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I have a problem with the 3 menus management : the top, the main and the footer..

I define 3 menus in the backoffice in the tab “menu” but the front is not good…

I tested this on a fresh install : 3.4.1 and only the theme pixellove…

Any ideas ? anyone have the problem..

Quadcodes, if you want i can send you in private message the url for test…


Hello fxwiplier,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove !

Have you created menu namely : top-menu, primary-menu & footer-menu ? & assigned them in “Theme Location” & saved ?

Here is screenshot of how menus should look like :



- Mandar

It’s ok now. not so conventional but it’s working ;)

When the website is in production i will tell you :)

TKS Mandar


I am having problems on the Contact form, when i click on the 'select budget' tab its not showing anything. Although I did put figures on the backend.
Also the 'Our Location' at the side is not showing anything also. I did put the address and phone number in the backend.
Please help me how to solve this.

Thanks much! S

Hello sherylcataluna,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove!

Please post a link to your site so that I can have a look.


- Mandar

Hi. I purchased this theme…. It’s nice.

I would like to set this theme as like your demo site…

Could you send your dummy file which use your demo site?


Hello linksoft,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove !

Sure, Just drop me a mail & I’ll send dummy.xml file


- Mandar


My email address is



QuadCodes REPLIED Hello Demawo, I don’t think it’s stealing. If a new visitor/referrer coming from yours/other blogger’s site to my demo site & even if he clicks my affiliate link later, That referrer will be counted under your account only & not mine. Secondly, Those affiliate links I use are for new users that are coming from my own list of sites/apps to demo site directly & not yours/other blogger’s. Many Popular Authors do this as well. I don’t feel I’m abusing Themeforest’s Affiliate Guidelines. Though, I’m gonna have chat with envato regarding this & If I find myself faulty, I’ll definitely remove those links. Regards, - Mandar

Just because other people are doing it – doesn’t make it right. envato have only just found out about this, so we’ll see what happens.

And I’m not directing people to your demo site – like I said, I boycott author’s like you who employ this tactic – I only link to the themeforest page, however when a user clicks LIVE PREVIEW from the themeforest page, you are redirecting the page away from themeforest to your own site, then stealing the referral.

You also speak as if having the affiliate link on your own site, directing to the themeforest page of your product, is OK to do. Themeforest’s affiliate program guidelines clearly states:

- Linking from an Envato Marketplaces to itself in order to gain referrals is not allowed. This includes bouncing links of other domains in order to add a referral. - Above all, use of the referral program is subject to a fair usage policy which gives Envato the right to review each and every referral.

Bouncing pages and links around the gain a referral on top of a purchase?Referring yourself… fair usage?

OK Dude !!! I’ll do something… I’ll write a script which will do the following…

If visitor is coming from ThemeForest / Other Blogger sites, Those affiliate links will be disabled.

& If visitor is coming from my own sites, Those affiliate links will be enabled.

I only wish you could have drop me a mail regarding this matter rather than discussing it on my item page. As those “Link Bounces” were not intentional in my case atleast.


- Mandar


my info will not show up in “our location”


I have placed everything in the fields (phone number, etc)in the dashboard but no luck :(

when it goes live

Hello brianodom,

Please contact me via mail with temporary login details to your WordPress installation & I’ll have a look.


- Mandar

i have no question or problem … just wanna say .. the more i use this template, the more i love it. perhaps you can embed some more nice shortcodes in the future updates. just one little wish :-)

thanks for the good work m8

Ohh !!! Thanks for your words buddy :)

Hi QuadCodes, is there anyway that I can list only 8 projects on the home page? The problem is I have too much work, and I only want to show some of them on the home page. I have set up a portfolio page with all my works, so if my client wants to see more of my works, they can check out portfolio page. But for the home page, I want to keep it simple and neat.



Hello timothyguo86,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove !

Open index.php & line no : 76

<?php query_posts("post_type=project&order=$order&posts_per_page=-1"); ?>

Replace with

<?php query_posts("post_type=project&order=$order&posts_per_page=8"); ?>

This should work.


- Mandar

It works! You are the man!



I have just purchased this theme and wondered if you could help me. I’m in the process of setting up the theme, migrating/fixing content from our existing Wordpress website over to yours.

I have selected that I’d like to show “Homepage Slider”, “Homepage Services” and “Client Bar” on the homepage but neither of them is displaying. I must be doing something wrong and wondered if you could shed some light?

Thanks in advance.


Hello weare79,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove.

Please contact me via mail & temporary login details to your WordPress installation. I’ll have a look.


- Mandar

Hi there!

Still working with this theme which is great… but I’m looking to change something and I can’t find where it is.

On a project page, there is Project Info – Category, Skills, My Role, URL ….

I am looking to change these titles to say something else – ie. change SKILLS to SOFTWARE – where can I change what they say?

Thanks, Aaron

Hello roonster,

Goto pixelove/includes/formats/project-format/project-meta.php & make changes there.


- Mandar

Hey Mandar,

thanks for the quick response… helped me.

One more question if possible!

Can the default view for the blog be that the posted are open – rather than having the short format and having to click on each to open them… and also, where would I change it so they are listed with the most recent post appearing first?

Kind regards, Aaron

No, you can not have open blog posts like that.

To change order of the posts go to Theme Option panel.


- Mandar


i want to show other content in the “LOCATE US” Section of the Homepage instead of Google Maps. Is this posssible and what i have to to then ?

thx inner


I love your theme and currently developing to fit my needs. I was wondering in the portfolio section, i am putting my online work in. There are some projects that are currently offline and I do not want to put a link. Is there a way to null the external link section? I tried leaving it blank but the a link with “launch” appears.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon. :)

Hello Kenji53,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove.

Please contact me via mail with link to your WordPress installation & temporary login details. I’ll enable that function for you by tweaking few lines.


- Mandar

Hi Quadcode,

Whats your email address where I can get in touch with you?

Thanks, Richard

You can contact me through my Thmeforest profile page.

Hi, first a great theme, now my question is how can I increase the number of gallery images in an article? Five are not enough for me and I can not find exactly where I can change or extend the. Thanks for an answer.

Hello hpwebdgn,

Thanks for purchasing pixelove !

Please contact me via mail & I shall tell you how to do it.


- