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Really like this design.

One thing stopping me purchasing is we need a photography portfolio that allows viewers to buy the photo’s in the portfolio via digital download or postal service.

Any one know if there are there any Wordpress plugins that would fit into this template to add this functionality?

Top notch design though, I really like it!

Amazing design. Good luck!

Doesn’t get much better than this. Unique design with great functionality. Good job, can’t wait to see what’s next. I really like the favorites and FAQ , its the little extras that count.

perfect mixey..

Thank you guys for the nice feedback!

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excellent work !!!


I’m glad that you liked it.

Great theme! I’d probably change the font, its really hard to read but, overall great work!



This is outstanding. With each click of my mouse I was increasingly impressed by the design, layout and functionality you’ve packed into this theme. Very original, great job!


Thank you Parallelus! I really appreciate your valuable feedback.


Bookmarked this one, maybe i will purchase it for one of my next projects. Awesome clean design and features! An electronic store feature would be a great thing!! :-)


I enjoy this theme a lot!

A few questions:

1. is there automatic thumbnails generation (croping)? 2. how are the picture and descriptions entered, with custom fields? 3. can the fonts (cufon?) be easily changed? 4. do you have screenshots or live demo of the dark version?

btw, it looks great on an ipad!

thanks and have a nice day!


No problem! Please rate my file if you liked it.

nidrig Purchased

Rated! ;)

Btw, either I didn’t read the doc correctly or sth is missing.

In order to have an image of a post appearing on the front page slideshow, it needs to have the custom field “bigimage” set to the image url. Either nothing is displayed.

Is that so?


You should go to the options page, select “Photo Gallery Options”.

1. Homepage layout set: “slide show”

2. Fill “Photo categories” with categories IDs, first ID you’ll enter there will be used for the slideshow on the homepage.

That’s it!

What else can you ask for. This is it !


Thank you! Looking forward!

olernst Purchased

Could not resits ;-) Any chance to have a client area? (client specific picture area) Thanks


Thanks! Appreciated!

You can set a password in the WP posts editor for particular post. If it will work for you, I can add some css code to display it better.

Very very nice theme here. Thinking of purchase, but have to ask few things first. Hope you don’t mind.

- On the front page, is it possible to have facebook icon instead of twitter?

- Can I have multiple menu items on the left side? For example, where you have “travelling” I’d like to have link to the blog or also to add

- what sizes are the images I have to upload to appear on front size? For example, if they are not the right purpotions? (for example 4256×2832) - If I write post and upload image, will it be automatic resize for blog size?

- can we add some additional plugins to the blog page? Sidebar or footer?

Hope you will have time to reply.



Hi and thanks for asking,

- It’s an easy fix. I’ll assist you after the purchase. You’ll need to replace few lines from header.php with facebook code.

- Absolutely, you are free to build your own menu structure and you are not limited to the ones I’ve created in the demo installation.

- For the demo I’ve used images that are about 1024px wide and proportional height. For slideshow and thumbnails images are automatically resized.

- Right now theme doesn’t have any widget areas. but this is only because I didn’t know where to place them and how to use. If you feel that you need one, let me know.


Will the front page and other resizing work even if I upload 800×600 size image? Or it has to be 1024 ?

Thanks for your kind replys


It will work with any image. And it will stretch the image to fit the screen. However if you’ll upload image with too low resolution or quality, re-sized image will be pixelated.

Very impressive theme. It is great to see your progress over via the themes you have here on TF. Really considering this theme to replace my current theme from Epicera


Thank you! And I also looking forward!

hi mixey

am planning buy this template :) it’s so beautiful!

quick questions

can i replace the site name text to a logo? and can i move it on top of the sidebar???




yes you can replace sitename with your own logo and it tajes only 30 seconds.

To move logo on the top you’ll need to change css a little bit, but I will assist you after the purchase.

Thanks for your interest!

leviuqse Purchased

hi mixey!

i bought the template!

can you send me the how-to’s?


leviuqse Purchased

oh hi mixey

tried to install the theme but i got this message

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

how can i fix it?


To change twitter icon please open header.php file find this piece of code <a href="#twitter" class="button twitter_button">&nbsp;</a> and paste instead of it facebook code.

It’s impossible that logo appearing only on the inner pages, because on every page same code is executed. So I guess it’s a cache on your browser.

leviuqse Purchased

got it mixey thanks a lot :)

leviuqse Purchased

hi mixey

checked this page again and found out about the newer version, how can i update mine? should i reinstall it??

This theme is just simply amazing! A job perfectly done. Good Luck!



Thank you for the nice words!

Hi Mixey,

I bought this theme last night, and I really like it!

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the process for putting photos on the home page.

Do I actually CREATE a page called “home?” I noticed on the demo site that it doesn’t say “home” at the top. But, when I created a page called “home,” the word showed up above the picture.

Also, do I use the short codes to actually designate which photos show up on the home page?

Please advise… thanks in advance for your help!



Hi Cynthia Thank you for the comment,

No you don’t need to create page called home. You should go to the options page and find menu item called “Photo Gallery Options”, Under the “Homepage layout” select “Slideshow”. That’s it!!

P.S. I assume that you have entered your gallery ID in the “Photo categories” field, if not then you should do that too.

P.P.S. Finding the ID of desired category is very easy, open “IDs Info” tab under options menu and you’ll find all categories with respective IDs there.

I hope that helps!


Hi Mixey… OK, so after I follow your directions, do I create a blog post for each one of the photos that I want to show up on the home page?

I’m not clear on what the next step would be.

Thanks so much for your patience! :o)