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Anyone upgrade to WP 3 .0 yet? Wondering if this theme fares well in 3.0 or if there have been any issues.

I’m using WP 3 .0 right now and the theme appears to be fine. I’ll be releasing a more comprehensive 3.0 update in the future to take advantage of some of the new 3.0 features, but so far it seems safe to upgrade :)

Excellent theme! Absolutely love the clean style and obvious hard work.

Quick question about the “Prev Images” and “Next Images” buttons at the bottom of the Portfolio Page Slider pages:

I have a portfolio page that contains only one page of images, therefore deeming these buttons unnecessary and unsightly on that particular page. You can check it out at as a reference.

Is there a way to make these buttons invisible or disappear for just this page? Or, perhaps you have another suggestion?

Thanks for your help in advance! I will definitely keep tabs on your work for a future redesign of my portfolio!

I need to change the heading-image size. I’ve searched through most of the php files, but I can’t find where this is set. I really hope I don’t have to wait a month for a reply to this question. It would be great to have more complete documentation since the response time is so long.

Just a reminder to everyone posting support questions that we’re mostly not reading them here. For support, please go to the dedicated support forum:


After a frustrating afternoon, I finally figured it out. For anyone needing to adjust the heading-image size, remove the height and width on line 19 of fullwidth.php.

Just a reminder to everyone posting support questions that we’re mostly not reading them here. For support, please go to the dedicated support forum:


Have a problem with “contact us” and “next article” buttons on front page. On click error page shows up. If anybody had this problem please let me know how to solve it.


to point out, my quess is that its not working with wersion 3.0.1

I guess the permalinks doesn’t work because the next and contact buton as set up in pixelcraft admin panel are the only one which linking to page name, and like this are not working


same links from the menu that works:

contact: http://localhost/1.6_2/?page_id=17
blog: http://localhost/1.6_2/?page_id=53

how can this be diferent in setup? maybe it can I dont know. I just want to make this work


Brandon are you still alive?

Yep – just catching up with posts here today -

Just a reminder that support questions like this can be posted at the support forum: :) This is where we’re the most active because it allows our entire team to help out rather than just one person here on the marketplaces.

Cheers! Brandon

Please Brandon help me with this. I can go in the code if necessary. just a direction where problem might be would be fine


my permalinks on localhost did not work so I went crazy for about week, if anybody have this problem here is the solution

Sorry Brandon for all this noise :)

should mention its wamp server

No worries Daniel – checking into this for ya today :)

its solwed so no need to check this anymore I’ll keep my bonus for future. Thanks! just one sugestion maybe for future update if you think its useful, for search field on top the submit icon would be nice :)

kevinsturf says:

Also Brandon, when I click on a tag and it retrieves the posts, look at where the sidebar ends up, its shifted to the bottom

sow this question on page 2 of the comments. I have the same problem. somehow the sidebar ends in the content div, so it goes down below when Im on single post page. Also have noticed that it happens when Im not logged in.

this is actualy happening when in discusion panel “user must be logged in to comment” is checked

here is the link to check this issue.
Also the menu error, there is a page about it
Hope you guys check this out its all for good of the theme. :)

Hi, I love the design, theres just one thing i would like to alter and want to know if its possible? Can you easily make it so the posts come up in full as one long feed, as opposed to individual segments with exerts and ‘read more’ under it!??

Thanks for any response in advance!


tiz Purchased

I have tried the forum to no avail, so I’m posting my question here in hopes that it will get answered:

For the life of me, I have everything else working on the theme, but I cannot get the featured slider images to show up. I get the concept and it seems simple enough and I even imported the template, but it’s not showing up:


tiz Purchased

I did what you said, but still nothing. Here is a pic shot from the post:

Hmm – try making the F’s lower case in the custom field…


tiz Purchased

Wow! Putting it in lowercase worked! I don’t understand how this would or wouldn’t allow the image to appear, but THANKYOU !!!! :-)

Hi Brandon

I dont know how to be clearer then this

on single post page, if comments are alowed and user must be logged in to comment, sidebar somehow enter in the content div. So it must be some error how divs are closing.
here is the link:

check this link its all there, read the content of the page

could you please check this!

Howdy Daniel,

First off – I’ve gotta offer a sincere apology about the delays on this latest update – it’s been a while and crazy couple of months for me and I’m just now getting

1. On the sidebar example – I’m actually releasing a little mini-update later on this week to patch this – it’s a rare bug and I just now tracked it down though :)

2. I’ll update this one as well – but you can fix it by basically removing the background property on superfish.css on line 109 :)

Updates are on their way – thanks a bunch for hanging in on this Daniel – I owe ya big time bud! Cheers!


no problem Brandon, I always do my best not to bother, but could not find the clue for sidebar by myself. Ill wait for updates. Thanks!


I’ve been waiting for a reply on the support forum for one month, so I’m posting here in hope of getting some support.

Pixelcraft’s search function is broken and the previous/next buttons in the theme do not work properly either.

I do hope you will address this, as the problems effect not only my blog but the blog of anyone who buys Pixelcraft.

After months of waiting for an answers on the support forum, I decided to post here instead.

On this page, the Next Articles button is not being assigned the correct URL . Please help with this issue.