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hi epicera,

first i would like to complement you on all your produced themes so far!

I have a Question before i Purchase.

Is it possible to drop the blog on the index page and start off with the Gallery so you have a header/logo …nav bar… and the gallery

My client would like to have visitors to see a full width gallery page to be the first thing they see…

Thnx for your response!


Hi there Lukie,

Thanks for the comments :)

Yes – you can absolutely use another page as the homepage – it’s a simple setting inside Wordpress where you just select an option to make your front-page draw from another source.

Cheers! Brandon

Hi Lukie,

The homepage thing isn’t inside the theme admin panel, it’s actually something that is a default Wordpress feature. :)

I’m not entirely sure what you are referring to in regards to the three columns… could you clarify that question for me a little bit?

Thanks! Brandon

Any news about the IE issues? Thanks

Yup – big update coming out on Friday of this week to patch all remaining compatibility issues.

Hi Brandon!

Thnx 4 ur reply!

Is this a possible option within the admin of this theme? And what about the 3 columns i sugested? (so drop the widgets on the index page.)

Or do i have to do some php coding myself???

thnx again!

Hi Brandon!

Thnx for your quick responds!

I’m a little difficult to understand i understand that! so i made a printscreen how i’d like to make use of your theme…

You can see the printscreen here

Thnx for your response!


epicera any news of the update? Is Saturday by the way :)

I know :) The reviewers take a few days to approve any file – I posted it yesterday, hoping to see it up by the end of the weekend.

Peace! B

epicera any news with the update? many days passes and nothing.

Hi Epicera,

It is one of the best themes i have seen with elaborate admin panel. great work.

Any news about updates? waiting for a client site to go live after fixing the IE issues.



Update coming today… I hit some delays earlier this week that forced me to push back, but today is the day :)

Epicera i thought you said update is on review…Later you said in 1 day passed 4days :)

Dont promise other time if you cant be on time.

I fixed already all issues :)

But i will give you an idea what happens.

1. On IE the template has many issues.Reconsider changing the karmicflow to another jquery slider.Even in the website of the karmicflow author they dont have the solution. (maybe you delay because of this? :) )

2. Check your navigation hover state dont work well on IE

3. Post-thumb on css dont align well.

Just to update this – the new version was posted a few days ago now :)

I realize that the latest patch probably solves the issue of Next Articles trying to go to /blog/ (when my blog is actually in the root), but I am hesitant to overwrite the entire theme, since I’ve made changes. So, I was hoping maybe someone who has already fixed this could tell me where the patch code actually is, so I can overwrite just that bit of code – or even which file contains the patch. I can then at least narrow down which bits are different.

Thanks if anyone knows.

Hi DazzlinDonna :)

The bulk of the changes are in the IE hack stylesheets, but I also made a few changes to index.php and single.php. Hope that helps!


1. Brandon you’re my new hero! This temp rocks!

2. Can you point me towards a fix for the alignment issues in the “about the author” section at the bottom of blog posts. The text is up against the gravatar. Would be nice if it could align with the body content comment post below. Thought it might be just my site but looked back through at some of the other finished sites that were listed in the post and they have the same issue. I’m not a coder but can make some alterations if pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for your help & keep up the great work – Cheers!

Good catch Adam!

I’ll patch this shortly, but until then, in typography.css on line 271, fix the width and add a new left padding:

#entry-list .author .info{ float: right; color: #666666; font-size: 12px; padding-left:15px; width:525px; }


Thx – B

Made my day. That’s been barking at me for a month now. Mark it off the list!

Best- AW

Hey B,

Sorry to bother you again. I’ll figure out how to make a donation to the cause. Two other questions.

1. I dumped my Google Analytics code with my special UA # into the box in the admin panel about 30 hours ago but GA isn’t detecting. Do you suppose there is a disconnect between the admin panel and the proper location on the site? Would I be better off using a plug-in or placing the code directly into the header file?

