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awesome work!

Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

Hi ! Simple question that may interest many other developpers… Do you think it’s possible to implement PHP scripts to manage content and maintain the menu ?

Hey there, that’s a good question, we’ve tried this in the past but it will cause WebApps (bookmarked apps to home screen on iOS devices) to act up! That’s why we chose not to use PHP for navigations!

Is it possible to make the header static? I don’t want it to slide with the rest of the page.

On secondary pages yes, on the main page, no. That’s an image slider. Too much load for certain mobile devices.

Hello, Good job with this template. It’s just what I needed.

Can you provide a link for the icon list used by the sidebar navigation items (home, features, etc.) ? I need more of those. Thank you!

5 stars!

Many many thanks mate! We really appreciate your feedback! The iconpack we used is called iconsweets2 you can find it here, there is a commercial free version and a deluxe version! Any of which is good!

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

You’re more than welcome! We will! Thank you for your purchase and feedback again! :)

Hi, great job! I really like the template a lot! I need to implement a search form into the side bar. Do you have some examples how a form with select dropdowns and multi selects could look like? I think this is the only missing link in your provided template. You have checkboxes and radios, but no selects :-) Please help out!!

We can help you implement a search form in the sidebar for a freelance fee. Please contact us through our profile! :)

Also a jquery mobile form?

We don’t use jQuery mobile, only the full jQuery. It’s much more reliable.

Well documented!! I wish all templates were this well documented!

All the best

Sorry Guys for the double post….. I notice on one of your other templates you offered a guy a device detection script. Do you have one to throw around?


Hey there! Thanks for the kind words, we truly appreciate them! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! We have a redirect script, you can get it from here the redirect icon! We’re currently having some server issues so the link might not be working but feel free to check it! It’ll be up and running soon!

Thanks for that.

On another note. What sort of conflicts, if any, do you foresee if I was to create the pages using template::alloy from a line of perl?

I bought your Template and its awesome!! Really nice and clear Script, it explains itself so i dunno have to look what each CSS is doing…


I never saw a awesome Documentation like this, really nice!

But i have a question, and the support ticket on your Website didnt realy help me o.o

I want do disable the preloader, cuz its not working in my App (It just says loading and then nthng more happens.. but on device browser it works smooth and perfect)

Is it possible to disable the Preloader? I tried it but didnt get it..

Hey there! Thank you for your kind words and purchase! We didn’t get any support ticket! As for your question, simply deleting the preloader class at the top of the page will disable the preloader! :)

Hi, any WP version in the makes?

Hey there. We will be building this as a WordPress theme, but it’s not on the horizon. I’ll reply to this message if and when we build it! :) Thanks for the interest shown!

Hello Enabled! nice work, I need help, after convert this template with last Phonegap, when I use Scroll (e.g.. Home Page) don’t work nice in Android 4.1 devices. Works nice in iOS 6.


Hey there! We don’t provide support for PhoneGap, as we’re selling this as a template not a mobile app. We must inform you that using any item for any App Store means you must purchase an extended license. The item on it’s own, without PhoneGap, requires the following (at the bottom of the page):

Requires iOS 6 or higher, Android 4.2.2 or higher, Windows Mobile 8, latest RIM OS.


I have an issue on gallery page, when I try to close the slide show image using close [x] on the bottom of the slide, It won’t work.

Now I have to use the hardware back button.

Please help.

The image gallery found in gallery works in WebApp mode as it does not affect the page href. Colorbox edits the href, WebApps don’t use hrefs so it will open an image directly.

Quick question…. My fixed header seems to visually split up at the mail icon when i scroll but it only happens on the video page with responsive videos… any ideas why it would breaking only on that page?

Hi, how to change: <input type="radio" value="1" name="name" /> into your format: <a href="#" class="checkbox radio-one">Radio</a>

Where does the value attribute go for example? Do i need jQuery for this?


Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! We haven’t styled the radio boxes, we simply created the front UI for this. Different users have different ways to create radio buttons so we decided to simply create the images and let the user style them as he requires.


I bough that theme whit out knowing where to use it I just loved it! Just one quick tip it would be perfect to me if it could have the top menu that scroll down and stick on the top of the page. But still you made a great work! ;P

We are very happy you like it! We’ve already started building fully responsive templates using an update version of our current framework! We hope you’ll check those and like those as well! Many thanks for the rating and your purchase!

Hi Paul, I want to add a “desktop version” link. How can I link back to the desktop website and disable redirection?

Thank you!

Hey Catalin, our default script does not work with re-redirecting back to the desktop version, we have a script we can recommend though, check this script here ! Thank you for your purchase! :)

Hi, I’ve a question, i m a beginner. it’s possible to use this theme for an app that works also offline and there is a tutorial for customize it ? thanks for replay AZ

It’s a template, not a theme! :) You can use cache manifest for what you mentioned.


Hoping you can help. I am re-programming my website to add a mobile version and intend to use one of your very nice templates. However, can you tell me please which is most suitable, and whether you have a template for my product page ? Please see my website www.dvdorchard.com.au and click on a DVD title.


We cannot give you a “you need to purchase this” response, but we can recommend templates such as Stroller, Sitebar, Slideby, Photroller, Scrolled, or even Reaves! The choice is up to you! Apologies for the late reply, we’ve just updated our hardware and we’re back up running!

Hi Love the template, currently in developing a mobile platform which has both tablets and phones. I’d like to forcefully show the sidebar menu (displayed) on every page. (for a tablet) which i have detection for.. So is there a way to force the sidebar to be displayed on every page instead of opening or having to swipe? Thanks

Apologies for the late reply, we’ve just updated our hardware and we’re back up running! We’re already discussing this by mail, I believe! :)

How do I go about changing the color theme to magenta for this template?

Thank you for your purchase, please check the documentation. That’s covered there.


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hi, i am planning to use this in my Apache Corvado app that i am developing with Angular.js, and i was wondering if this would be a good choice and easy to use?

If your application is paid, or has in-app purchases then yes, you require an extended license. If nothing related to the app costs money (i.e. everything is 100% free) then a regular license will suffice. Cheers! :)


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thanks for the clarification :)

My pleasure! We hope you enjoy our product, and please don’t forget to rate 5 stars!!! Cheers! :)


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Hi, am trying to simplify the page removing some of the items on the index.html page but the navigation menu on left some how gets out of alignment . please see ziped link [link removed]

To fix that just add the following code to line 5 in custom.js

    var screen_height = $(window).height();
    $( '#content' ).css( "min-height", screen_height );

Also, please don’t write so many messages one after the other, it’s really flooding our inbox with notifications and we can’t turn them off! We reply to all messages, so don’t worry about that! :) Cheers


amasoumi Purchased


My pleasure! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars!!! Cheers! :)