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BlakeM Purchased

Hi Great Theme!

is there a way to make these scripts format correctly on mobile?




Hello BlakeM,

While this is actually out of the scope from our support, we think we can help you out. :)

Please send us an email to info@somnia-themes.com with your WordPress login information.

I hope this answered your question!

covcomm Purchased

For some reason, when I make changes within the theme options, it tells me “Settings Successfully Saved!” but I can pull up the site and can click out of the Theme Options and those settings aren’t saving. The changes don’t keep. Is there a reason for this? What can I do?

FYI , I’m on Wordpress 3.3.2 and using Pixellin v1.1 and the only 2 plugins activated are WUPE and Akismet.


Hello covcomm,

First of all, thank you for purchasing our theme! We really appreciate it :).

Could you try disabling the WUPE plugin and see if that fixes things? We haven’t heard of this error before really.

covcomm Purchased

disabled WUPE , & it’s still happening. I forgot to mention that I am using this on a WP multisite. Would that matter?


Hey covcomm,

We will test this with multisite to see if that’s the problem. Perhaps you can test it on a non-multisite environment, I think that’s the problem.

kjy112 Purchased

Great customer service and great theme so far. I have a question regarding adding social media icons to the front end. I modified the backend just fine, but i couldn’t get a “blogger” icon to work (i couldn’t locate the img or css).


Hello kjy112,

Thank you for the kind words!

Please send us a private message with your question and FTP details, we can fix it for you then. ;)

kjy112 Purchased

Figured it out. Thanks for the reply.

How do I make the theme have an image background and not a tiled background? When I upload the image it automatically tiles it. I want a full image background. Thanks!


Hello contivision,

First of all, thank you for buying our theme! We really appreciate it!

To answer your question: At your background uploader (Appearance > Background) at the display options you can choose the no-repeat option. This way your image won’t be repeated. You can also put the option on fixed etc. Play around a bit with it and see what it does :).

I hope this answered your question!

I got the following message after uploading a custom background and now my site is unreachable.

The website encountered an error while retrieving http://www.your-website-here.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-background. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.


Hello alycklama,

I don’t know what the issue could be here, it could be a server issue. Have you tried reuploading the theme? Could you disable all plugins and try it again?

If that doesn’t work, please send us an email at info@somnia-themes.com with your FTP info and your WP login and we can take a look for you.

I hope this answered your question!

Hi. Just want to find out before I purchase this theme. Can you insert the featured slider on any page on the site?


Hello JacoCreative,

Thank you for your interest in our theme! We really appreciate it :).

We can help you with customizations to get the slider on the page you want.

I hope this answered your question!

Hey there, super sexy theme!

I didn’t see anywhere in the comments or the theme description that the theme slider works with video (who knows, I could have not looked close enough)...does it?

If so, do we just put a video url into the slider area or how does that work?

Thanks in advance!


Hello chaismeyer,

First of all, thank you for your kind words and interest! :) Appreciate it.

This theme has 3 sliders.

The flex slider ( Home ยป Flex Slider in the demo ) supports video and is responsive. :) All it requires is just a simple URL .

You can put html code in the cycle slider, so I guess that would work to!

I hope this answered your question!

Thanks SomniaThemes! It did.

If this info isn’t in the theme description, that might good for others as well. Consider it sold! :)


No problem :). We’re happy this is the theme you’re looking for!

I’ll update the description, thanks for the tip.


is there a way of making the site look like the demo content? i’ve uploaded the xml file but it doesn’t do anything.

thank you, a.


Hey ajfenwick,

First of all, thanks for buying our theme! We appreciate it!

Please remember you have to set your menu’s (Appearance > Menu’s). And your frontpage and blogpage.

You can find this information in the documentation. After you set that up your imported file should be visible.

I hope this answered your question! :)


hi there,

i have set everything as instructed but i’m having difficulty with the following:

how do i add the ‘companies we work with’ bit to the homepage like on the demo?

how do i get the testimonials page to be styled like the demos?

how do i add a contact form to the footer?

finally, how do i recreate the slider as on the demo? is this content available and what are the slider settings?

many thanks for your help.


