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How can I ad a widget to the homepage?


Homepage does not contain widget area.

I have installed the PinTheme. But i am getting error mb_strtoupper() function not define in function.php file 179 line.

PinThis theme not working.

Can you please let me know, why this error comes?

Reply to me immediate.


With this account you order our product?

yoonah Purchased

Best Pinterest-like Wordpress theme on the web! It also works well with my homepage with full of Korean characters. Big thanks for your brilliant works. Thanks! Still have some questions for ya. One, clicking on the total comments box doesn’t do anything. Is it possible to link it with the post comment section in the post? It should be good. Two, do you have any plan to add Like Function instead of the post-date box? Third, I wish the function that pick the color of each box(post). Thanks thanks again.

Fewpicks Purchased

Hey! Great theme! One question… How to remove hover effect from everything? Thx

markk26 Purchased

When will the new update? I’ve customized my site (http://agregadordelinks.net/) and want to make sure that will have the option pinterest …

Pre-purchase questions- besides facebook, G+ and twitter, are there additional share options like Pinterest?

Is there an option for a like button that shows like count?


No, there is no such option, sorry.


I havent bought this theme yet, but have a few clarifications before I purchase.

1. SEO plugin: Does this template include a custom plugin, or can I use other SEO plugins (does this support other plugins)? 2. Does it offer jetpack plugin support? 3. How easy is it to add new posts? Does the template allow easy additions of titles, tags, customization of post settings, etc?

Love this. I’d like to switch from my actual http://blog.shift.it to your theme. All my posts are standard and the image is inside the featured image block. It’s simply a matter of changing template in WP or do I’ve to do something other? In case of problems are you willing to help?


You will not have any problems if you set a featured image on your posts.

dreigada Purchased

Hello, I’m thinking about buying PinThis theme but I have an important question about it. I have a website and I usually create my own layouts and themes, but I really loved PinThis. However, I would like to make some changes. So, I was wondering if I can make my own minor changes on the layout, like color scheme, spacing and some html changes. Is PhinThis a regular built theme? Or it has some kind of “lock” that wind allow me to make my own changes?

Thank you so much.


Hello, you can change what you want. No lock.

Fewpicks Purchased

11 days and no answer. Gotta try again… How to remove hover effect from everything?


In CSS – remove all declarations with :hover.

Please tell me where I can find the file that contains the color code for the header row (row with search box, logo, login) at top.

I can not find it in css.


Open CSS for the black theme. skins/blackie/style-blackie.css


thank you but that file is not in editor. I have to ftp?


OK I ftp’d in and opened the file in notepad. It is unmanageable because it is not line by line. I’m about to give up on this theme.

spacle2xl Purchased

Hello, I purchased this theme customised it. Works good, thanks. However, I want to have a static homepage with three widget areas beneath the slide. or at least the homepage with a slide and content without a sidebar ==> fullwidth content. I have been trying to figure how to go around this in the theme but to no avail as there’s no custom templates available for pages. Please I need your help

Is it possible to convert this theme into a user -driven community. For example people can upload there own photos?

TrintMe Purchased

How do I change the ‘PinThis’ on the header to my company name? I do not want to add any new image, just want to change the text. Thanks! The site I have is: trintme.com/blog.

chamber Purchased

Hello, I purchased and used this theme for a while. When we will recieve an update of the theme that supports Wordpress 4.0 ?

P.S The theme is very good!