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Welcome & Good luck with sales


Hello and thank you for your kind words. :)

Hi, you have hit the mark nicely with this theme. A few feature requests: 1.Single Portfolio to have slider to display images for the project 2.Top header widget area to have optional text to display so that the top bar is more prominent (easy to miss the top bar if you didn’t know it was a function to slide down. 3.Vertical Tabs to show a feature tour nicely of a product or feature service. 4.I see that the HTML5 video has poster=”wallpaper-1874323.jpg” for the feature cover of the video, can you add this great feature to YouTube movies? I have seen this on only a very few themes. 5.Option to have callout per page, and each page to have its own callout message?

Anyway, am so happy I am the first to buy your theme… Thank you. ;)


Thanks for your (great!) input! We noted down these requests and we will take them with us for future updates or releases! So, if you want to stay updated, follow us and we will let you know.

Thanks again.

P.S. We’re also very happy with you. :)

Very nice & clean work, wish you the best of luck with this template.
Welcome to the themeForest :)


Thanks alot! :) If you want you can follow us to stay updated about future releases.

Simplistic and Clean Design! Truly Awesome!


Thank you for your kind words! We are already working on a next theme, so you can follow us if you want :).

Really sharp design, well done!

Can the html5 video player be adapted to use for audio only? And can portfolio items be multiple images per thumbnail (as in the Lightbox Gallery examples)?


Hello, first of all thank you for your kind words and your input! :)

You can expect an audio player shortcode (just like the video player) in our next update.

As for the other request, we’ll look into that.

An interesting template :)


Thank you :).

keas Purchased

A super theme. Excuse my english I’m on the up and testing. Unfortunately, I do not see the slider. I’ve created two slides and published. In the Options I’ve turned on the slides. what am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!


Hello Keas,

First of all, thanks for purchasing our theme. It’s much appreciated!

Now let’s talk about your issue:

In the WordPress backend, could you go to Settings > Reading and select the “a static page” option. After that set the Front Page to the page you want as your homepage.

Second step: Go to Pages and select the page which you want as your homepage. Then go to Template and make sure the “Template – Home” is selected.

Did this resolve your issue? :)

keas Purchased

Thank you for your quick help. It worked. Greetings and have a nice day


You’re welcome!

Nice job man, looks awesome! :)


Thank you. :) Appreciate it!

bmweezer Purchased

Just purchased. Can’t get the Twitter feed to work under Footer option. Text works just fine, but Twitter says it cannot connect. Says: Aaahw, Twitter doesn’t seem to be responding at this moment. Perhaps if you try it later!


Hello Bmweezer,

We’re currently looking into this. We will keep you updated!

Kind regards,


Hello bmweezer,

This gets fixed in an update scheduled to be uploaded today.

Hope this answers your question. :)

Hi guys,

I am very interested in this theme, and looking at the comments here, it would seem everyone is more than satisfied with what you actually get.

I appreciate you including a gallery showing the admin panel, which I’ve found not many do on here, it’s great to be able to see just what you can change and to what degree you can.

I might have missed it, but just how customizable is the header? Say I wanted to put a banner that went across the whole header? Or am I limited to just the logo?

Also, I can’t seem to see an option to change the background?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello mg91,

Thank you for your interest in this theme.

To answer your questions:

You can change the header color and pattern, if you need a custom banner in the header we can help you with that.

The background can be changed with the WordPress default custom background option. You can pick colors or put a picture as background.

I hope this answers your questions. :)

aquiam Purchased

Hello: Is it possible to scale the logo file so on iPhones it’s not so big? It’s messing up the theme on mobile devices (our site: aquiam.org). Also, is it possible to center the navigation bar (even using css)? Additionally, you are missing the Twitter widget..it doesn’t show up under widgets. Am I missing something? Lastly you have two typos. If you add a new slide and scroll down it says, “Slider Exta Image”. The second typo is in the documentation. The theme is supposed to come with six widgets, not 5 (Google Maps is included)..and we were missing Twitter.


aquiam Purchased

Oh yeah one last thing…is there going to be a forum or some place where we can post all of the questions we have? Thanks.

