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A click on the white skin / black skin button gets this in Safari and Firefox:

Sehr geehrter Besucher,

leider ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Die gewünschte Seite wurde nicht gefunden.

Haben Sie sich vielleicht vertippt oder eine alte URL aufgerufen? Wenn nicht, informieren Sie bitte den Webmaster dieser Homepage per Email. Um zu der vorherigen Seite zurückzukehren, verwenden Sie bitte einfach die “Zurück” – Taste Ihres Browsers.


fixed it, thanks for the tip

Love the image slider!

There are a few elements that remind me OrmanClark’s previous works.

But thats ok because the image slider is pretty sweet!

Nice one,

The slider is my favourite too :)


thank you for the compliment. The slider gave me a little headache to work the way it should. but I think now he fulfilled his purpose very well.

The blog page and much other elements are same as Classica`s Orman Clark template. But the slider is big!


Great theme. Can I ask if the following is possible please:

1. The blog is very basic – can this be tailored to have multiple thumbnails for images?

2. In the gallery section (photography) can we add in content, specifically copy under an image?

3. On the homepage – is there any option to add content below the slider? i.e. copy, images & links?

Thanks – and best of luck with this… Simon


Thanks for he quick reply, doitmax…

I was thinking about either some boxed content below the main slider on the homepage – or boxed off areas of content – to add more to the homepage in case we wanted to promote other aspect s of thee site – not just the photographic slides… dos this make sense?

Best, Simon


This theme was basically not intended for explanations or text content. This theme is meant for photographers and artists who want to showcase their work.

I’ll think about it, to add this functionality optional, maybe in a widget area. But I apologize for that, I think that this would contradict the basic idea of the theme.

I hope you’ll accept my decision :)


Sure – no problem – it’s still a fantastic theme – well done.

Best, Simon

Hi ! Great theme ! i would like to buy it but i want to know if there is an html version ? thank you for the answer



I’m sorry, but there is no html version so far


Very nice theme.


How many images /tumbnail can I show at homepage?

If the anwser is “many”: If i show, for example, 30 images / tumbnail… this tumbnails will hide and with arrows could be shown? I hope you undersantd my poor english language.

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I think that no limit of number of images at scroller is a great update. This theme will grow, then, from great to greatest.


as i said in my previous reply, i have to think about a solution for this. But i will figure it out… ;)

Amazing theme doitmax! I buy themes on here on a almost weekly basis, and love it when I see such a greatly designed and more importantly very unique theme.

Just want to ask if the theme had been tested at all with wp-ecommerce plugin. I am considering using it for a commercial project and would be great if it did.

Many thanks and again congratulations!



not tested yet. will make a test these days and report the result.

I love this template. I have a couple of comments:

1. The photos on the slider are only showcasing portrait (horizontal) photos. I’m a photographer, what about if I want to showcase landscape (vertical) photos on the scroller? Is very important as photographer to show the image as it is.

2. My humble opinion: You pick the wrong photos to showcase your template. It looks more like a tshirt template at first (that’s why I click this link).

3. Is it possible to add a gallery that pulls out photos from FLickr? Not as a side widget, but as a gallery that is always updating content from Flickr.

Thank you so much! I love the simplicity on this template.


1. The Slider supports both, vertical or horizontal images. Actually there is only one horizontal image in the slider (called “lay down for music”).

2. as i said above, it supports vertical and horizontal images. no matter what you add in the slider. the slider will handle it out automatically

3. I have noted this idea and I will include this in the next update


thanks for your reply…in any case this is in my shopping list. I really love the cleanness the use of space and simplicity around it.

Really cool work!

Can we control the dimensions of the images in the slider? Can they be square, for example?

And can we define our own thumbnails in the gallery page, ie this one:




The image height can be changed in the scroll settings of the themes option. The scroller works automatically with the correct picture format. you only have to set the height.

cheers, doitmax

how about the use in different languages? i want to use it as a german theme – are all things able to change to another language or are they “hardcoded”?


hi, ich arbeite gerade dran, das theme mehrsprachig zu gestalten. das nächste update wird komplett übersetzbar sein.


das hört sich gut an :-) wann wird das sein?


ich hoffe, dass ich das update anfang der nächsten woche fertig bekomme.

gruss doitmax

very nice work ;)


thanks for your kind words!

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Hi doitmax. I am helping a friend put together his photo gallery. I am coming across a problem. The blog has posts assigned to a blog category, but nothing shows up. http://www.nickwestover.com/blog/

mrdfrost Purchased

I sorted out the problem. I had a page selected in settings/reading But I am noticing another issue. The featured image does not show up for the posts.


the new update is now i review queue and this will definetly fix the excerpt bug ;)

the images for a blog can be changed here:

blog-loop.php lin 32. I think you should only remove the width and height of the timthumb link and from the image itself.

If you need any help, ask again :)

mrdfrost Purchased
With regards to preventing any automatic resizing or changes to the image period. Out this code, what should i remove? I just want the full image to show <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" title="<?php the_title() ?>"> <img title="<?php the_title() ?>" class="fade-image" src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo $imgUrl[0]; ?>&amp;h=180&amp;w=666&amp;a=<?php echo get_cropping_direction( get_post_meta($post->ID, $shortname.'_photo_cropping_direction_value', 2313) ) ?>&amp;q=100" height="" alt="<?php the_title() ?>" width="" /> </a>

try removing the

parameter, but I do not recommend. Also i cannot give you any further support on such customisations and problems arising therefrom.

cheers, doitmax

Hi there, Great theme! Just wondering how I can change the lightbox (youtube) size so I can change the size of the youtube videos. Currently it’s too small. Even better, would it be possible to make it so you can play the videos directly from the slider (without having the lightbox) ... that would be amazing! Thanks!


you can change the width or height of images direct with the link of your video. Simple add width and height parameter to the link.


youtube link: {youtubeurl}/watch?v=WR4_chcwvoM&width=800&height=600

vimeo link: {vimeourl}/20174757?width=800&height=600

I will look, if i can implement a way to open the videos directly in the slider. Should work with a few hacks. ;)



The image slider on the home page…

is it possible to have those come up on a lightbox instead of going to its own page? is it as simple as just adding the pretty photo code?

and is the homepage style available to be used on several pages as a template?




Hi Steve,

yes, it is possible to link an image to a lightbox as it is shown in the online preview. There are different examples for showing the slider images, like Lightbox, Project Page and Video. You can make these settings for each image individually.

The Homepage template is actually not available as template for other pages. Will add this in the next update.



Thanks very much for the info… i will be purchasing this shortly


webcadre Purchased

great theme !

just started setting up the templates. i noticed though that the slider is not showing preview of the picture. but you can see the picture when clicked. any idea why?


is there a folder called “cache” in your theme directory with chmod 777? if not, please add this folder and set the permissions.


Hello, i would like to link a imagen on the homepage slider to a website (url). Is it possible ? which is the code to implement ? thank you


this feature is not implemented yet. I will add this to the next update.

hiegl Purchased

Hi doitmax,

could you give an estimation when the next update will be ready.

Thanks, Bernhard


Hi Bernhard,

will send in a new update for review today.


Will probably purchase after the update comes out ! nice theme !!