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Does this theme support Woo-commerce?


i have a question about the sidebar. i would like to add some space line, and title (like bold,italic) to sort my galleries. to make it more clear.

i’ve tried to add an picture by a widget found, but i can’t reach via, the sidebar menu with the widget.

there is something, somewhere maybe in the code, to give me access to this sidebar? I’m not big on code, but i can handle it a bit.

thanks, have a good one!

Hey, i just realized that i can’t reach to the other page on my blog, it says i have a 5 pages, but if i click on whatever pages, it always put me back on the 1st page.

weirder, i click on a category, and then click on an other page, there it works.

any idea where it would come from?

here is the blog: http://mtlmediagroup.com/blog2/


The issue is you are using the homepage template and you have defined it as the posts page. Go to Settings->Reading and leave the second option for the posts page display empty. This way it only uses the blog template and works properly.

Thanks for the answer! the second option was already on blank (select). but i just switched the blog from the homepage. to the regular gallery as homepage, and now it works. thanks for the clue!


Tryczny Purchased

Hi WPExplorer,

I am a happy 2 yeared user of your theme.

Actually I am trying to update the main page – slider – with new photos, and the problem is the sequence of uploaded photo – there’s no sequence – I can’t arrange the photos with a) name, b) date of file-write, there’s no exif in those files.

Is there any option to make it “by hand”?

Looking forward to get some answer, thank’s in advance :)


xutto Purchased


I’ve been on this great theme for a while, but would really like to upgrade to a responsive theme. You mentioned a responsive version of the theme is in the works. Any chance you can spill some beans as to when this may come?


Actually I started working on a responsive version and it’s just going to create too many issues, so instead I started a brand new theme that will be responsive. I don’t have an ETA but will definitely release this year. It will look fairly similar but more modern (better typography, minimal design and responsive). I am actually almost done with my next new theme and then one after will be my new Photography theme. I will be making though so if you wanted you could switch from PhotoPro to the new one and keep your galleries ;)

Hello AJ, Quick comment about your theme “great” I just have a question in terms of the Blog Page. It looks that there are not many options in terms of the appearance of the blog or its just that I’m missing some info? I have only two options in terms of photo presentation and text. Its that true? Thanks in advance. IG

That is correct. Is there anything particular you were looking to alter on the blog? One thing to consider (depending on your business of course) would be to use 1 theme for your photography and 1 theme for your blog, that is something I see a lot of photographers do.

Thanks for the response!! I’m working on my web page and I’m trying to tune some points in order to fix some issues. Like you mentioned, the blog has only two ways to be presented. So I did what you suggested and I created a new gallery leaving the blog disable. It worked well. The only thing is that if I click a photo, the photo shows up but I can’t go forward or back to the next photo (there is not forward arrow or back arrow) so I have to return to the post in order to expand the next photo. Do you have any suggestions to fix this part? If you have some examples of photographers that replaced the blog for a gallery (please)I will be happy to see them so I can get an Idea of how to fix mine. This other question it might sound basic but I have been for a while trying to get rid of the legends of my photos, such as the original file number of the photo. Is there a button to hide this info? Thanks a lot for your help. IG

Hello AJ, you might have been pretty busy to answer my question, but I’m really looking forward to get the info. Like I said on my last reply, I’m trying to deal with the last few details in order to finish my site. As I keep working on it, I found 2 additional questions for you. 1 On my laptop (mac) every time that I launch the site I have to scroll down a bit in order to see the full of the image (of course that on the masonry mode not need it) so how can avoid this? 2 For the presentation on the home page, It look that something is blocked in terms of arranging my photos, every time the order of the photos is like the system want it and not how I placed the photos before launching the site. I have been working on this but it looks that something is blocking the manipulation.

3 I’m still have the problem with the photo info showed every time that I open a photo after clicking on it. How can I hide this info

I’ll really appreciated your help. Thanks in advance IG

Hi, i am having lots of difficulty setting up this theme. anyone care to help? the documentation isnt helping me too much

Hi! I’ve just finished to build up a website for a friend with this amazing theme!! Everything is set up and works perfectly, except for the width of the sidebar, since it’s too small for the logo. I’ve read pprevious comments and it seems there is no way to do that. Can someone please help me? the logo as it is is too small and I don’t want to change the entire theme just for this small bug!!