(by the way if you need a login for our wordpress site so you can check it out just give me an e-mail to send it to and I will).


Hello aquiam,

First of all: Thank you for purchasing our theme. We appreciate it!

To answer your questions:

We can help you out with the logo for the iPhone, it is indeed to big to fit in that resolution. We would indeed need your login information to help you with that.

Same thing for the navigation bar, we would need to adjust some CSS to make it work.

As for the Twitter Widget. This theme has six widgets:

- Google Maps - Flickr Pictures - Recent Posts - Recent Portfolio - Contact Information - Contact Form

Twitter is not a widget. You can set the Twitter in the callout bar in the footer. It’s under theme options > Footer Options. However it seems that the function gets broken by Twitter. We already worked on a solution which comes in an update which is gonna be uploaded today.

With that update we’ll also update the documentation (seems like that Twitter Widget slipped right trough our check, it was from a previous version ;) ). We’ll also fix that typo “Slider Exta Image”, thank you for reporting that.

Please send an email at info@somnia-themes.com with your login info and any other questions you might have.

Hope we answered all your questions!

P.S. We’re working on a forum where people can place all their questions. Thanks for the tip. :)

Hi Very nice looking theme. I was wondering if you can have customizable backgrounds for each page.



Hello pedrgon,

Thank you for your kind words!

It’s not possible (yet) to have a custom background for each page. You can set one custom background for the entire website.

We’re releasing an update today but can’t put that in anymore. We put it on our list with requests and might add it soon. :)

sebbat Purchased

Great theme, easy to get working even for WP beginners.

I’m just having a problem trying to remove the tiny “chain” icon in front of each link, in the links widget. I just want to use an image and a description, not this icon.

Someone can help me ?


Hello sebbat,

First of all, thank you for purchasing our theme and your kind words. It’s really appreciated!

If you could send an email to info@somnia-themes.com with your login for your wordpress site, we can fix it for you. :)

Really nice theme! Is there any easy way (without breaking the beautiful) design to add a

heading to the header or to a item in the slider? Thanks!

sebbat Purchased

Obviously i will NOT provide you these informations !

Please give me instructions to fix it. I have sufficient knowledge about html and css to do it if you tell me which class/files are concerned.



Hello sebbat,

We already helped out a few of our customers that way, but ofcourse it’s your choice if you can trust us or not.

The following should fix it:

On line 2496 in your style.css, remove the following code

.widget_links li a:before { content: ‘K’; font-family: ‘WebSymbolsRegular’; font-size: 9px; margin-right: 10px; }

Hope this answers your question :).

Hmmm. Let’s try that again. First of all: That’s a very nice looking theme! I may want to buy it! Is there any easy way (without breaking the beautiful design) to add a h1 heading to the header or to an item in the slider? Also, if I don’t want a slider, just a nice area to add text and a picture. Can this be done easily?



Hello Taxibear,

Thank you for your interest in our theme. It’s appreciated!

To answer your questions:

We can help you out if you want a h1 heading in the header. We can customize the code a bit for you.

Secondly, the slider part. If you want a nice area with text and a picture, you can pick the Nivo Slider or Flex Slider and just add one picture, this way it won’t move between slides (because it only has one).

I hope this answers your questions. :)

mg91 Purchased

A big thank you to the lads behind this theme.

It is all relatively easy to use, and if you need any help whatsoever tinkering with the theme or wanting to get something a little different out of it, the authors of the theme are fantastically helpful and respond within minutes.

Cheers again guys and keep up the good work.

Highly recommended.

kjy112 Purchased

Great theme by the way. Is there a way we can get a hold of your demo data so we can start off with just the way your demo looks?


Hello kjy112,

Thank you for purchasing our theme and your kind words! :)

If you look at the zip file you got from the download, you see folders like documentation, license and import .

You can import that file in WordPress. You won’t get the pictures then tho, so you gotta add your own there.

Hope this answered your question. :)

nice work…


Thank you :).