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Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thank you mann :)

Good work, and good luck with sales :)

Thank you :)

Really nice great work

Thank you :)

Love it. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

thank you for purchasing my template :)


How would I be able to check this newsletter on different plateforms?


you can check display screenshots of newsletter as it looks across all major email clients and most popular mobile devices.

test ok with Litmus ?

yes, it display fine with majors email clients.

Can I just upload this into Mailchimp’s template editor?

sure, you can upload to Mailchimp template editor and change all images and text without HTML edit.

Beautiful template but the stylesheet doesn’t seem to work in Gmail :( Email displays without font styling.

What email service provider are you using? I will check it for this problem.

I tested again with Mailchimp, it display fine.

http://www.zuperstores.com/virgomail/pisces-gmail-preview-01.jpg http://www.zuperstores.com/virgomail/pisces-gmail-preview-02.jpg http://www.zuperstores.com/virgomail/pisces-gmail-preview-03.jpg


Constant Contact. None of the font styling seems to work in Gmail, but works great in everything else I tried. In gmail, I just get plain black text all the same size—even the headings.
Gmail: http://host1963.com/00079.jpg
Everything else: http://host1963.com/00080.jpg
It’s still functional, just not as pretty :)
It’s a great template and I highly recommend it to everyone looking at purchasing it!

Hi sandymeier

it look like CSS problem, could you please export or copy your final code edit and send to me through poppong22@hotmail.com, I will support this case.

Hola, necesitaría que me ayudaséis, ¿ cómo enviar la newsletter a través de gmail ?. Paso a paso. Gracias.

Recommend to use Email Service Provider (e.g. MailChimp, Campaign Monitor) for send the email template. you can read “How To” document that included in my item.

also the template can support various browser and majors email clients (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and browser IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and more…)

for any support please feel free to email via my user page contact form




Hi, first off thank you for this great theme – really east to edit! But i have a question, I would like to be able to delete some elements from the template rather than edit the contents of that particular element. How would I do this??

Thank you!


edited version has been approved. :)
you can download from your downloads menu.

for edit by yourself, md:edit”-” are included in <img> and <td> tag of all image and all text

Example: theme6 line 339
<img mc:edit=”service-layout1-image1” all image code>
you can edit to separate.


Hi Pophoic, Thanks for responding. I re-downloaded and the pictures are no longer synced! Thank you! I’m using green theme style 6 and it has 6 product columns. I only need 5, so i’m trying to delete the 6th column. I’ve tried editing the template and deleting that particular column, but it’s not working. Exactly what do I have to delete to get rid of that 6th column? Thanks again!!


Theme style 6 doesn’t have products panel, it included in theme 1,4,2,7

could you please contact me through poppong22@hotmail.com, I will send edit version (5 product columns) to you.



Hi Pophoic, I’m having the same problem as sandymeier, in Gmail the CSS doesn’t seem to be working. Did you come up with a fix?


I’m also using Constant Contact


I already fix CSS for display properly in Gmail, you can download latest version from your downloads menu.

Thank you again for purchasing my template and if you have any question, please feel free to contact me at anytime.



I did as you recommended and downloaded the files again from my download menu and there were the new updated files, thank you.


While using your template for Mail Chimp all images have relative path. But if I don’t want to use relative path of images instead want to use images from folder then how I will be able to upload my template.

This Template don’t work for Campaign Monitor. How can we make it working.


Hi Pophonic,

Thanks for your quick reply. For the Mailchimp if I upload template as zip then, how can i keep it in my template folder for future use.

Below are the listed problem I am facing with Campaign Monitor. When I upload your HTML it says:

1.)No editable region in template You need have at least one <singleline />, <multiline /> or tag in your template. Without these, your clients can’t add any content to their emails (and are better off sending a regular campaign instead of using a template).

2.)No unsubscribe link We require a single-click unsubscribe link in every campaign you send. Please add the tags <unsubscribe> and </unsubscribe> around the words you want to become an unsubscribe link.


For the Mailchimp in “My Templates” page, choose “create template” and then click “Code a template”, at menu “import&export” you can import the template as zip file and save for future use.

also, I already upload latest version that already fix for Campaign Monitor, you can download from your downloads menu.

Thank you again for purchasing my template :)



Ok I will check it. Thanks for your such a quick response.

Hi, Love your theme, but I have some custom colors for my logo, how easy is to apply my color scheme to your templates? Also does mailchimp has the editable and duplicate sections? Thanks a lot


You can replace all color code in HTML for change color scheme that you needed. and some required elements you need to edit color in PSD and replace file to images path directory.

in Mailchimp you can use “template editor” function for change images and text without HTML edit, however for duplicate or add more section you need to edit in HTML file before import into Mailchimp.

The templates have commented HTML code for each panel included in the theme so you can easily adapt your templates to suit your needs :).



Hi, nice work, Does it work with MyMail Worpress plugin (code canyon) ?

Thank you


The template doesn’t support MyMail WP plugin yet.

Thank you for your interested :)



Postnco Purchased

Do you have an updated responsive version. I purchased without checking :( not willing to use without responsive options. Please advise. Thanks!


I’m not planning yet for responsive version of Piscesmail, I will look into the possibility to rearrange the HTML structure and may put it to the list for the next update, but I’m not sure about timeframe to release.

Could you please follow the item page for any update.