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I cannot get the galleries to show up successfully on my page. I have uploaded images to the galleries and I keep getting error 404 Sorry items not found when I go to view them on the homepage.


It’s possibly its just a permalink bug. Try going to Settings->Permalinks and clicking the save button. That usually fixes the issue.

Thanks for the purchase!


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Bonjour, I bought your theme and I find it amazing! Well done! But how can I erase the line that appears in pages, between the title and the post ??

And how can I stop the scroller to scroll images automatically ?? I prefer to scroll images with the scroll arrow (keep hand controled).

Sorry for my english, I’m french and I’m not good in foreign language.. Thanks.


Thanks! I’m glad you like it ;)

1. You can remove the line with CSS :

#page-header {
    padding-bottom: 0;

2. This would require multiple updates to the javascript files. If you open a ticket at WPThemehelp.com I can provide you with a quote and I can do it for you.

Sorry for the delayed response!

Hi! Theme works just well for me, except one small flaw: after I update any gallery, it stops working: I just see now images in it like here: http://ledi-len.ru/gallery/tuniki_letnie/ if I go to admin panel and press update – I can see gallery. Should it work like this?

I am not really understanding what you are doing and why the gallery stops working. Have you seen this video on how the gallery works?


Maybe make sure you have the correct gallery style selected when you press update?

Sorry for any troubles. I appreciate the purchase!



hi! could you please answer me below about the gallery?

Hi, The Gallery in “Masonry mode” only displays 2 lines of images in 3 columns. Can I adapt this so that it would display all the images of the galery like in the live preview? It shows in masonry (under home) multiple lines of images in 3 columns…


Hi, I’ve found the source of this bug: Google Chrome as browser, makes it imposible to scroll down to the end of the (masonry)galary or page.

Can you fix this bug? I’m sure a lot of peope are using Google Chrome… If I use Firefox for example everything looks fine


I do most of my coding in Chrome and didn’t notice this bug at all. I just double checked and not seeing any issue…


Very strange,I checked it at an other pc and it’s also normal. Never mind.

About the gallery: I do exactly everything as seen on video, all my galleries have their type set on default. Some of them work: http://ledi-len.ru/gallery/yubki/ . But some don’t (http://ledi-len.ru/gallery/yubki/) until I do what I mentioned before: just update it, nothing more. All images are cut to 1000px height (otherwise they are not shown). Can there be a problem uploading like 30+ images into gallery? Should I reduce the quantity of images or their sizes?


I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…Both links above (the one that works and the one that doesn’t) are the exact same link.

i absolutely can’t set up the home page slider, is there someone eho can help me?


I responded above….

foxed for the home page, i didn’t seen i had to choose a feat image for each gallery. now i ha ve another big problem: galleries don’t work, they just show me one image and the title.


Thanks for letting me know you figured it out!

The galleries should be really easy to setup, here is the video guide: http://www.screenr.com/Rpj8

It sounds to me like maybe you either have the simple gallery style selected or you don’t have more then 1 image on your gallery post.

Thank you for the purchase!


it was the “permalinks” matter. sorry for bothering! tnx :)

As mentioned previously; -home page should have the option to display a specific featured set of images. -There should be an option to trun off auto scroll.

Additional suggestions; - On the scroller, there should be a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom in addition to the existing method (people are stupid) -You should have the ability to customize images functionality upon clicking: do nothing, open link, open in lightbox. -Automatic resizing of images based on browser would be nice on the scroller.

Currently I am using horizontalwp – which I love for showing images, but the theme is flawed with regard to displaying text and blogging.

Your theme has some of the function I am looking for. Are you planning on making an update? If you incorporate some of the changes I would give it a shot!



- You need a faster server ;) Also lighbox is easy to remove via a 2nd template edit. Also the ligbox does load with AJAX .

- A scrollbar would be necessary for that…but the theme by default has auto-scrolling.

- This is a good point. I add the lighbox mostly because a lot of people do request it. It’s easy to remove the lighbox from template then to add it.

- People shouldn’t use crappy old browsers. 8-)

- Sorry you feel this way. You are definitely entitled to your own opinion.

- I have a 2560×1440 resolution 30inch monitor….

I will definitely be making some updates in the future. I don’t think I would really change anything currently added. If anything I might add a 3rd homepage/gallery style that features a full-width style slider that covers the whole width and height – I think that might be ideal ;) Because the theme uses a custom post type, there are really infinite things you can do by making a few edits…I think you’d be surprised what people have done with the theme. I do understand though if you aren’t willing to hire a freelancer to customize your basic template – it can be expensive for some.

Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate the kind words and suggestions!



Hey that was fast!

I want you to know, the only reason I even posted anything is because I really like your theme. I’m not trying to knock it in any way. IMO it is probably the “BEST” photography theme on themeforest.

I need to clarify, I think lightbox is perfect for blog posts, and even the masonry layout. I just think its a bad idea on the scroller as a default setting. There would be some occasions where having control over the image function on would be great. By default it should be set to “do nothing”, If there were a check box for the function in the post CP, you could do fun things like open a light box with video (of the photoshoot!), or follow links to the full story or portfolio post. The masonry style layout would benefit in a similar creative way.

-one additional thought, the lightbox breaks up the continuity of the “story” that a scroller or masonry layout creates. -A server is only as fast as the client it is serving. -In addition to being slow, Lightbox in the scroller can present navigation issues in association with people accidentally clicking it during the mouse over. -Believe it or not people use IE. Dont ask me why. LOL ! -I have had direct input from past clients about auto scrolling on past flash websites.

I really appreciate your willingness to listen to suggestions and am now following you!

In fact I think if it had just a bit more of the functionality I was speaking of it would be PERFECT ! I swear if you made the options available on a back end CP, as opposed to just making custom templates on demand…. I would buy it twice!

I have some thinking to do about buying the theme. It is a very fine piece of work as is, I just think it could really be extraordinary. I will recommend it on Facebook regardless!

Best of luck with sales!!!



I completely understand and I appreciate it ;) I am working on new themes, I will take your suggestions into consideration when making my next photo theme. Thanks!

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Hello AJ,

I have opened a ticket at http://www.wpthemehelp.com/tickets/photopro-theme/ on November 16 but haven’t heard back yet, maybe you overlooked it.

I would like to do is display only one gallery on the homepage in scroller mode. Basically just show the latest gallery (or define somewhere which gallery is shown). And when you click on one of the photos the behavior should be just like it is in scroller mode now. The image opens up (I think in Lightbox mode with a thumbnail to the previous and next image to the left and right like now on http://www.mfephotography.com/?galleries=nightlife). You replied on here that you would send me an updated Home template for this. Can you do that?

And I have one more question. I made CSS changes to also show the sidebar on single galleries. The only thing I would like to change here is re-position the scrollingHotSpotLeft so that the left arrow is shown not underneath the sidebar but in the same position that it is shown on the homepage. Could you please let me know which CSS section I need to edit for that? Thanks so much!


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How can I stop the sidebar from auto hiding in masonry gallery view?


Have a look at our FAQ – http://themeforest.net/item/photopro-photography-wordpress-theme/faq/3272300

That is the basic idea, however, it might require a bit more tweaking.


You helped me remove the clicking options on the galleries, and it’s working great!

Now I wanted to ask you about the blog posts specifically. Is there a way that I can make featured photos and blog photos clickable so that I can link them to the equivalent photos in my Flickr?

Thanks! Vitor


The featured photos would require editing the template files. I might be available for hire near in the next couple days. The best way would be to use a custom field or meta option to add a URL to the featured image (Probably a $10 job)

For any photos actually inserted to the blog you should be able to just use the little link icon in the post editor to add it.


I just got the theme activated. Running into all sorts of problems. When I try to create a gallery, I don’t see the option to upload images. When I try to create a contact page, I don’t see the option to connect it to a page under ‘Pages’, and to also connect that ‘Page’ to a menu. I did create and publish a Menu, but it doesn’t seem to function. I don’t see the sidebar in my preview as well, nor do I see the option to create sidebar navigation in the WordPress Dashboard. There’s simple static white space on my website, with the exception of a background image I was able to upload.

The site seems to be defaulting as a blog, instead of a website, and I don’t know how to disengage that. Also, it’s showing the default “Hello World” message over my background image.

Basically, I can’t seem to create ANYTHING with your theme. I need my site back up for my business, ASAP .

Thank you


Thank you for the purchase. Seems like maybe you didn’t read through the documentation file?

1. To set the homepage like the demo, you need to create a new page, select the homepage template you wish, then set it as the static option under Settings->Reading. Otherwise it will show your recent posts.

2. The button to upload images in WordPress is right beneath the title where it says “Upload/Insert”. If you want the meta box section like in the demo you’ll need to install the plugin as mentioned – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/gallery-metabox/

3. Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to see the sidebar…There could be an issue with your WP install – but I’d have to look at site to see. Have you added any widgets to the sidebar?

