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Good luck with sales!


Hello and thank you for your kind words :).

Nice theme!


Thank you, it’s appreciated!

It would be a nice theme if it didn’t crash my site every time I try to activate it. Maybe I installed it wrong?


No worries, brutha. The fact that you’re prompt with your responses and available should I need future changes certainly makes up for it.


What’s the best way to go about re-ordering the social media buttons in the header? Inside the social media options within the Somnia Theme options, you have them listed from top to bottom as: RSS , Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, Tumblr, Vimeo and YouTube, but when they appear in the header, they’re listed from Left to Right as YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Skype, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS .

I want them to be in this order from Left to Right: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, Google+, Skype and RSS .

What’s the best way of achieving that order? Do I need to go into the code of the style.css file and manually re-order them?

Let me know.




Hello Ben,

It’s actually easier then that. :)

In your theme folder, go to the includes folder. In this folder you see a file named theme_social_media.php. Open this file.

Then on line 10 you see the following code:

$social_media_items = array('twitter', 'facebook', 'rss','google', 'linkedin', 'skype', 'tumblr', 'vimeo', 'youtube');

Change this code to:

$social_media_items = array('rss', 'skype', 'google','youtube', 'vimeo', 'linkedin', 'twitter', 'facebook', 'tumblr');

Your icons should now appear in the correct order.

I hope this answered your question :).

I tried a lot of themes that were buggy, poorly supported and not fit for purpose. With Pixellin everything worked straight out of the box, the documentation was in-depth and intuitive. I had a few things I didn’t understand but Somnia got back to me the same day and helped me get everything working and provided really useful advice on editing css and images to suit my needs. I am so pleased to have found a theme that really does what it purports to do and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle free yet stylish wordpress experience.


Thanks alot for these nice words!

We’re very happy you’re enjoying our theme. You can follow us if you want to stay up to date with us. :)

Hello SomniaThemes Please Provide me corrected XML import file its have error and not able to import sample contents..

Waiting for your Quick Response.


Hi Gahlotraj,

Please send us an email through our profile page, so I can email you a new fresh XML import file.

Hi! How can I Translate the Contact Form? Regards!


Haha, thank you for your kind words.

If you like it, we would love it if you could rate it ;-).


I did, It´s a 5 stars template !


Thank you! :) Enjoy!

Really thinking about buying this theme. Does it support child themes?


Hello dwruck,

Thank you for your interest in our theme. :)

We haven’t tested child themes with this theme, however we don’t think it would cause any troubles (other themes didn’t really look into that either and didn’t have problems).

If you buy it and you run into any troubles, we’ll be happy to support you in any way you need.

I hope this answered your question. :)

BlakeM Purchased

H, Beautiful theme!

I was wondering if there is any way to have the logo change sizes with the rest of the theme. I am using the logo to fill the entire header and on iPad and iPhone it is obviously sticking out the right side. also I notice that the menu links are getting off on the devices.




Hey BlakeM,

First of all, thank you for purchasing our theme and your kind words :)!

Could you please send us an email at info@somnia-themes.com with your login details to WordPress, we can fix it for you then.

If you don’t want that, I can try explaining it here. :)

Hi there. On interent explorer, the cycle slider takes much longer to transition between slides, and some of the slides seem to be way out of alignment (off screen). Looks perfect in Chrome / FF. Is there any trick I’m missing to adjust it? Thanks


Hello fishisfast,

First of all, thank you for buying our theme! :) We appreciate it alot!

When I look at the demo in FF and IE (IE8/IE9) I can’t notice anything of a longer transition. Perhaps you could give me your URL so we can take a look?

The images should be cut 960 pixels in width and 400 pixels in height. They shouldn’t be out of alignment then. :)

So please give me your URL so we can take a look, and let me know if that images part worked for you!

usgram Purchased
Hi, Great Theme. I have a few questions after playing around with the setup.
  1. Call to Action:
    How to remove this option on the homepage? I want the homepage to have just the slideshow and no call to action.
  2. Portfolio:
    I created filters in the portfolio that shows up correctly in the portfolio link. However, when I click on the individual filters, it opens a post with the “right sidebar” with posts. How to make this page full width?

Hello usgram,

First of all, thank you for your nice words and your purchase! Really appreciate it. :)

To answer your questions

Call to Action:

To remove this go to the Pixellin theme options > Homepage Options and clear the Call To Action Description field .

When this field is empty, the Call to Action won’t show.


If you could send us your login details to your website (trough PM), we can fix this for you. Since it’s kinda alot to explain. If you really don’t want to, I can try explaining it in here. :)

I hope this answered your questions!

usgram Purchased

Hi. Thanks for the quick response. It worked precisely for the callout. Previously i had not deleted the URL for the call to action and it would not go away! :-)

How do i send you a PM?

This is what I am trying to do. I have a tabbed panel for my pictures as classification for every filter. however, I am unable to insert a lightbox (or the gallery like in your example site) into the tabbed panels. When I click on a particular Portfolio filter, I want it to go to its page, where i can classify it further into categories and load image galleries into each classification on a full width page.

For example: Portfolio
  1. Photo (Main Filter under Portfolio) – Sub classification: Animals, birds, trees
  2. Painting (Main Filter under Portfolio) – Sub classification: people, objects
  3. Crafts (Main Filter under Portfolio) – Sub classification: pots, lamps

I do not want to open a new page for each gallery. I am trying to load a gallery into each tabbed panel under each sub-classification of the main filter.

