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adw259 Purchased

Can you tell me why the “B Corporation” image link at the bottom right of the slider does not work?


Hi, Add following script in js->scripts.js

jQuery(’.rev_slider_wrapper a’).click(function(event){ window.location.href = jQuery(this).attr(‘href’); });

Hi I purchase your theme, nice work, but here : (pass : 1 / 2) i have a bug with ajax, when clicking “loading is fixed”.. can you help plz

Sorry for late response. Can’t get your problem on that page.

I have updated the Theme but i am facing the same old problems. It still not showing the submenu’s and no class on active menu to style.

Do you know why it is not showing the submenu at the top menu and how to resolve that.?

Hi This is one page template. Sub menu listed as main menu.


Janah13 Purchased

Hello, I bought this theme because I like the design, however when I uploaded it to wordpress, it seems that the demo design is gone. Please help me

Please follow the document, there is dummy data to set your site as demo design.


Janah13 Purchased

Hello, I purchased this item hoping that I will just have to edit the images and the contents, but when I uploaded it on wordpress, it seems that I need to build it from scratch.

Please help me put the demo design, so that I will just have to edit it. Please

Please follow the documentation.


Janah13 Purchased

How can I use the demo site light 2

In dummy data, there is data for style 2 dark and style 2 light. Install wordpress importer plugin, then upload dummy data.


riyash Purchased

Hello, I have used the theme on my friend’s website, and it’s great! However i’m worried if I update wordpress to the latest version my theme is gonna be broken (I used a childtheme).

Is the theme compatible with the new Wordpress 4.3?


Yes, it is compatible with wordpress 4.3


I set up my site ( almost a year ago and received good support. One final issue remains. When loading more news (clicking on the update logo after the first row of news has loaded) the first reload produces correct news, but the subsequent clicks only reproduces these lines. So let’s say news 1-3 are displayed first, the click brings news numbered 4-6 to the screen, but after that no new news are loaded. Rather, news numbered 4-6 are added again to the screen.

Any help?

Can you give your site access via email, so we can check your code.

I’ve tried to send you an email a while back through this site, but with no response.

Still no reply huh?

How do we get the page menu name off the top of the slider? -j

That can be done by custom CSS. Give you site url, then we can provide custom CSS for your site.

Why the hell my menu just disappeared, I did not touch the theme at all those months?

Please check theme settings. You can use latest theme also.

Hi, The ajax handler seems not working for my article page suddenly. I’ve download the updated version and it’s still having issue. Also, the theme seems not to be mobile friendly. Please advise the resolution for this matter. Please refer to the FOREVER YOUNG TIPS section of my website at

Thank you. Molica Wu —used latest theme. Ajax handler working and responsive site.

The ajax handler works at all pc browsers. However, it doesn’t load for Mac browser like safari. Any suggestions?

Please respond about ajax handler not working for Mac browsers. Thank you.

Are you planning to update this theme sometime soon, even though I love this theme I won’t buy a theme that wasn’t update for more than a year, so let me know when you plan to update this theme.



I have a number of questions:

1. Do you support RTL language and can we include language option? 2. Do you do extra customization (with charges)?



Hi, great job on the theme! I’m currently configuring a new install, and i’m unable to install the mailchimp plugin. Any help would definitely be appreciated. Thanks!


iusinfo Purchased


I am having a problems with picture link. If I add a picture intro some page, and make a link on it, the link seems to be there, but after clicking nothing’s happen. I suppose there is some bug with that.