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Why I have made a ticket but no one answer me?

please help me


sorry, we don’t understand. You can make a ticket and provide details

Hello, I wan´t to remove the icons of “Add to wishlist”, “Add to compare” and “Send by email” of the product visualization. Could you help me?

Thank you very much.

You can make a ticket and provide more details. We will help you step by step remove them

Shy support. Inadequate answers for questions in ticket.

The theme has a major bug, if you care to respond please respond before I go old.

Ticket number – 846843

You can check your ticket. We have responded you

At admin end I have tried changing CMS Home Page to any and all pages but I always get

“There was no Home CMS page configured or found.”

in front end home page.

I switch theme and this works fine. I have created a ticket with you but haven’t had any response so far. “Ticket #667740”

Cleared cache reindexed but nothing seems to help other than switching the theme.

Is this a major known bug or a major unknown bug? I am guessing a late response will mean a major bug.

You can check your email and follow your ticket we will help you config default home page.

Hi, can you please solve the bug I sent in the ticket #763700?


We have fixed it for you. You can check your website.


Some time ago I purchased this Magento theme. Looks good and works fine. I have a few minor customisation requests (I unfortunately cannot solve myself). Where can I send my requests to? I have a development environment where I can show you what I mean…

Thanks, Daniel

You need check your email and follow your ticket. We will help you

Hi, thanks for your reply. I checked my email but no reaction yet on the ticket?

we have responded your email in 07/01/2014

Hello! I’ve created 2 tickets, but both times I’ve got ticket numbers ”#XXXXXX” – not real numbers, just ‘X’s’. How can I check my tickets?

You can check your email and get ticket numbers then you follow your ticket.


MDUK Purchased


I purchased this template awhile ago, it have modified it and created it fit the new website.

However, the shopping cart function does not seem to work.

Thanks, David Maran

Hi, You can make a ticket . We will check and help you


MDUK Purchased

Ticket has been created

you can check your email and follow your ticket

The Font “helveticaneueltcom-ltcn” used inside the template. Is this font free. Can we use it tougether width that theme? I thought helvetica fonts always not free. Thank you for feedback. Best Regards.

The Font “helveticaneueltcom-ltcn” is font free. You can use it if you want.


I bought the Pisces theme and I’d like to translate it to use it on my site. According to the manual, this is possible:

4.9.1. Interface translation This theme introduces a few additional interface chpiscescter strings. For example “Special Price” label is replaced with shorter “Now only” label. Strings are located in app/design/frontend/default/ma_pisces/locale/en_US/translate.csv. This file can be used to translate the interface into other languages.

However, there is no such directory nor can I find the translate.csv file anywhere.

Any help would be much appreciated, it’s a nice theme, but rather poor documentation to be honest.

Kindest regards

Also all the sliders aren’t working. And I did update the “new from dates”, or “featured attribute” etc

We have responded your email. You can check it

Hallo, I have enabled bannersequence in in ma_pisces_furniture an I have added 2 items. But it does not work.

All files (css,js, bannersequence.phtml ) are included but i saw that $this->getBannersequence() in bannersequence.phtml returns an empty array.

Pleas help me.

Hi, You can make a ticket . We will check and help you fix it


Can i add more filter options like size?

PS: i use Advanced Product Options Plugin

Thanks for the reply. Can we also add countries?

Yes, It’s possible


i have a problem with installing this template… i opened a ticket but didn’t receive an Email.

Please contact me for help.

Thanks a lot

Please you can wait. We don’t support weekend. You can check your email and follow your ticket.

Template is great: only the Mega Menu is not working.

What is going wrong?

Hi, You can open a ticket . We will check and help you fix it

Can’t find the PSD files in the package? Where are they?

Hi, You can find link download PSD files in “readme.txt” file


hanni68 Purchased

hello I use banner7, I add a link for the image at the backend, but at the frontend, i click the image, the link can not be opened.

You can download file and update for your website app/design/frontend/default/ma_pisces /template/magentothem/banner7 . After you update file you need clear all cache (admin > system > cache management)


I've opened a ticket in your system but I didn't receive the email with the ticket number.
The sliders for new, featured and promoted products are not showing anything in my home page. For example I set attribute featured = yes to a product but the slider is not showing it.

Please help.

Hello, You need check your email. You will get ticket ID when we respond you or you can contact us themesplaza(at)

I just purchased this theme. Could you let me know that this theme support the latest magento version 1.9.1 or not? Thanks.

My store using Magento 1.9.1, do you have a simple instruction to install the theme only? I can’t install the theme follow the downloaded instruction. Thanks.

I have installed the theme successfully, but I have some issues about the theme.

This is my website:

1) Category menu, as the theme is responsive. When I min. the windows, 1 responsive ver. will cause my last category “Flat laces” overlapped by the Search field.

2) The new products and featured products can’t show in front page. I already set Product as New from Date / to Date and featured in each product page. But both sliders show below msg. “There are no products matching the selection.”

How can I solve these problems? Thank you!

Hi, You can contact us and provide details We will help you install theme.

Hi, do you have different color versions for the toy store? thank you

Hi, If you want change color for the toy store. We can help you change it.

Hi, thanks for the answer, this is my current webshop, I would like to keep this green-orange colors, could you do the color change? would it cost me extra? one more question: I do not like that the “categories”, “shop by” ... are at the right sidebar, I would like all these on the left sidebar. would that be possible? thanks a lot in advance!

Hi again, You can contact us and provide details.


if you click on the product image (to see the full size image), the first one always is shown twice – can you please fix that?


Hi, You can check your email. We will help you