Even if the Portfolio doesnt work, its fine for now. I want to be able to load galleries into a tabbed panel (that could be under the main headings in full width)

Its a fine theme. Eventually I can customize tweaking it. Thanks!

Released an update for Pixellin. Download it from your dashboard. Make sure you read the changelog!

Can you change the background very easily? I didn’t see it in the preview how you would do so? Thanks! Nice theme!


Hello travelgirl68,

Thanks for your interest in our theme :).

Yes you can change the background very easily with the WordPress Custom Background function. Just upload an image and save ;-).

Hope this answered your question!

usgram Purchased

Hi, Beautiful theme – but cant get it to work!

I have tried to upload a gallery of images like you show in “Image (1) set in a gallery” on your themes page http://somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/lightboxes/#!prettyPhoto[gallery]/1/. I tried the lightbox from the shortcodes, but cant get it to work.

I tried to load a gallery like you show in your themes page http://somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/gallery/. How do you create such a gallery?

I am all done with the site except getting the gallery to work!



Hello usgram,

If you use the following code ( I removed the spaces, because in the demo I inserted spaces else it would execute the code ):

[lightbox href="http://somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/wp-content/uploads/skyscraper.jpg" group="gallery" title="This image is part of a gallery"]Image (1) set in a gallery.[/lightbox]

[lightbox href="http://somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/wp-content/uploads/skyscraper.jpg" group="gallery" title="This image is part of a gallery"]Image (2) set in a gallery.[/lightbox]


That should work!

Please let me know if it doesn’t. Then send me a PM (Go to my profile and you will see a contactform on the right in the bottom) and I will help you trough email. :)

usgram Purchased

Hi. I sent you an email to info@... Thanks so much. -usgram

kjy112 Purchased

Is there a shortcode for generating a button just like the “call to action button” in the homepage section? thanks.


Hello kjy112,

There isn’t a shortcode to generate a button just like the call to action button.

However, you can make buttons with the button shortcodes.

Please take a look at: http://somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/buttons/

I hope this answered your question :).

hi, nice looking theme!!! Just a couple of questions, does the SEO yoast plugin work ok with the theme? (i know it has its own seo but i like yoast and its results)

Also, the main menu bar, running across the top of the image slider. How many buttons can you get before it drops down a line or will it scale down to fit more in. It has 7 at the mo, and i guess 8 would be fine, but if you had 10/11 buttons, would they all fit?

Hope that makes sense, thanks


Hello hairyhobo,

First of all, thank you for your kind words! We appreciate it. :)

To answer your questions:

We haven’t tested this theme with Yoast yet. I don’t know why it should’nt work. If you run into troubles we can always help you out. :)

The menu fits a certajn amount of items. That also depends on your description. We could adjust it a bit if you really want 11-12 items. You could also choose to skip some of those items and put them in dropdowns instead. :)

I hope this answered.your questions!


wicked thanks for your help. I was trying to think how to close the sections down so i had less in the menu but i cant really


No problem! If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate :).


Might be a silly question but can it have a plain white background without the wood grain? I love the template overall but want a cleaner background.


Hello NourishCo,

Thank you for your interest in our theme! We really appreciate it. :)

To answer your question: Yes you can have a plain white background. You cam have any background you like! :)

I hope this answered your question!

srumery Purchased

I setup a child theme and it seems to work just fine except the CSS for the admin is not referenced. What should I include in the child css file to get it to display properly?


Hello Srumery,

First of all, thank you for your purchase! Really appreciate it.

Could you please send us an email at info@somnia-themes.com, so I can explain you how to use the CSS file in the WordPress Admin.

Kind regards,

hypeit Purchased

Hi, I just want to say that the theme structure/layout is great. The responsive stuff works brilliantly. This theme has easy to follow CSS , so if you add any extra divs you can then go into the responsive.css and add css there to cater for the look when it is scaled down. Brilliant and easy.

The only thing that I have found so far is that the documentation says there is a twitter widget, but there is no twitter widget.

Support via email has been very quick and friendly. Appreciate the service that comes with this theme.

Great job guys. :)


Hey hypeit,

Thanks for your nice words. :)

Just to notify you:

In version 1.1 the documention has been changed.

But once again, thank you! It’s really appreciated :) .

hypeit Purchased

hahaha I didn’t notice that :)

Either way EVERYTHING else more than makes up for no twitter widget :)

asifmag Purchased

Hi I purchased your theme this morning and have been spending most of the day trying to get my site up and running. I am having an issue with scaling the images in the slider to match the proper full proportion size which I noticed is 960×400. I was trying to use your Image Crop tool to set the Aspect Ratio but it doesn’t seem to actually crop the image. Not sure what it’s used for since I’m having to crop the images in photoshop to 960×400 and then upload them. Additionally, I added a video link to the slider and it automatically proportioned to fit the correct size. Perhaps you can leaned some guidance here. Thanks!


Hello asifmag,

Could you please send us an email at info@somnia-themes.com with your WordPress website login? We can help you then and take a look at the issues. :)

asifmag Purchased

Is there a way to change the font and size of the header menu items? Is there a way to spread them out evenly across the page?

Thank you.