Thanks a lot in advance, Paolo

Altering the width of the sidebar wouldn’t be possible without HEAVY modification.

Hi! I would like to share individual photos via the lightbox. Is it possible to change the size/layout of the lightbox to add social sharing. A comment section would be great too. I know I could post individual photos as a blog post but I really would prefer to use the lightbox. Many thanks Thorben

Hi Thorben,

It is possible but requires some massive edits to the built-in lightbox via a child theme or plugin modification, this isn’t something I would be able to assist with.

Hi AJ! I’ve been trying to modify the white border on the fancybox but apparently I didn’t type it properly, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of the little title that appears when you click on the picture and I’ve also been trying to disable right click. oh and I want to make that white frame much thiner… I would be very appreciative of 10 seconds of you time to see what’s wrong or if you know someone for hire who can do that little modification. My website is www.yenesa.com Here is the code that is apparently faulty ( fancybox-init.js) :

jQuery(function($){ $(document).ready(function(){

$(”.view”).fancybox({ openEffect : ‘none’,

closeEffect    : 'none',

margin : 40 }); $(”.fancybox”) .attr(‘rel’, ‘gallery’) .fancybox({ padding : 0 }); $(”.fancybox”) .attr(‘rel’, ‘gallery’) .fancybox({ beforeShow: function () { /* Disable right click */ $.fancybox.wrap.bind(“contextmenu”, function (e) { return false; }); } });

Hiding the title and making the border thinner are best done with custom CSS (via a plugin or child theme). It’s never good to alter the theme manually if you ever need to update it.

/*hide title*/
body .fancybox-title {
    display: none !important;
/*alter border*/
.fancybox-skin {
    padding: 5px !important;

To disable right click I would recommend using a plugin (there are many free ones for WordPress out there).

Wow thanks man that was quick! you’re the best!

Hi, I would like to change the content of the “READ MORE” button. I guess this might be quite simple but so far I didn’t had any luck in finding out.

Hope you can help.

Many thanks, Thorben

Hi Thorben,

Where exactly? There are many “read more” buttons. Are you referring to the standard blog entries? If so there is an option in the Customizer for this: Blog > Archives & Entries > Read More Button Text

Sorry wrong theme!

For this theme the code is located at includes/loop-entry.php. You can copy this file over to a child theme for modification if you wish.

I love this theme, but would like some more functionality if possible and better support for mobile as the mobile version of my site is horrendous.

Hi something weird just happened with your theme.

In “Edit Gallery” in the “Image gallery” box the button “Add/Edit Images” stopped working. I can’t create new galleries and can’t edit the old ones. Can you help me with this please? It’s urgent!

Didn’t installed any new plugin. I tried de-activating plugins and I found the responsible: WPML Multilingual CMS. How can I fix this? I need a multilingual website and I need the galleries….

ok I think I fixed, now I have WPML 1.4 (don’t know how this is possible because I updated to but the button is back!


By the way I will be pushing out an update soon because I see the gallery metabox styling is messed up :(

When hitting my site in chrome, the last image is displayed under my first image. I have tried the custom css mentioned in previous comments and still no luck.

I am curious as to when your expected “giant” update will hit. I think there are many lacking features and also bugs that I have encountered and fixed by custom coding the site. I really love the theme, but would appreciate it if an update would come up soon. Your last update to this theme was the 18th of March 2014. I believe you wrote 6 months ago in reply to Baske1979 “PhotoPro will receive a massive update hopefully before the end of the year or at the beginning of next year so it will be fully responsive and include a better scroller.”

A useful feature for the slider gallery would be to scroll through the images “by image” not “by pixel” So when you click the arrow, it automatically slides over (smoothly of course) to the next image, and adding the same function to the scroll wheel would be awesome. I know that’s alot of extra coding, but it would be awesome!

Also the mobile version/conversion is lacking A LOT! Would be awesome to get a cleaner look. (Just my 2 cents) Thanks again for such an awesome theme!

