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Beautiful theme! On the homepage gallery, is there a way to turn off auto-scrolling so that the visitor has to click the arrows to move forward?

Thanks! Heather


You would need to edit the javascript but it should be an easy edit.

If you open js/scroll_init.js – you can simply remove a few lines:

remove line 7: autoScrollingMode: “onStart”,

remove line 9: autoScrollingDirection: “backAndForth”

Remove lines 12-17.

I could help you out with that customization if you don’t know how to do it.



Sounds easy and straightforward…


Thank you for the reply. The full page version looks good, but I need it 1000 px wide. Anyway, I’m gonna buy it today and I hope you can help me on the changes. Also can you point me out the plug in name on question number 6? Also the reason I want to remove the mobile detection is that I need to be consistent with all my websites. This is my wedding website, and when you see it on the iPad it’s look great! Here is the link: www.joseaguilo.com

So I will love to remove that feature if it’s possible or can you do it with your demo site and send me a private link so I can see how bad it is???




You can make a new template and then just set the wrap to 1000px;

Or you can just add some custom css to set the max-width of the full-width template to 1000px.

Removing the mobile would require deleting several lines in the code, so it isn’t something I’ll be able to showcase in the demo without taking several hours to setup a whole other demo.

I truly think the way it’s setup on the iPad is ideal. We tried several different variations, but this way provides the most flexibility and faster loading for the user.

I could point you in the right direction for removing the mobile code though, if you have trouble with that. But its going to take several edits.

If you tell me how to do it… I’m sold! Please send me an email on how I can contact you so we can talk after the purchase.


I can help guide you a little bit. But I can’t help you change everything on your site. And of course since this would be a customization you must also remember there will be a lot more tickets that will take a higher priority.

For the full-width template its just 1 line of code:

#centered.full-width{ max-width: 1000px; }

For the mobile to remove it will take a significant of work. Might take a couple days to respond to this request as there are many tickets with real issues to go through first – just letting you know so it’s all clear.

You can open a ticket at WPThemehelp.com that’s the best method.

Or contact me via my profile page contact form.


I think the most important for me it’s to turn off the mobile thing. If you can help me on that I will really appreciate. Or I dont mind the look on the ipad right now if the pictures scroll horizontal. Can I change something how it is right know to change it to horizontal? I don’t need the auto scrool on the iPad.


You can probably edit the css to make it scroll horizontal on the iPad. The way you do this is by setting a max height on the scroller, changing the default image size so the images have unlimited width but a fixed height. Then maybe giving the scroller a display value of “table” and then for each item a display value of “cell” – see here – http://css-tricks.com/how-to-create-a-horizontally-scrolling-site/

So if your main concern is the ipad and the scrollbar, thats the way to do it…

Have you looked at the masonry style on the ipad? Maybe you’d be more interested in using that style.


No, it has to be horizontal. It’s the way I can tell a story… Also I need the css code for this if you can… It’s the only change I need to do it! Uppss and the width of 1000 px that you already write how to do it…Thanks! Please tell me you can give me the css code to change the gallery! I want to buy it NOW ! I love this theme! You rock!

I forgot, And show only one gallery on the home page!

Good theme,

However I would like to do a scroller on the front page of featured images. Perhaps anything in the category “featured”.

I also would like the see a page with a mosaic of images from within a category.

I see myself only having three galleries pages.


  • Not sure what you mean. The homepage is a scroller of featured images. Do you mean, to be able to choose a specific category of galleries for the homepage? Or do you mean showing a specific gallery with lightbox on the homepage?
  • There are 2 styles, scroller or masonry (mosaic). If you go into your theme panel under the Galleries tab you can select the style between the two for the categories.

If you require some custom work, I would always suggest opening a ticket at WPThemehelp.com and if it’s a simple change (5-10mins) I would be more then glad to help you out. If its more complex we can talk about possible work for hire.

Thanks for the purchase, AJ

Let me clarify,

I had no idea before buying this theme that I could not display all the images from within a single album on the front home page as a slider. Obviously the front page should have the option to displayed your best work and not my latest albums.

Simple solution is to change the loop from posting the latest albums to displaying the image thumbnails from a “featured” or desired category.

I don’t intend on having more than two or three albums. Each album contains many images.

I really hoped that I could show a mosaic page of the images within a gallery album.



