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Nevermind. figured out original issue!


I’m glad, thanks for telling me ;)

I’m currently working with this theme for a photographer client. He wants to know if there’s a way to change the order of the images that scroll through on the home page. He has a mix of horizontals and verticals but the way he created his galleries and the featured image has them showing as several horizontals and then verticals. Is this possible to change the order of the images on the home page?



It’s pretty easy. Please have a look here: http://www.wpthemehelp.com/knowledgebase/changing-post-order-portfolio-services-highlights-staff-etc/

Thanks for the purchase, AJ

WP, got the “about” section figured about per your advise. Thanks for the support! Cheers.



pfmSteve Purchased

I’m new to WordPress (as of yesterday) and don’t have the correct terminology in my head yet so much of what I read about WordPress doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, I’m hosted by Godaddy and have installed WordPress using their tools. I installed the PhotoPro theme following the directions.

Here’s my problem. I want to display a slider gallery when someone lands on my site using the URL: http://pineforestmedia.com. I tried the theme options for “Galleries” but this appears to have no effect. I did create a portfolio gallery and a menu item to go to it (Portfolio) but how do I get that same gallery to appear by default?



Looking cool. Very unique ;)

pfmSteve Purchased

Glad you like it. A bit slow to load (I used PNG for the transparency) but working good.

Another question: I’d like to customize the sidebar colors and the provided options don’t work for me. Any tips?


If none of the color schemes suit your needs you’ll need to edit or add your own custom CSS. This would fall outside the scope of theme support. At the moment we can’t take on any freelance work, if you need help maybe you can try contacting our partners at Tweaky and see if they can assist you for a fair price.


Hi, i’m interested in your theme, but before buying I would ask you if it’s possible to add a sort of Like button like in this theme http://themeforest.net/item/chocolate-wp-responsive-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/299901 on the photo view.


You mean the facebook like button?


Not only the Like Facebook Button but a button that when clicked open popup where the user can choose to share the photo on it’s proferred social network, from facebook to g+, twitter etc..


Its definitely possible, but it would be a customization you’ll need to add as we don’t have the intention of updating it at the moment with this feature.

I am wanting to set up my site to where I have a sub menu that shows the masonry gallery style with several different galleries to select from. Just like the way you have it set up on your demo site.

So, for the menu it would go something like:

Portfolio (Home) / Print, Electronic, Packaging, etc….(all Masonry)

Portfolio would be like the “Home” item on your demo site and Print-etc. all would be the Masonry style. Essentially, I need to condense all of my projects under simple categories, i.e. Print, and once you select that cat from the menu it goes to a Masonry gallery with all the feature images for each separate project. Does this make sense? Please advise and thanks again in advance!


You should be able to do this pretty easily.

1. First go to your theme settings panel and under the galleries tab, set the first option labeled “Homepage/Archive Gallery Style” to masonry. This will make your categories masonry style.

2. Create your galleries and categorize them.

3. Create a menu and add your categories to them.

thanks for the purchase!


Hmmmm, if I do this the Home page changes to the Masonry gallery style as well. I want the Home page to stay as the “slider” but have the sub pages be the Masonry so you can see all the features images at once for each project. At the moment your demo shows that this is possible where you go to the site and see the slider at first with the different feature images. THEN selecting the Masonry sub menu shows the Masonry style with all the separate galleries within that page. Does that make sense?


We can add a second option to the theme panel to choose for the archive and the homepage separately. The way it’s done in the demo is with a custom template we made for the demo.

Open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com and we can send you the edited files or if you provide us with login info add it for you.

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Hi, somehow I created 2 logins, and used the one that I didn’t used to purchase the theme to ask the questions. So here it is again, with the account I purchased the theme…

I purchased your theme a few weeks ago and so far it’s going great. I truly appreciate the simplicity/flexibility of this theme!

I have few questions regarding the them now that I have the structure of the site setup. Would appreciate your help.

1. On this theme’s live preview, you have the page setup where the visitor can switch between the scroller and the masonry styles from the menu. Can you share how this is done? I’d like to do this so visitors can get an overview of all the galleries with the masonry view.

2. I have the content-left sidebar always visible on the site following your FAQ info. I would like to disable the slide-out effect of the sidebar when going into another gallery since the sidebar will always be visible. Could you point me to where in the CSS or other files I should be looking to disable this?

3. Is there a way instead of going into the lightbox view when an image is clicked in a gallery, to link to another page? Or otherwise, make an image un-clickable? I would also like to make a gallery on the homepage un-clickable if possible. I tried to change the “File URL” settings on the individual images in the WP dashboard, but it wouldn’t accept the changes.

4. Can you tell me where in CSS or otherwise I can tweak the layout of the password entry page? Currently the “submit” button ends up butting against the password entry field, and I would like to clean it up.

- And one for the wishlist. I would love to have the blog layout on this theme to slide horizontal similar to the homepage scroller. It would be fantastic if your epsilong theme masonry blog could scroll horizontally on this theme!



