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One more thing: @rgtsmartisdDesign posted an issue in IE10 where the widgets on dashboard do not work correctly. Are you addressing these issues?

Yes, most of the issues have already been fixed, some new features were added.

The reason why we’re postponing the publishment of a new version is that we want to make sure that something else didn’t go wrong. QA is really important as the changes in pending version’s LESS (CSS) code were significant. Basically as of this version we will implement regression tests that will hopefully make it easier to spot at least some of the problems in the future. It is realistic to say that the new version will be published in the first half of August.

However, everyone that buys the theme in this period (end of July – start of August) will receive an update for free once it’s published.

Thank you all for your patience.

Makes sense. I already purchased it; but would need to wait for some of the updates/fixes.

I really want to use your great template.. any chance you can tell us what the new update will include? I, like many people, need to make a decision for a client quickly and if you have some nice extras then i will wait a bit until you release the next version.. otherwise.. I have to buy some other, which I don’t want to do.. :) this template is JUST what i want.. great work and well thought out for usability!

Ok. Promise last time :) We have also decided to leverage this; but we are on our own timelines of course. Any clues on when you expect the release. We think your work to date has been the best.

Hi is it possible to add to the WYSIWYG Editor an upload media button? to upload an image and embed it there? and to add somekind of embed vimeo or youtube? Thanks

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible with any good free WYSIWYG editor available. Most editors do however include this as a paid add-on so you would need to purchase the add-on to support the feature you’re looking for. Single user licences are not that expensive these days. Thanks.

Any chance of and update to use BootStrap 3 ?

Sorry, no. Updating to Bootstrap 3 would be too hard to do in the case of Photon, though we do have a new Admin Theme in production that will feature Bootstrap 3 and same UX principles like Photon does.

hello. i would like to know exactly wich js + css files are required for the menu to operate. i need just a menu like the one you have, nothing more. thanks

Update this one before you build Proton UI which is the same thing as this one. :x

Hi, great template btw! One question … I need to increase the width of a few of the widget panels to 8 colums? is that possible? I have purchased both Proton and Photon templates!

thank you!

Hi, sorry for the late reply. In both Proton and Photon all widgets must have the same size (although you can customize it). So it’s not possible to have one widget 8×1 and the others 1×1. Both of these UI themes are made for responsiveness and mixing widget sizes would make resorting them to fit different screens very difficult. If you will only be using the theme on large screens, I would recommend that you create a fixed-width custom dashboard supporting variable widget sizes. Thanks.

hi there, are there full PSD files coming with this template? even if they are not 100% tidy… Thank you.

Not quite. We started the design using Photoshop, but at some point migrated to designing in browser. There are PSD files that cover about 70% of what you see in the current demo, and we can deliver those to you after purchase, but without any guarantee that it will be compatible with current Proton design layout.

Sorry, I was referring to our other admin panel theme package Proton UI.

Photon UI theme does have PSD files packed in a zip, and is much more compatible with current theme layout.

Hello, I have no idea about coding, it is possible for me to use this theme or is it impossible fore me?

This theme serves as a starting point for programmers, to make it easier for them to create administration panels. So, no – sorry.

Hi, I just downloaded photon UI theme for one of my project but there is no PSD file for UI Mokup Design so kindly plz. share with me on my email.

Regards, Vipul

Thanks for buying. I’ll check the zip file that’s distributed via themeforest. In the meanwhile, I’m uploading PSDs to weTransfer. I’ll send you a link in PM.

Thanx Buddy…