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Total disaster…

The worst theme I can imagine.. Nothing works..

Can’t even get a picture in place..


I’m sorry to hear that. Most likely you skipped the initial theme setup. Please refer to the help.pdf file.

If possible I would like a refund.. Or I’ll just take the loss an hit the ProPhoto that I have understood works..


i’ve read all the comments and your answers—looks as if it would be a great theme for my site.

My question:

- Can the images in the Homepage-Slideshow be shown randomly? Returning visitors would see all the pictures again, this is why I need randomly pictures showed.


Stan ROX www.stanROX.com

Hi, I can help you with “random” pictures order after the purchase. Few lines should be modified, but I’ll guide you throw.


I have purchased this template a while ago and I have been looking through the comments but it seems like either im doing wrong or the question was never answered completely.

1) I am trying to make the Full-page Homepage Slideshow appear.

I found the “inlineMode” on line 955 but i can’t find the other piece of code that i must comment out.

Please provide me not only with the line number but also the actual code that must be commented out. In all your answers you just give an updated line number but ive tried all of the ones you provided and I still see the white background on the left navigation.

See example: http://www.madiphotography.com/

I also tried to add a transparent image of about 280px in width and load it onto the light.css file but with no luck in making that white background dissapear:

left {

background-image:url(http://www.madiphotography.com/wp-content/themes/photoshot/images/background.png); }

can you please help me out here?

2) I can’t seem to load the images via prettyphoto tag, seems like the prettyphoto isn’t loading the large images.

example: http://www.madiphotography.com/advertising/hdr-can-be-hazardous-to-your-health/ Click on the first thumbnail image under INSPIRATION SOURCE , you will see that its not loading. but when you try to load the image directly in the browser, it works… any idea whats wrong? here’s the fullsize image thats supposed to appear: http://www.madiphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/julie.jpg

Thank you for your prompt reply. Patrick


1. No worries about second line that should be commented out according to help file. It looks that it works even skipping that step.

Left part is white because of the css rules. You can override them, by placing this code into the custom css section in theme options page:
#left { background: none; }
#left { background: rgba(255,255,255, 0.5); } 

2. There was a problem with prettyPhoto, but I’ve fixed it in the most recent theme update. Please re-download your theme copy.

Great, it works!

thanks for the prompt feedback!

Ok so I’m very new to wordpress and watched your videos. Installing it went fine, I made pages for my “blog” on the side, and made a blog category, but in the video you check the “blog” category and it puts it under that page. Is there something you have to do to make that happen? Basically I have everything thrown into categories, but how do I make it so they only show up under the blog page? If you could help me at all I’d greatly appreciate it :)

Hey, Please try this. In template folder rename home.php to front-page.php. Then create new empty page (Home page) and set it as a home page in Settings->Reading, and your Blog page as page for posts. This should do the trick, I just checked.

Before I buy I’d like to know if it’s possible to create a password protected fullscreen gallery. I already purchased another theme only to find out I could not, so I’m asking before I make the same mistake again. Also I’m trying to install a plugin (trying DRP Wordpress User Management right now) to monitor access to which and how often registered users access the password protected galleries. If you have insight as to whether this can be accomplished with your theme I’d be very appreciative. Thank you.


Please check my other theme called “Architectos” http://demo.wpbakery.com/?theme=architectos it can do that.

I searched through this thread but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Hoping you can help.

As far as the side bar is concerned, I like my logo on the bottom, but I would like to raise it up to fit under the links above it. It currently sits all the way to the bottom. I can’t figure this out. Any help would be great. Thanks again!

Hi, Please place this in the custom CSS section in theme options page.
#logolink { top: 300px; }
and change 300 to work best for you.

Any video support ? Thanks

Hi, vimeo, youtube videos are supported with help of prettyphoto plugin. You can add link somewhere in the content section, which will open a lightbox upon a click

When I select “read more” I would like the comments to be shown by default but could not find any way to do this. Please help.

Thank You.

Settings->Discussion. Set that you want template be enabled by default.

After setting the email on Photoshot settings, the contact page’s contact form is not sending any of the messages to the given email address. What can be causing this?

Please check that your server has mail() function enabled. Also paste your sites url (where contact form is placed) I’ll take a look.

Hi, I’m having trouble with this theme. Your help.pdf appears to be out dated as there is nothing at line 955 in the js.js file and the sample code provided doesn’t work. I have managed to get everything working but the home page, the images dont load.

Please share your sites url

Hi, fell in love with this theme so I bought it and am currently trying to fit the old content of my blog into it. Please could you help with a couple of things:

    1. I have my own twitter and rss icon to go with my branding, how do I replace the current icons with mine? Also any tips on the best sizing of my own icons?

    2. in my blog posts, the photos resize fine when re-uploaded into your photoshot custom settings, but if you click read more, the images within the post do not resize and go over the frame. Do I need to go in and resize each and everyone of them then re-upload?

