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Looks nice, but I´ve got heavy loading issues and I´ve got a highspeed internet connection.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made some changes to make it load faster.

I love this template, and I agree – I am experiencing the same issue as Massix. It’s loading very slowly, because of the background images….

Also, I would like to see demonstrations of page templates… page w/ right or left sidebar, FULL WIDTH page, and a gallery page (not a portfolio page)...

Really like it so far…

Looks potentially customizable.


Oh sorry about that I forgot to create those pages. Here’s of an example fullwidth template with columns and one with columns and right sidebar:

http://cadengrant.me/themes/photorific/columns/ http://cadengrant.me/themes/photorific/columns-with-sidebar/

I’ll add a gallery shortcode as well for a gallery page.

Hey ho! I agree with the previous comments, in + and -. This is something I’ve been looking for.

I encountered a bit of a problem right away, though, with the lightbox function. If the screen is not wide enough, the light box opens UNDER the navigation box (at least with Safari 4).


I think I know what causes that I’ll have it fixed right away and reuploaded. Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks. How about localization/translation?


I’m not exactly sure on that as I’ve never done it before. I’ll look into it though.

Impressive theme, but reminds me Sideways theme :D


Haha thank you :)


I am make screenshot of bug (composition) i got in IE 7 .


It’s only for info :)


Thanks for letting me know. This has now been fixed.

the site is very slow :-(


For me it’s loading pretty fast. I’ve tried making some changes to the slideshow performance. Let me know if it still loads slow for you.

Very nice!

Hey where did you get the photos? They look amazing!


Thanks. I just googled nature wallpapers mostly.

Hey awesome theme, I love it :-) have a project in mind for this…

Re photos: Wish I had a teacher like that when I was in school hehe where on earth did you find that image?

Keep up the good work Rich


Thank you!

Haha so do I :P I don’t remember really I just came across it googling wallpapers.

Just uploaded the fixes – just waiting for it to be accepted.

I fixed the navigation being over the lightbox as well as a bug in IE7 .

I also added a gallery custom post type with a shortcode to display the gallery items. See them here:

http://cadengrant.me/themes/photorific/gallery-2-columns/ http://cadengrant.me/themes/photorific/gallery-3-columns/ http://cadengrant.me/themes/photorific/gallery-4-columns/

Could you also add in Twiiter ?? And maybe make the Flickr gallery open in prettyPhoto on the site and not go off to flickr directly??

Any chance of seeing the colour changer demo as well

Can’t stop looking at this theme, I think it’s the fact that the images look awesome and colourful and are full screen :-)



I could try adding a twitter widget. I’ll get started on it soon.

As for the color options, here are a few screenshots:

http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/7381/coloroptions2.png http://img813.imageshack.us/img813/9172/coloroptions.png

Hi GC,

Great theme, just what we were looking for.

Just bought it but it wil not install via wordpress upload zipfile.

Any idea?

I’m using: Macbook/firefox/wp3.1



Hello casperatos

You will need to open the zipped folder, and uploaded only the folder entitled ‘photorific’ to your wp-content/themes/ directory and then activate it via your admin panel.


How’s it going mate? Well one reason I haven’t purchased the theme yet…..When clicking the navigation items in Firefox there seems to be a weird hyperlink color issue. It automatically outlines the cufon font with the browser’s default hyperlink colors. (IE. Blue red). Looks very unprofessional mate.

Looks good in Chrome and in IE.

Finally, for the purposes of the demo….I know it’s great you have a lovely full screen image slider but can you limit the fade time to fractions of milliseconds? Not everyone out there will have sufficient hardware or resources. And stand-alone, those jquery sliders always look choppy transitioning anyway with large image files.

Help me work out the fixes on your theme and I’ll be purchasing for one of my current projects. If you need any assistance, I’ll be glad to help.


Hello JosephWilliams

I’ll have the firefox issue fixed and reuploaded immediately.

As for the slide time, you can customize that in the theme options panel. You can choose the time in milliseconds for the slideshow to change images. You can also set the slide effect to none so it doesn’t fade at all it just switches images. There are also a few more effects you can see listed in the theme features.

Hope this answers your question.


Yea, look forward to see those changes Caden.

I’ve also noticed that you’ve had the firefox hyperlink problem with all of you themes. Your defraction theme navigation also needs to deduct the padding between the two vertical links for each category.

Looks great in every browser, but you’ve got an issue with the bottom footerbar getting stuck in the middle of the screen on mobile devices and the iPad.


Thanks for letting me know I’ll try to find a fix.

This is a great looking theme, it works for me in all browsers including on my Samsung Tablet. I haven’t tried it on my Droid Moto yet.

It would work great for a project I have coming up if there are options for the photo lightbox. You are using prettyphoto correct? I would like the ability to scroll through the gallery images in the lightbox popup is that possible?


Thank you. Right now you can’t scroll through the prettyPhoto but I’ll get that setup here in just a little bit and update you when I’ve reuploaded it.



I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted but I made it so you can click on the thumbnails/arrows to go to different images when prettyPhoto is open.

You can view it here:


I’ll be including this in the next update I upload in a few hours or so.


Love this theme, it’s what I’ve been looking for but there are a few issues that I’m en counting: it loads really slow for me in both Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

In Safari 5, the plus next to each menu breaks out of the navigation box and extends out. So does the line underneath it as well.

Looking forward to it getting fixed and having more light box options!

Great job again.


Hey kathchen

Would you mind showing me a screenshot of it in Safari 5? And are you using Mac? Because on my computer it looks fine in Safari


Hi CG,

No worries, see the link below: http://img132.imageshack.us/i/screenshot20110319at151.png/

I’m using Safari 5 on a mac.

I just tried to upload the theme and I’m getting a “Parse Error” it reads as follows:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /nfs/c07/h01/mnt/110895/domains/itchyshutterfinger.com/html/blog/wp-content/themes/Photorific/photorific/framework/admin/types/meta_box.php on line 33

Any ideas/ remedies?


I’m not exactly sure. If you would like, you can email me your WordPress login information and I can take a look for you and try to see what the problem is.

Just send me an email at caden.grant@gmail.com or let me know your email and I’ll try to get it fixed for you right away.

@jackiegellison Upgrade to PHP5 .

@CadenGrant – Nice use of supersized :)


Thanks :)

Would it be possible to link the photos to a video using pretty photo and use the theme as a portfolio for videos?

In my brain it seems like this would work fine, but I wanted to ask just in case.



Of course. All you have to do when creating your portfolio item, is insert the URL to the video inside the ‘Lightbox Image/Video URL ’ text box.

It also depends on the type of video. What video formats do you intend on using?

Wow quick response and I like it! I will show it to my client. Thanks!

Youtube and Vimeo are my video formats of choice. I know that pretty photo does well with youtube already.


Yeah Youtube does perfectly fine with prettyPhoto. All you have to do is enter the URL to the youtube page with the video you want and it works just fine. I’ll have to check up how to do it on Vimeo though – I’ll get back to you.