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Great theme! Congrats.

gr8 work, GLWS :)

Thanks AliA

Awesome work :)

nice one, like it :)

Thanks dude

Love the theme – its HTML5 yes ? not WP ?

YES , It’s HTML5 , i make wp in next month

Clean work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros

Very good work! Can the site be RTL for Arabic and Hebrew? if yes will you do that when buying this theme? About the blog is there a content manager or something for it?


I bought thinking it was a WP theme. The footer on the demo site is writen “© Pick Wordpress Theme Demo. All Rigts Reserved”

Hi innolevels, thanks for purchaseing It’s only HTML5 Template, in footer it’s written ….. because it’s made for WP but in feature.

“I bought thinking it was a WP theme. The footer on the demo site is writen “© Pick Wordpress Theme Demo. All Rigts Reserved””

Had the same issue :/

Hi KhalidAlomar’s, thanks for purchaseing It’s only HTML5 Template, I make WP but in feature.

Like this Site – looking at a couple of options between yours and another – like your layout – but yours has a static Twitter Feed – any chance it could be scrolling – if youre going to do an update to this site design… if it has a .js scrolling twit feed in the footer you have a sale here….


OK, i will do in next update


I have downloaded but can’t find any folder named PSD or home.psd file? Are there PSD ’s available as mention in your documentation file?

In documentaion i wirite about which font we used in psd design or in html. for downloads file information check right sidebar info

In your documentation file it states…

“Psd Files There is 35 PSD files included with this theme named home.psd located in the psds folder. All PSD files are well organized in named groups and all layers are named appropriately.”

I don’t know where this home.psd file is? If it’s not included thats OK but can I purchase it?

Hi StickNewland, thanks for purchase. I’m updates files so you can download again with home psd


You should clean up your style.css – Once I did that, the theme worked out quite well for me. Nice work.

hi, webhelpnetwork Thanks for purchase & your efforts

Love it..

I’ll wait for the WP version.

Send me a message when is done!

Sure i will inform you, send me your mail id via my profile contact


Theme looks awesome. Are there other color schemes than orange?

not now, but you get it in WordPress version

Is there a reason why the slider won’t work on IE? Any documentation on this?

Thanks for purchase, all slider work fine if you have any issue contact me via my profile contact form.


I’ve noticed that in the bare Pick Theme, the AsyncSlider jQuery plugin doesn’t work when viewed through IE8 . The page still displays, but the Slider doesn’t start at all, so you only see the first slide and have no way of swapping them. Looking at the AsynchSlidey website (, it appears that this may have been fixed, but I’d need to acquire a license to get the new latest version. By looking at the jquery.asyncslider.js file that came with the Pick Theme, it looks like it was last updated in 2011.

Presumably, when we purchased the theme, the AsyncSlider plugin was bundled as part of it. Can we:

get an update using the newest Asyncslider plugin file? or do we need to buy an update directly from Asynchslider?

“I bought thinking it was a WP theme. The footer on the demo site is writen “© Pick Wordpress Theme Demo. All Rigts Reserved”” “Had the same issue :/”

Me too :/

When do expect to have the Wordpress version?

Hi, thanks for purchase, this theme submit in site Template category & you can’t get Wordpress version in $16


First of all congratulations for this work, buy the template, but are not PHP files, I can download some special FTP or you can send me the mail,

thank you very much

sent you email

Hi I’ve purchased this theme and noticed a couple of issues.

The drop down menu that is supposed to appear on smaller screens only shows up all the time in IE 7 , 8 and 9.

Also the sliders all have different issues with IE 7 , 8 and 9. I know you haven’t mentioned IE 7 support.

On the home page 4 the cycle slider – the next and previous arrows don’t show up. On home page 3 the the arrows are almost off the screen. On home page one, the images on the scroller don’t show up, only the video..

We also got no .psd files and the help documentation was just a list of files..

Would appreciate some help.

thanks Troy

ok, i will send confirmation when update done. so you can download updated files again.