This theme receives very little sales a month so it hasn’t been worth it for me to do a massive update yet. I will have to spend a lot of money in advertising and a lot of time brining this theme up to date. I still plan on doing it this year, I just don’t have an ETA.

The future version won’t be “mobile ready” but will be fully responsive. I also will completely remove the auto-scrolling carousel and most likely will be replaced with the Slider Pro script – https://github.com/bqworks/slider-pro/http://bqworks.com/slider-pro/#example2

I basically have to code everything over a gain to bring the theme up to date. It will probably take me a whole week to do so and because the theme isn’t making me much money it is on the back-burner. My main concern at the moment is proving updates and support for my top seller – http://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019?ref=WPExplorer

I wish I could give you an ETA, but honestly it really just depends…maybe I will get motivated and do it next month ;). Maybe my sales for my most popular theme will sky-rocket and I may have to focus on that. I am a single developer here doing all the support, updates and new themes. I try my best to please everyone but ultimately I am running a business and need to do what is most profitable for me so I can support my family.

Thank you for understanding. I appreciate it. And hopefully I can get an update out for you guys sooner than later!

If you want keep sending suggestions, I will put all these on my Github repository so I remember once I get to the theme update. Thanks!

- AJ


erich81 Purchased

will there be any future updates to this? i.e color schemes, different layouts, etc? or is development dead on this? One feature I would REALLY like to see, would be to hide individual galleries. I have categories on the menu for different photo types (nature, landscape, etc). These galleries show up in the home screen, whereas i only want them to be clickable via the menu. I only want the individual galleries I post to show up on the home screen…if this makes sense. Currently though, it shows up as gallery 1, 2, nature, landscape, etc. I would like to be able to hide nature and landscape so only 1 and 2 show up, but you can click “nature” or “landscape” on the left to view those galleries.

Other than that, fantastic theme!

Edit: just read your comment above. I would be willing to pay more than the 43$ again if it helped bring the theme up to date with the features i mentioned. Feel free to email me at evanrich81@gmail.com if you want to discuss what it might take in terms of $

I do plan on updating the theme, but it’s a massive update so I just need to find the time to do so. For the homepage you can set a custom category for the homepage (it’s a setting in the theme panel). This way you could for example create a “featured” category for the homepage.

In the future there would be an option to exclude galleries for sure.

Hello! I’m having a problem with my wordpress theme. It was working fine and suddenly it started showing one of the images below all the other images. I can’t find the reason why it’s doing this. My website is www.yenesa.com If you look at any gallery, the same thing happens

There is a javascript error on your site that is breaking things. This is being caused by some sort of right click disabling plugin.

Hello, thank you for the quick reply! Effectively, I do have such a plugin. However I tried deactivating it and even deleted it but the error is still happening. Is there any way I can fix the javascript file without re-installing the theme ( I had the theme modified to get text boxes and I’d hate to have to redo it). Again thanks for the support, Cheers, Gabriel.

Hi Gabriel,

Re-installing the theme won’t fix the issue. And also it looks fixed when I check – http://cl.ly/image/0s1c2Q0z3V3R

Make sure your browser isn’t caching the broken site (clear your browser cache).

Hi! Thanks for your theme, I have my gallery up and running however I have tried to add a new blog page and can only get it to show if it is set to “default” if this is the case, how do I get it to show up with a date / comments etc and add a new post? Thank you for your support on this matter. side note – If I change the page to “blog” the page comes up blank.


Thanks for looking into this. Lila

Ohh…yes that’s very strange!

Please try adding another post and see if it does the same thing. Generally this sort of thing is just a conflict with the slug/permalink.

Also go to Settings > General and make sure your site and WP URL’s are correct and equal to each other.

Just added a new post, same thing :-/ checked my settings, WP, URL is the same as each other and correct hmmmmm

Please also go to Settings -> Reading and make sure your homepage and blog page aren’t set to the same page.

If you can’t get things working simply send me a private message with temp WP and FTP logins so I can look for you.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner. A link to the original comment works ;)