  • Thank you for your help.


1. If you’ll take a look into the theme folder/images you’ll find default icons there, so you can try overwriting them with your own icons. Default icons are png images 16×16px.

2. Could you please share link to your site? I’ll take a look.

Hi Mixey, Perhaps I posted this in the wrong place as I now see you have a support forum. But I cannot access the support forum – it is saying that my authentication code which I assume is the invoice number is not valid. So please help. I am having a lot of trouble getting my site to look how I want it. As well as the issues above,

    1 the sample photos on my blog page are appearing in full and not cropped like your demo so when I open the read more icon underneath – it shows a duplicate of the image on the blog post.

    2 Also, all my share icons have disappeared from the bottom of the some of my blog posts how do I reinstate these,

    3 my slideshow is not just showing the first category id but the whole of my latest blog posts and which is the setting under the WP Settings – Reading but I cannot set it to any other (apart from static page which I don’t want),

    4 I don’t understand how you can make subcategories under Portfolio. I have made portfolio as my parent category and allocated child categories from the WP admin panel but I cannot get it to show up in the menu like you have on the demo. I would very much like to have portfolio in the menu and then when you click on it, for it to display subcategories photo samples, and then when you click on that subcategory photo, for that to take you to the photos under that subcategory (like this site has http://www.tetphotography.com/category/portfolio/).

  • Please help. My site is http://www.jennyowensphotography.com/blog/


1. Try placing this css snippet in the custom css section in theme options page:

.content img { max-width: 730px; height: auto; }

2. You don’t see share icons, because your posts are in portfolio and blog category at the same time. Share icons are visible only for blog posts.

4. To place menu items under the parent item. Visit Appearance->Menu and place links to the menu structure, then drag “child” element under “parent” item. Child element should be shifted just a bit.

Hi Mixey,

Have bought your template as I love the look of it. Knowing nothing about websites except previously using foliosnap, I sort of assumed it would be as easy to use as foliosnap was. Unfortunately not. I suspect those without previous website-building experience will struggle to understand how to use it.

I can’t understand the terminology you use. I’ve also asked someone with some website building experience to help and he is as baffled as I am.

Any chance I could pay you to set up the website for me, or could you recommend someone who could?

As a professional photographer the full-screen photos are great but what I hoped for was an idiot-proof system where you merely add text to various parts of the template, use a ready-made blog page and add photos to the portfolios.

The whole set-up seems very complicated for the average person in the street to understand.

Best wishes

Peter Barritt

Hi Peter,

It may look complicated for the first look, especially if you don’t have previous experience working with WP.

Please send me a message from my profile page, with your login details. I’ll try to help you out.

Hi Mixey!

Sent you a message, too, but figured I should cover all my bases and write out a comment. I’m having trouble with some plugins I’ve installed. For example, I tried installing an author bio box to show up on only posts…but it is showing up twice. Once: below the post, as expected and twice: what appears to be part of the bottom sidebar? Or footer? I’ve tried several different plugins, and the same thing is happening, so I know it’s not plugin-specific and must be triggered by some code in the theme.

Any help would be excellent!!!! http://www.trebleintrouble.com

Please open tpl_footer.php file and make it look like this:

<div id="footer">
    <?php echo (get_option('mtf_footer_copyright')) ? make_clickable( get_option('mtf_footer_copyright') ) : '<a class="promo_link" title="Great themes from WPbakery by mixey" href="http://bit.ly/mixey" target="_blank">Buy this template</a> · <a class="promo_link" href="http://bit.ly/wpbakery" title="Designed in WPbakery" target="_blank">Designed in WPbakery</a>'; ?>

Hello, I bought this model a few days ago and I searched through the comments. I have set up home with SlideShow and I would like that when I click on a photo will open on the post.

And ‘possible?

Sorry, not out of the box. There’s a “view photo details” button to open a post.

Hi, how could I center the whole site? Thanks!

Not an easy task. You’ll need to modify theme markup to do that.

Could you give me some direction on how to do it?

Hi ! First, thank you for your great theme ! I have many questions ask to you about theme littles icones. So, I don’t want yellow stars, rss button, thumbnails and “view photo details” on my homepage. Always on this page, I would like to choose which photos will be seen. Is it possible ? That’s all for the moment


For the moment my Web site is in works, I test pages, and the use of articles in categories. I think of using only categories in the menu to classify my series of photo.

Thank you stephane

I’ve sent you a css snippet to achieve that


great theme! Just one question: I want to buy it but i need to remove the buttons in the top page (the star for favourite photos, tweet button, “view photo details” in the right corner and “thumbnails” corner, is it possible?

Just one more: Is it possibile thorough CSS to change the light grey coor in the homepage, (background color for the content in the right)?

Thanks! Francesco

Hi, yes it’s possible. I’m helping out on the support forums.