Glad you like the theme!

1. We just have a custom template made for the demo that is fixed on the masonry mode while the theme panel is set to scroller. We can send it to you if you contact us via the profile page or better yet open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com

2. This would be done by editing the JS file – js/non_mobile_init.js – see the second function “FadeOut Site when photo clicked” to edit/remove.

3. You will need to edit the template file. See includes/gallery-masonry and includes/gallery-scroller. – you’ll just have to remove the link that surrounds the image.

To have the image link to a custom URL would require some further editing, which I wouldn’t be able to share here.

We aren’t available for hire atm, but if you don’t know how to do this, maybe our parterners at Tweaky could quote/assist you.

4. Not sure what you mean..I don’t think I’ve styled the password restricted pages directly. I’ve included general styling for all forms. See under the “Forms / Inputs / Buttons” heading in style.css line 13336 – maybe you’ll want to add custom css to only target the section you want to edit.

- You know you could copy the template-home.php file, rename template name at the top, and change where it says:

'post_type' => array( 'galleries' ),

to read:

'post_type' => array( 'post' ),

Then it will pull your posts instead of the galleries using the masonry/scroller style as defined in the theme options for the gallery.

Hope this helps!

xutto Purchased

Thank you so much for the help!! I really appreciate the support you provide on the template. Just left a 5 star rating :)

I just contacted you through the profile page regarding #1.

Hope to work on these this weekend. Thanks again,


You are very welcome!


Just bought the theme. I was not able to do the Menus. It says that the theme doesn’t support menus. Do I have to add a plugin or is it the WP 3.5 version not working?

thank you


Thanks for the purchase!

The theme does support menus.

Basically what I’ve done is not added any menu locations, the reasoning is so that the sidebar can be used for anything. What you’ll want to do is create a menu like normal, then go to your widgets dashboard and use your “custom menu” widget to show it on the front end.

Make sense?

I figured that out! Thanks a lot!

areteest Purchased

i bought this theme. but i couldn’t use it. is there any video or sth to watch and learn?


In the zip there is included documentation on how to use the theme. Also if you notice in the theme description there are links to the videos near the top where it says “Video Guides”.

thank you for the purchase.

Is this template responsive?


It is mobile ready. That means it has a mobile friendly design. You should check on your mobile device so you can see.

We didn’t do it “responsive” because of the way the carousel works it wasn’t ideal.

Hi, How can i add any captions to the images at the homepage slider?

I would like to show the image title under the images such like http://www.yellows.dk

Thank you, Gr, Brian


You’ll need to edit the template files. So for the homepage scroller you would edit includes/loop-galleries.php. Then you would insert the_title() function where you want the title to appear.

It’s likely you’ll need to make some css adjustments as well.

For the single gallery scroller you would edit gallery-scroller.php but you would need to use the following:

<?php echo $wpex_gallery_single_attachment->post_title; ?>

Just how it’s done on the flexslider style.

Maxiride Purchased

Hi, i’ve finally bought your theme! But i have few questions :\

In the theme documentation it’s shown that the theme support three type of menu: “Choose your menu location. This theme includes 3 menu locations: one for the top bar, one for the main navigation and one in the footer.”

But when i open the custom menu panel, as you can see from the screenshot, there is no drop down menu to choose the type of the custom menu. (i’ve also tryed to change the localization of wordpress to eng with no positive results). http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/7527/sportfoliowordpress.jpg).

Another issue is that the sidebar is always visible and is not shown the ”+” button even if i’m not logged in (so no admin bar which i’ve anyway removed adding show_admin_bar( false ); to functions.php.

I’ve also not really understood how to show a gallery into a page.. ^

Thanks for the support.

Edit: I was also wondering if it’s possibile to load in the home rotation a random gallery instead of the feautured image of each gallery. Thanks in advance.

Re Edit: ”+” button seems to work now, i did a little mess with some functions ^


1. I must have accidentally copied that from an old documentation. Sorry….Since this theme has a sidebar there is no need for menu locations. You can create your menu, then use the Custom Menu widget.

2. Could be a javascript conflict, do you have any plugins active you can try disabling? Note also that the sidebar only hides on gallery posts.

3. Galleries are created automatically by uploading images, please see the video: http://www.screenr.com/Rpj8

thank you for the purchase!

Maxiride Purchased

I’m enjoying much more your theme every minute xD It’s almost perfect for me. I managed on my own how to add this pretty cool image viewer (http://highslide.com/) which I sincerly suggest you to take in consideration as default viewer in your future releases\new themes.

- Now I’m digging in your theme structure to find out how i could replace the flexslider with highslide.

- So far higslide pick up images from the creation of a gallery in a post\page as it used to be with lightbox, thickbox etc Here is an example: http://roadrash.no/wp-highslide/another-post/

- Your flexslider instead work in a more smart way, it picks up the attachment of a gallery leaving the gallery text field empity for some description etc and it show the images directly as slideshow (with highslide you have to first click on a pic from the gallery grid in the text gallery\post\page field).