4. The way I setup my demo is really simple…I just created several menus under Appearance->Menu and then I used the default WordPress menu widget to show them on the sidebar.


Hope this helps you, AJ

Hi, I’m not familiar with with web, but was considering to get this theme. May I know whether font type of this theme is changeable? Thanks!

Hi, I’m not familiar with with web, but was considering to get this theme. May I know whether font type of this theme is changeable? Also, I don’t know why, when i first visit the live demo, it presented very well, after refreshing, neither scroller and masonry works properly. Hope to get back from you soon! Thanks!


Hello! Good to know that you get it fixed! I bought the theme and like it so much! I’ve the same concerns as others, would like the homepage of this theme to have more than one featured images from each gallery that able to click on and bring up the lightbox of that photo… rather than just 1 image from each gallery linking to the gallery they are in, as I just have 3 galleries for my website. Hopefully you can help. Thanks! =)


I’ve encounter another problem which is when I selected scroller as gallery mode, I found the scroll back button is missing. Would like your assist for this as well, thanks!

Here’s the link: http://postimage.org/image/ir41j3sor/


1. I have a custom template where you can add your own images for the homepage only that open in lightbox – like if you have featured photos. Open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com and ill send it over.

2. The gallery by default has a hidden sidebar, what you are showing would only happen when the sidebar is opened, which is normal.

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Nice theme! It was really easy to set up! Several questions:

1. How can I make the galleries appear in the custom menu? I can see pages and categories. I don’t want to use the “About” or “Galleries” tabs at the bottom. They’re lost down there.

2. I activated the Meta Box plug-in you mentioned in the video, but don’t see it on the gallery pages. Do I need to do something else, other than activating it? How do I move the order of images around?

3. Can the masonry images be 2 across instead of 3?

4. The transparency of the black background in the lightboxes is distracting. Can it be made opaque?

5. Can the sidebar appear when the lightbox is active?

6. Can arrows be added to the lightbox to replace the thumbnails on the right and left?



Glad you like it ;)

1. In the menu editor click on “screen options” at the top then you can enable the galleries.

2. All you need to do is activate it. Maybe you have it closed or not enabled again in the screen options. Even without it you can re-order items by clicking the upload/insert button under the title and draging the items around – basic WP usage.

3. Yes, but would require some CSS editing – this is outside of theme support.

4. It is opaque, but I guess not enough for you. You can edit the opacity via CSS .

5. You mean have it slide open when an image is clicked? This would require some JS functions.

6. Of course it can…but it would require changing completely how the lightbox works. Have a look at js/view.js – if you want the un-compressed version of the script to edit it, let me know.


cjacobes Purchased


Me again. Would it be possible to get the template file you mentioned previously for showing a gallery on the homepage in the scroller and masonry?



Not sure what you mean “in the scroller and masonry”. I have a custom template, probably havent had the time to bundle it yet with the theme – sorry. But you can’t have both styles. You can only select 1 style (scroller or masonry) and only 1 gallery.

I also have one where you can just upload custom images for the homepage that don’t link anywhere.

Contact me via my profile page for further support.

Hello, i would like to buy this theme, but have few questions.

1. It is possible turn off ‘auto’ slider, can it be manual ? 2. It is possible to turn off auto menu hiding in the left ? Can it be always on left ?


1. This would require you making a few edits in the Javascript files. I cold point you to the right place it’s basically just cutting out 2 different sections in 2 files.

2. Yes and no…I have a little CSS snippet in the FAQ section showing how to make it always visible. You can test that in Firebug, but you’ll notice you might have to do some additional tweaking yourself to get it looking 100%.


Thanks for answering. Will you help me to make it ? I understand css and html, but no javascript. Because i don’t want spend one week to understand your code and try to recode it :)


I added it to the FAQ so you can see how it would be done:


I recently purchased this theme and have been pleased with it thus far. However, I do want to change the “about” window height in the galleries section since I won’t have much content placed in some situations. Please advise on where I can locate that information and change it to the desired height. Also, for the pages that do have more info than others and there’s overflow what is the setting for scrolling that information? Thank you.


The about section tab has a height set to 450px see style.css:

#single-gallery-info-inner {
    height: 450px;

You will also have to change the scroller height:

#galleryInfoScroller {
    width: 930px;
    height: 450px;

Also, you should be able to disable it completely in the admin panel if you just don’t want it ;)

Not sure what setting you are asking for the scrolling…The way the scroller works is once the content hit’s the height set in the CSS it then adds the scroller.