Sorry. I thought I made that clear on the two videos on the theme page showing how the theme works ;(

Correct. So what you are saying is rather then showing all the galleries on the homepage you want to show galleries only from one category. This is really simple and can be done via a tax_query. Like I said, I can help you with this. I could put an option in the theme panel so you can select a specific category to pull your galleries from.

So for example you have 5 galleries under the category “Animals” you could set the “Animals” category for the homepage. This way the featured images for each of those will show up.

It would really be a 30 second change in your template-home.php file – so yes you could do it. But I could add an option to the theme, as it will probably be helpful for others.

I could also add a second home-template that shows not categories, but a single gallery. That would also be pretty easy.

You can definately show a mosaic page of images for a gallery – have a look here:

sample: http://www.wpexplorer.com/premium/photopro/gallery/blondes/ video guide: http://www.screenr.com/Rpj8

Hope that helps you a bit more.

If you don’t know how to make these changes or aren’t willing to hire a freelancer I will add these as soon as possible – it is the weekend though and I take this time to work on some of my other on-going projects. However, if you email me via my profile page and remind me I can probably knock something out by tomorrow night.

I’m off to bed!


Great thanks!

I actually read your tutorial documentation. I would advise making it a bit easier to read as I totally missed it.

That would be swell if you could tell me the 30 second edit or how long it may take you to put the modification up.


Have a good night.


I can try and do that ;)

If you click on the image in the docs, it will open larger so you can see it better, maybe I should make a note of that. Thanks for the tip!

Depends. Because I don’t quite understand if you want to show posts that open in lightbox on the homepage or a listing of galleries. Didn’t seem to clear to me.

Now I’m off to bed for real ;)

ps: You can hit “reply” on the original comment to thread them. Much easier to follow the conversation – thanks.

Will look for any email from you tomorrow.




Any luck so far with the modifications? Everything is great except the fact that I would like to display gallery images as a slider on the front page.

My gallery is called “featured” and all I need from you is the modification to the home template.

It would be a good mod to add the option for other users within the template settings.

Your template is great, it’s just missing that ability.



Can you please contact me via my profile page? That way I will get an email so I don’t forget to add this update. I am busy and so things get forgotten. I can always just quickly make you a template which I work on adding an option to the theme options panel.

Thanks for the purchase, -AJ


Is it possible to get caption on pictures in the Gallery (even with link)?

Thank you


Right now, the only gallery that has styling for a caption is the default FlexSlider one. But it doesn’t accept HTML by default. You would have to make a small change to show the image description rather then the title, since the title doesn’t accept HTML .

For the plain style gallery, you can obviously add captions to each image as you will just be inserting them into the post.

For masonry/scroller galleries as well as the homepage/category pages it will require you to make modifications to the theme.



nice work!

Is it possible to protect a gallery by password?



Currently the only gallery style that allows password protect is the “plain” one.

You can currently set passwords on the masonry/scroller/slider styles, but by default WP will only disable the content area (so it would be the pop-up window with the about info).

I think it would be good to offer the ability to hide those galleries. I’ll try and update the theme soon to provide such support.

Great theme AJ!
I’ve just bought it & looking forward to switch it from my actual theme.
I will try to help with some tips about what would love to see in possible future updates of this great looking theme.

Thanks a lot for your theme.


Thanks for the purchase John.

I hope the theme works out well for your site! AJ


You’re welcome AJ. Everything is working smoothly!

My website: Honza Kadlec One question:

How can I manage that left sidebar to be hiding via button + – in the left up corner?

I was able to make it permanently visible in galleries from the FAQ here, but I would love to make it like in the live preview. Thanks for the reply.

Just wanted to say WPEplorer has amazing support!


Great themes too!


Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice words ;)

ackack25 Purchased

I love this theme. It is so much cleaner and easier to use than the previous theme I was using. I do have a couple of questions:

1. When in galleries, I cannot see the little plus symbol in the upper left corner that brings the sidebar back into view. The functional button is still there. But anyone visiting the site would never know it is there. Do you have any ideas of why the button image wouldn’t show up?

2. When using the default gallery template, it automatically shows the image’s title above it. Is there a way to make this not happen, and just have the image with no title?

Thanks for your time.


Glad you like it! Thank you for the purchase.