2. Is there a way to make the black tag box a the bottom of the post longer? I’m finding that i’ve got more than 5 juicy tags per post and could really enjoy the black box accommodating two lines of tags instead of one.

Thanks in advance for any advise you come up with.

Best- AW

Hi AK!

1. The analytics code has been admittedly kinda funky across installations and accounts. I’m recommending everyone move to the Ultimate Google Analytics plugin (it’s free) if the out of the box admin panel isn’t working.

2. In typography.css, line 235, set the height to just be auto :)



In regards to #1 GA code shows up appropriately in the page source code on all the pages when using your admin box. So scrap that thought. I am at a loss. been digging through codex and GA site for hours maybe I’ll get lucky. Have tried a couple things. If you have any ideas it would be much appreciated.

Best- A

Hi AK – I mentioned this last week, but I’m actually planning on scrapping this part of the admin panel in the next update and sending everyone to the sweet Ultimate Google Analytics plugin :) It’s quicker to respond to Google’s API changes than I could ever be, so it just makes good sense to have everyone use that for analytics support.

This is a really great template! The Documentation is very well put together and its clean simple yet very very effective! I bought this with the mind set i would be able to customize it around the way i would like for my site to be done and look, and you know this theme gave me the opportunity to do so. So again i would like to thank you very much for template for word-press its the best one i have bought yet and may be the only one for a very long time!

Thank you Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for the comment Wayne!

Hey i don’t wanna sound like a bum or anything but im kinda playing around with the theme and i noticed that on a article page below the article and above the comments you have About the Author and it says my name….but the description does now show up…? There anyway i can get that to work or do i have some settings messed up. Thanks again for the great theme!

It should be under the author description field in Wordpress (Users > Description) :)

Ah thank you very much!! Still getting use to the word-press scene. Thanks for the help!

Hi Brandon,

Fist of all I’d like to say thanks and congrats for such an mazing theme. It is very powerful and flexible! I have run into one problem that I can’t seem to figure out. I’ve used this theme for multiple sites, but in one of them the bog section is no longer showing articles. It just says “This is the blog template. Nothing you type here will show up… instead, it’s just a list of your latest blog entries!”. It appears to be setup exactly the same as the other sites I built -but this section is not working. Any ideas why? Thanks.

edolqueist i saw this problem as well. So here is what you have to do to fix this problem!!

Go into your admin account then on the left hand side click on Pages then click on your blog page. Once you are there you will see the txt saying “This is the blog template. Nothing you type here will show up… instead, it’s just a list of your latest blog entries!” So what you need to do is under the Attributes tab where it says Template you click on the drop down and select BlogRoll and ta-da! That should do it! Just make sure you update that page and it should show your blogs again!

Thanks a ton Wayne!

Thanks Wayne 2224… I actually had tried changing that section, but set it to archives instead. I suppose I should have tried all of them. Cheers! E

Hi Brandon,

Complement first on this theme. I like it very much.

I have ran into problem with option in control panel for adjusting the home page sliding leaderboard – options (None, Fast, Medium, Slow). Auto sliding is never turned on what option you choose from, unless you manually change to auto:true in header.php.

I realize that there is maybe a problem with variable – $customField2 = get_option(“theme_speed”); – it never passes to – if (isset($customField2[‘None’])) – I can change “None” to “Fast” ...or other option in that if statement ( and other 3 stmts too ), but nothing new happens.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

regards, Robert

Hi Robert,

I just updated the admin panel – grab the latest download and see if that doesn’t solve it :)


I’m also having problems with posts showing up twice when you view them alone after click the “read more” button.

Hi edol – can you send me a link over email so I can check it out for ya? Thanks!

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for a great theme.

I’m having the same problem as donjuan960 where the sliding leaderboard doesn’t rotate. Getting JS errors when viewing in IE as well.

Any advice on how to resolve?

No idea off the top of my head – but I’ll be happy to check into it for you guys – The demo isn’t throwing up any errors for me, so it’s tough to say what might be causing it for you guys. Any chance you are running some third party plugins that might be causing the conflicts with the slider?