboard remember the widgets’ order depending on how they were last saved. Either by setting a cookie or whatever?

Appreciate that this is outside the scope of normality for a template, but it’s a feature I’d love to see.


Thanks. This was intentionally left out as we felt that programmers might want to implement this functionality the way they prefer best. Though, you’re right, it could be useful if we had this feature in our next release, and we’ll certainly consider it.

I am having an issue and I can’t figure out why it is happening.

I have a table within tabs and the outside borders of the table are not displaying. I have table class of “table table-bordered table-responsive”.

Is this a bootstrap limitation or some css styles that have been/need to be overridden?

Thanks for your help.

First of all thanks for buying Photon UI theme.

So, we just created a demo of this use case you’re describing, and it seems to be working fine:

Please have a look at a source code, and see if you can get it working as we did. Feel free to contact me via email if you’re still having problems.

I got it. Thanks. I had container-fluid misspelled.

Thanks a lot! I will use this as a templete for my Dokuwiki-Project. Let’s see how far we can get these two integrated…

Great! Good luck with integration, should be fun.

Hi there, very nice job
do you have any exemple page showing how a jpeg would be displayed ? Is there any kind of lightbox ?
Also, can a jpeg be displayed in the tooltip window ?
thank you

Hello! Yes, tooltip can host images – no problems. We don’t have any kind of lightbox example for the admin panel, sorry.

Excellent work!!

Do you plan to add Calendar into this?

Is there any possibility of adding MS Outlook type calendar (With recurrence)?

Yes, calendar is planned, though I can’t give you an exact estimation when will that version be released, or any other details regarding calendar features. All I can say is – it’s planned. :)

Is there any way you can implement a form wizard? That is my only holdup

Form wizard feature implementation is planned for the next release, though I can’t give you estimation when will the new version be released.

I’m looking at buying your template, however I have one concern. I’m not interested in the dashboard design you have. Is there a way to make the sidebar persistent (ie. cannot close)? Thanks for any answers you can provide.

As you might have figured it out already (since you already bought the theme – thanks), it’s easy not to use dashboard at all. Just use any of the inside pages as a starting template for your work.

Sidebar can be persistent, and can easily be styled to remove the arrow controls used to hide/show the sidebar.

If you need any help, please contact me directly via private message.

I have one request for this project in an upcoming version can a conversation layout or news layout either be added as it would be very beneficial.

Thanks for buying this theme. We will add your suggestion to our feature request list, we’ll definitely have this feature in one of upcoming versions.

Its there any chance i cant get a un-minified verson of the css files for this prject. Its really difficult to modify the css when its pre-minified

Hello and thank you very much for buying! Yes, it’s certainly possible to provide you with an un-minied version of css file, but please consider working with already included less files.

You can find more info about LESS dynamic stylesheet language here: . It’s super easy to learn and use, and once you go that road – you’ll never want to go back to simple CSS coding.

Please send me a private message, and I’ll reply with CSS files attached.


Version 1.1.1 is out with some minor additions:

1) Added non-minified CSS files (Less CSS sources and minified CSS sources already exist).

2) Updated the documentation with latest FAQ regarding IE8 & IE9 browsers. Also added recommended development workflow if using HTML sources instead of PHP sources.

Love the theme, would it be to difficult to split the main-content area up into 2 panels that each can contain content. I would like to have two forms in the main-content div with the ability to scroll in each if the form is too long.

Great job. Thanks for the theme.

Thanks for purchasing this theme. This use case was not anticipated, so there’s no predefined option, or other super-easy way to achieve this. Though, I’m certain that it should be fairly simple to tweak the existing html&css to get the desired functionality.


I am contemplating on purchasing this theme for use with a new project. Can I use the dashboard “theme” throughout the whole site? The blue to me is much easier on the eyes than the greys. The dashboard looks awesome.. Just would like to use the same widget styling and background as the dashboard throughout the site.


Hello, thanks for your interest. Setting the background is easy, though some elements that sit on the bright background wouldn’t have enough contrast when placed on a darker background. As we didn’t anticipate someone would want a full dark background across the board, we didn’t create alternative styling for such items.

Hi. Just bought your theme. Great Job. However can you let me know how to use two “Select Box with Filter Search” on the same page. Everytime, I try to do that only one of them works. Is it a constraint that two “Select Box with Filter Search” cannot be used on the same page? I am not Sure if this a javascript error … please advise.

Thanks for buying. Please send me a private message regarding this problem – I’ll reply ASAP, it’s really simple.

Hi the solution provided by you worked perfectly well. Thank you for the prompt reply.


I am loving the template it is exactly what i wanted, and it is so easy to implement on top of the php site i am creating. However, i am seeing one issue, that im hoping you can help with. It regarding this page:

I am trying to have two select boxes with search capabilities however i have noticed, that is you try and have two inside the same form, it doesnt work. The second field does not get styled and has no functionality.

Below is an example of what i am talking about:

Please can you help, as i love the drop down with search!

UPDATE: Just read the comment from the person before me…how did you fix this issue?

This issue is also the same when you want to use WYSIWYG Editor – Normal in the same form as well

Hello, and thanks for purchasing the theme.

It’s just the matter of binding elements to certain jQuery plugin: Please note that each select box needs to have a unique name and unique id attribute, but can have same class name. When binding select boxes to i.e. Select2 plugin it’s safe to use that class name as a selector.


Great theme would really like to purchase, although I noticed a bug while testing the dashboard on IE10. When clicking the option icon the widget just flips without showing the filter options. Could you please have a look and let me know if you experience the same.


I’m interested in purchasing this template, but while testing it out on my mobile (latest Android, using Chrome) I found a few flaws:

-it is not possible to access the last items in the main menu (log out for example) since the menu closes when trying to scroll. The same applies to the sub menu items. - scrolling the sidebar works really poor since the entire page is scrolled most of the time

Other than that, I really like the theme so I hope you will be able to sort this out!


Thank you for your feedback, we’ll address this issue and include a fix in our next version release.

When will you be releasing next version? All comments seem related to 5 months ago. Would love to use this but would prefer to get your update. Also – noted it (in current version) has some issues in Opera (no biggie) ...