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Is ther eany option to add Google Adsense? I have Adsense plugin but don’t know how to add ads on single pages. Any help?

Demo not working anymore?

What would be the best way to use Google fonts? Thanks!

mv75 Purchased

Does this picture with the current WordPress version 3.8.1? or I need to download version 3.6?

I try to create the page first on a local server. With MAMP. could give any problems?

Unfortunately I get the background image not enter. It is simply not displayed. Must show the link on my hard drive or in a wordpress directory?

Thanks for the help.

Hello am interested to buy this theme but i cannot see any demo Thanks for help Regards

Hello Caden, I´m trying to get PICTURETHIS to work with ROYALSLIDER gallery plugin but galleries are only visible in the editor preview and not on the page. The stock themes show the gallery just fine. Can you please help with this? Greetz from Germany.

Hi Caden nice to contact you again

was in 2011 when i buyed picturethis and it works great But now my website doesn’t work, I think that the reason is that hostgator upgrades the wordpress platform.

Please let me know how could i solve mi problem (maybe upgrading picturethis) please tell me each steps that i need to do in order to get my website up and running ( I need to preserve all my images, posts, menus and settings)

Thank you very much

Alberto Hernandez Testa

No demo, no sale.

So I placed an image as a thumbnail on a page but when I click on it the image is shown in a new tab of my browser. I want the image to open up in a lightbox/colorbox. How can I fix this within this theme?


Sounds like you have a plugin that’s interfering with the lightbox or some script. If you want I can look into it more just send me an email.