Hello afjenwick,

Could you please send us a mail to info@somnia-themes.com with your questions and WordPress login details? We can help you out then. :)

solved my own problem… thanks!


Eh, I don’t even see a question from you? :)

No problem though, haha ;).

sayfarz Purchased


How can I remove the “portfolio” word from a portfolio item url? I have to achieve this.

I want to remove the “portfolio” word or replace with “gallery”.

Please help.



Hello sayfarz,

First of all, thank you for purchasing our theme! We really appreciate it! :)

Your question is a bit unclear to me. Could you perhaps PM us with a screenshot of what you mean? Or explain it a bit further? Do you mean the Next Portfolio Item and Previous Portfolio Item? Or do you mean the link structure (http://www.somnia-themes.com/themes/pixellin/portfolio/my-item/)?

sayfarz Purchased

OOO so poor, no support.

sayfarz Purchased

Yes it is the link structure. I have emailed you. Please check.


sayfarz Purchased

I have solved my previous problem myself. And there’s a new problem.

I have setup the menu but no menu description is appearing below the menu items. where do i put those descriptions?

you documentation is so brief, can’t find any solution to this. please help.


Hello sayfarz,

First of all, we can’t always answer in 10 hours or whatever timeframe you’re thinking in. Please also notice the different timezones we’re in. Some people won’t even look at your question on a saturday or sunday, but we always look. No reason for a negative comment there. :)

To answer your question:

If you go to Appearance > Menus and look to the top right, you see Screen Options. Click on that and a small window will appear. Under “Show advanced menu properties” You find a checkbox with description. Check this checkbox.

Then go to one of your menu items and click on the small arrow. You will now have a description field. :)

This can also be found in paragraph 2.8 from the documentation. If you think that this is not written well enough, we would love some feedback.

I hope this answers your question, please don’t hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions.


thanks for your help so far.

how do i add the blogs shortcode to the homepage to display like the demo above the ‘companies’ section?



Hey there!

No problem :).

You can add the following code to your homepage:

[latestblog count=3]
<h2>Latest blogposts</h2>
This shortcode shows the latest blogposts, you can <strong>like them if you want.</strong> If you go to the blog you can see all blogposts with the different posttypes.

<a href="blog/">Read more ?</a>


I hope this answered your question. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!

rossfspl Purchased

is there a way to display a responsive logo?


Hello rossfspl,

First of all, thanks for purchasing our theme! :) We really appreciate it.

Yes there is a way to make the logo responsive, you need to set the logo width to a percentage.

We can do it for you if you send us a PM with your WordPress login details.

Hope this answers your question. :)

rossfspl Purchased


rossfspl Purchased

if can let me what to change I can do it myself – otherwise I’ll dig around

rossfspl Purchased

got it thanks, added a width of 95% to the html in header.php


Awesomeness mate! :) If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

jyesmith Purchased

Hi there,

Do you have a copy of the files you used in the live demo to kick-start installation? Nothing I do seems to get the basic homepage up.


Hello jyesmith,

First of all, thank you for purchasing our theme! It’s really appreciated. :)

There is an import file located in the import folder which is located in your downloaded zip file.

You can also take a look at the documentation. The documentation describes how to set up the homepage and the slider.

If you have anymore questions or things are unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us. :)

harperpj Purchased

Great product! I do have a slight issue.

I just installed it but after I customize the theme, it asks me for my username and password. Every time I put it in, it will tell me that everything was saved but then ask for the username and password again. This process repeats over and over and the theme will never show up.


Hello harperpj,

First of all, thank you for choosing our theme! We really appreciate it! :)

To answer your question I need a bit more info:

You customized the code from the theme? And you’re having troubles with uploading it to an FTP server and the theme won’t get recognized?

If you want we can take a look. Send us a PM with your FTP details and WordPress details and your question in the biggest detail. :) If you don’t want to send your FTP or WordPress details, we’re gonna have to figure out what the issue is from over here.