About Pick

Pick is a very powerful template which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers. It will help you build your site with the layout, colors, and images you want and like, in no time. You can set any color to all the elements such as: backgrounds, texts, menus, links, etc. You can completely change the look and feel of your site in seconds. We have made a template for every need but still managed to make it unique. The goal was to make a template for every use but not make it look like a template by giving you all the options you need and want. Enjoy it!

Mobile Demo


Major Features

  • 37 HTML Pages
  • Index Layout 1
  • Index Layout 2
  • Index Layout 3
  • Index Layout 3
  • 4 Slider
  • Async Slider
  • Nivo Slider
  • Flex Slider
  • Animation Slider
  • Portfolio 2 Columns
  • Portfolio 3 Columns
  • Portfolio 4 Columns
  • Portfolio 2 Columns (with ajax)
  • Portfolio 3 Columns (with ajax)
  • Portfolio 4 Columns (with ajax)
  • Portfolio 2 Columns with Left and Right Sidebar
  • Portfolio 3 Columns with Left and Right Sidebar
  • Portfolio 4 Columns with Left and Right Sidebar
  • Single Portfolio
  • About Us
  • 9 Blog Pages
  • Blog Full Width
  • Blog Full Both Sidebar
  • Blog Full Left Sidebar
  • Blog Full Right Sidebar
  • Blog Medium Both Sidebar
  • Blog Medium Right Sidebar
  • Blog Medium Left Sidebar
  • Single Blog Both Sidebar
  • Single Blog Left Sidebar
  • Single Blog Right Sidebar
  • 9 Features Page
  • Archive
  • Gallery
  • Typography
  • Buttons and Boxes
  • Tabs and Toggles
  • Pricing Option
  • FAQs
  • Services
  • Contact
  • True Responsive
  • iPhone/iPad and different device compatible
  • Layout for creative and business websites
  • Responsive, Video, Images, and slid in sliders.
  • Custom Designed layouts
  • Multi-category projects
  • Present Identity, Motion, Web, Print, Photo projects and more!
  • Ability to create any other pages with custom layouts
  • Contact Form
  • Social Shares
  • Responsive Behaviors
  • and a lot of fun… :)