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CLEAN ! Have a many sales ;)

Thank you louiejie !

Thank you innersmile73 :)

Thanks coffeeholic :)

Like it… what would it look like if the default font was set to 14px?

What post format are supported?

Does it have unlimited sidebars?

Can full width be set for both posts and pages?

Hello Gene3983,

Thanks for your interest in Pixelove !

Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video & Audio are the supported post formats.

There are no unlimited sidebars.

Only pages can be set as fullwidth.


yeah really clean, gud work, GLWS :)

Hey AliA, Thanks :)

Nice but i think it was better if you made the page load speed a bit faster… you have too many elements on the homepage and it loads very slow ! Anyway, it’s nice ! :)

Thank You Sebyddd :)

Nice theme man, good luck with sales!

Thanks IulianN !

Nice clean theme – good luck with sales :)

Thank you ThemeBeam :)

...wonder where the author is?

Hey! This looks to be a very good theme! I’m trying to figure it out if I can use to my website, which is not portfolio based.

Thats why i’m asking, would it be possible to link to blog posts the same way it links to portfolio / works? with the slider-opening and such. And filter out categories… like its done on the front page.

Basically, can blog posts be linked on the front page the same way projects are linked? thanks!

Hello kuldark,

Thanks for your interest in Pixelove !

You cannot have blog posts set like that.

But You can use project format as blog instead. Project format supports gallery, audio & video posts. I can enable comment section for project format if you want.


I really want to buy it, but it seems there is no slider on board only for showing some images on homepage ?

And is it possible to have some shortcodes for pricing boxes oder can i use an external plugin for that ?

thank you innersmile73

Hello innersmile73 ,

Thanks for your interest in Pixelove.

Homepage slider fetches images from custom post format “Slides”. So you have complete control over images.

& You can use any third party plugin as well.


- Mandar

fresh work…

and good luck :D

Thanks 3eckdesign :)

brilliant work! have a quick question about the ‘extended license’ of this theme – would you mind shooting me a quick email? sean.vosler@gmail.com :)

Hello Vezign,

I have sent you mail.


- Mandar

I love this template, i just have a question; is that hard to add a ecommerce feature on that? Like wooecommerce or something like that? By the way, good job!

Hello andremkt,

Thanks for your interest in Pixelove & I’m glad that you liked it.

There shouldnt be any issue using woocommerce.

Pixelove is based on wooframework itself.


- Mandar


Purchased and installed ! Next step customization.

For the moment, no problem and nice job ;)

Enjoy !

Can u put a sample or send it to me because I want to see how it’s gonna look like ( before I get it )

Hello Andremkt,

Please contact me via mail & I’ll send you xml file.


- Mandar

Hi there,

just bought the theme and love it… but I just added a portfolio/project and when I click on the thumbnail to view it I get a Error 404 page not found page.

Don’t understand why???


Hello Aron,

Thanks for purchasing Focus !

Try resetting permalinks for WordPress.

Go to WordPress Settings => Permalinks

Just set to default & Save. After that again set it to your custom structure & see whether portfolio is loading.


- Mandar


I would like to ask for some help.

1. Would you please point me how to fix the issue that the sliders, instead of appearing in the Front Page, it’s appearing on the Post Page only. 2. Is it possible to make the sliders as well appear in other pages than Post Page? 3. Is it possible to remove/disable the ‘budget’ combo box from the quote template? 4. I as well have some issues with the Error 404 for the posts I made in the portfolio/project. What should I do to address this issue? 5. Is there any way to have different sidebar for different pages?

Thank you.

Hello krispiyanto,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove.

I’m not quite sure what issue you are facing. Can you post a link to your site ? & I’ll have a look on it.


- Mandar

Hi Mandar,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Is there any email address or more private way to send you the link?

Thanks krispiyanto

Yes, You can contact me through my profile page contact form here on ThemeForest.

Thanks for the quick response Mandar, that seems to have fixed it!