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Great theme! I wonder how this theme handles images with different sizes? In the demo i see on the frontpage that all the images have the same width/height. As photographer i have different sizes. Is it required to have the same width/height for the images?


Hey there,

Yes, the theme will crop the images to the same size, the reason for this being we don’t include a plugin to sort the images if the sizes weren’t uniform.

the reason for this is to make the page more lightweight, faster, and rely on less javascript :)


To add to Mauricio’s question, is it possible to make the blog page display various sizes and orientations similar to this site here? http://demo.udthemes.com/cartel/wordpress/


Hey there,

No, sorry. These themes rely on heavy external javascript libraries to create this function. To keep our theme running as quickly as possible, we have created the homepage grid using only CSS, this means that all images must be cropped in the same way.



Thanks! It’s a great theme and I’ll probably grab it soon. Good luck with future sale.

Hello …

Your theme is nice & clean. Will it be possible to change that hover state over the images? Perhaps changes it from shifting to left or right to just cover the image?


...similar to the mobile version.

I adore everything about the preview of this theme. That’s why I bought it. BUT… I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, and I can’t get my site to look like your preview at all! Can you provide instructions for doing that? I simply want a dozen or so photos on my main page, just like the preview.


Oh, never mind. I started over and did it on my own and it’s super easy. I think your instructions are really confusing, to be honest—they sort of led me in the wrong direction. Maybe consider revising. Otherwise I am very happy now. :)

Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to Fotolia.com, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User



No, sorry, this is a simple photo blog, not an eCommerce site.



I purchased your theme and I really do love it!

However, I need to remove your gallery shortcode filter that you referenced in the comment to janavasa 7 months ago. I don’t want to edit your theme directly, so that when you make any updates, they end up overwriting my edit. So, how do I remove your or unhook your shortcode filter using a child theme edit?

I tried to use the following line in the child theme’s functions.php file, but it didn’t work:

<?php remove_filter( ‘post_gallery’, ‘my_post_gallery’, 10, 2 ); ?>



I have another question. :) The homepage currently displays 8 blog posts. I’d like it to display 9, so there isn’t a blank space at the bottom right of the screen.

I read what you told other people, to increase the number of blog posts on the page, they had to go to Settings > Reading and increase the “Blog pages show at most” value to whatever number of images we want to display on the front page. However, I’ve raised the value to 9 and the front page is still displaying 8 posts only.

What do I need to do to get the home page to display 9 posts or to respect that field in the WordPress admin?



Nevermind! This edit seemed to finally catch up to itself. (However, you should know the limit is 9. It doesn’t readjust itself like you said it would to the previous commenters when you set it to 16 posts on the page.)


wacosta Purchased

Hello, I recently purchased PHTGRPHY theme and I am having a hard time getting a grid on my home page. I do not see any shortcodes although I have downloaded the ebor shortcode generator. I would like Home page to feature image grid which will be different from blog posts. What am I doing wrong. Seems like it should be super simple. THANK YOU!

Hi, I can allow a user to register and upload an image that, once approved, will appear in the gallery? Can I allow a search for images by name / tag? so that the gallery is filled by images with that keyword?

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Purchased this theme a little while ago.

Problem. The front page is making all the images the same size, which is no problem, BUT, it seems to be zooming each one in and thus making it extremely difficult to organize and display things they way we want.

What would the solution be for it to scale the image down but keep the full picture???