-> Can you help me to find out how to replace flexslider with highslide OR (maybe this is an easier way) find out how to replace the viewer that pops up when a pic from flexslider is clicked?

Thanks for the support you give us.


Glad you like it!

To be honest I can’t really take the time to learn how that plugin works. Personally I think you should consider instead FancyBox if you want that style of lightbox:


With this plugin you would just need to call the CSS/JS scripts, start the javascript and then edit the template to add the new class name.

For both, because it would take several steps it isn’t something I can personally assist you for free and at the moment I am not available to hire as I get ready to launch a new business.

You can try contacting our partners at Tweaky and see what they would quote you for this.


I don’t want to show more then 10 (of other number) images in the homepage gallery. I set this under Theme options Homepage: Gallery Items Count (max 10) But this don’t work, the gallery is still showing more then 10 images.

Could you help me with this? Thanks

You can view my site (http://www.onshus.nl)


I’ve verified the code and its working fine for us. If you want to open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com we can check and verify there isn’t an issue with your site.

Hello. Great theme! I’m feeling like quite an idiot here. I just purchased this theme and downloaded the folder, but have no clue how to get it on wordpress. Is there something I copy and paste to the CSS Stylesheet Editor? I thought there would be some sort of instructions for newbies like me, but can’t find anything. I have a lot of WordPress experience, but not with themes or coding. Please help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m excited to get my new site up and running! Thank you.


Documentation is located in the zip you download from here. Here is a video guide that might help you. Please let us know if you can’t get it all sorted out.

thank you for the purchase!


Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t seem to be working. Can you or someone else help with just the initial set up? I’m sure I can take it from there. Thanks!!!


Weird…the only reasons for it not working would be a server issue or you are not using the latest version of WordPress.

If you open a ticket at WPThemehelp.com we can install the theme for you. but there are a lot of tickets before yours so we probably won’t be able to assist until tomorrow.

Does the theme have Google Font or Cufon support built in? If not, how hard would it be to implement?

Thank you.


This theme doesn’t use any custom fonts for the original design. You could maybe install a plugin if you want to add custom fonts and don’t know how to do it manually.

Nice theme, good job. But, i don’t find where change the google maps location in contact ? Thanks !


This is going to be in the theme panel under Appearance->Theme Options -> General Tab


I would like to know if you can you change the slider to static and not continuous scrolling? Also, would I be able to have every one of my photos on the slider and not them being links to photos? (if that makes sense).



1. This would require you to edit several files. See the FAQ’s.

2. I do have a template called “Homepage Single” where it will show only the images attached to the homepage instead of your featured gallery images. Currently it’s not included in the download, will update soon. But I can also email it to anyone that needs it for now.


I am thinking about purchasing your theme but had a few questions first.

1. Do I have the option to turn off the automatic scrolling on the home page? I prefer to only use left/right arrows. I don’t know CSS or any coding and I hope I don’t have to hire someone to tweak that.

2. I prefer to have the menu sidebar always be there, I don’t want it to ‘auto hide’ every time I’m in a gallery view. Does your theme support this option or is this another CSS tweak?

3. For the blog, do you have options to show a categorized list of our blog posts, search bar, popular posts, etc? Something like this http://themes.rubenbristian.com/?theme=ikaros&type=0

4. Do we have options to use a different font? Like Avant Garde XLight?

5. In the contact page, can I remove the map? Can I use just one image with the text underneath or to the right of the photo?

6. The contact page doesn’t show that there is a message box for people to get in touch, does this theme not have this feature?

Hope you can help soon. Thanks!



1. There isn’t an option built-in, but if you look at the FAQ’s for this item I describe how you could turn it off.

2. This is also in the FAQ’s – although some extra adjustments might be required to achieve the exact look you want.

3. Not sure what you mean…but if you don’t see it in the demo, it’s likely you’ll need to add it.

4. Not built-in. Font options shouldn’t really be a theme function. You should use a plugin for this or add the CSS to your theme.

5. Yes. Simply use the regular page layout and not the “Contact” template.

6. Contact forms are something else that should never be included in a theme. We recommend Contact Form 7 (it’s free).

Thanks for your interest!

Hi there. Is there a way to add a fancy box effect to the home>masonry page so that you see the image/ galleries in a lightbox when clicked, instead of going directly into the post?

Can your theme display single image posts in the masonry page? Right now, the examples are all galleries.

Lastly, is there a way to add filters on the sidebar to sort the images?

I’m trying to achieve this look: http://www.krop.com/muller/#/



1. I will update the theme right now to include an option to include a new template that will show only the images attached to that page template. That way you can have “featured” images on the homepage. Keep an eye out on the changelog on the theme page ;)

2. These aren’t really “filters”. But what you can do is add links to your individual galleries on the sidebar using a custom menu (appearance->menu).