1. This is strange. I double checked the download file and I have not forgotten to include the image. It’s possible the image didn’t get transferred to your server or there are not correct permissions on it? It’s hard to know without looking at the site. If you don’t want to share your URL here you can open a ticket (they are private) at WPThemehelp.com.

2. You can easily remove it with CSS like this:

#single-gallery-media .flex-caption{ display: none; }

Paste at the bottom of style.css or in your theme panels custom CSS field in the styling tab.


did i already tell you how much i love this….? so good.

a few questions:

will you be able to add footers / sidebar to the template?

does this support any kind of Video feed / video portfolio? would love to see an example of that!



Yes you did ;)

At the moment I haven’t had time to look into adding a footer to the theme. I really am not sure if it needs it either. It might be best as a customization to the template done by the buyer ;)

This is a photography theme, so I kept it strickly for photos and not videos. My next theme will be a mixed portfolio one though ;)


so you’re saying this one does not support video then?

the reason why i ask is because i’m trying to help a friend who’s a photographer / videographer find the perfect template for his new video / photo portfolio site.. so it needs to be able to handle both… this theme, if video was integrated, would be super amazing for that!

this theme makes me wish i was a photographer….


No, doesn’t handle video.

I wanted to use only built-in WordPress functions. Unfortunately the only way to use videos as well, would be using VideoPress and making some very hefty updates to the theme.

sorry ;(

I’m interested in the new theme you mentioned that support videos. Do you have a rough estimate of the release date?


I will not be adding video support to this theme. The theme was designed with photography in mind using only WordPress functions. To add video support would require adding a lot more extra code. I wanted to create a simple photography theme, adding video support would counter-act the whole idea behind the theme.

My next theme will support videos, but in the same way as my last one – Delta: http://themeforest.net/item/delta-ajax-portfolio-responsive-wordpress-theme/3157243


I can’t seem to find the Reply button to continue the conversation. Nonetheless, I understand you wanted to keep it simply and did not include video support. However, I’d like to know if I’m able to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo.



Depends where you are talking about. For the photogallery, you could do that on the “plain” style within the post: http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/photopro/gallery/runway-behind-the-scenes/

And then of course you can embed within the blog posts.

You can hit “reply” at the top on the first comment.

Is it possible to create category-based galleries?

I would like to basically have one gallery automatically updated by Instagram (via Instagrate). Pics become posts there.


I can automatically feed my Instagram pics into WP. Creates local copies, each pic a blog post.

Are your galleries technically blog posts? Or are they sth like static pages? (Wouldn’t work then for me.)


They are posts (custom post type) you can check out the videos here:

http://www.screenr.com/Rpj8 http://www.screenr.com/Ypj8


Hey AJ,

Great theme! I just wanted to know before purchasing if it is possible to turn off the feature for viewers to click on the pictures and enlarge them (the one where the screen dims)

cheers, Vitor


Hey AJ,

I just made my purchase! Could you send me the custom zip file without the lightbox? Let me know if you need my email.

Cheers, Vitor


I will need to make this for you. Can you contact me via my profile page so I can email it to you?

I’ve been having some computer troubles, but I promise I can get it to you by tomorrow the latest. You can always work on the theme and then replace the files with the new ones via FTP ;)

Thank you for the purchase, AJ


Sounds awesome AJ, I’ll email you right away. Thanks!

Hi! First of all, I’ve purchased this theme, because it’s great! Then, I have a problem with it. I’ve installed it over wordpress 3.4.2 (which is current version)^ and first everything was great, but a couple of days later I can’t access neither /wp-admin (it says about mistake in /wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881) nore /wp-login.php (it says many miskates in /wp-login.php and /wp-includes/pluggable.php). Does it mean, the theme is not compatible with wp-3.4.2? Or smth else is wrong?


The theme is definitely compatible with wp 3.4.2 all my live demos are always running on the latest version.

Because you said it worked fine at first, my guess is maybe a plugin was installed that caused an issue? Or has anyone made any changes to the theme? Sometimes this sort of error would show up if there is a blank space at the top of a PHP file in the theme or a plugin.

Also, has anyone made any sort of server changes?

Maybe is to try re-naming your plugins folder to see if it was a plugin causing the issue. Or saving a backup of the plugins folder and deleting it.

Thank you for the purchase, sorry you are having these troubles. Let me know if you manage to fix them up.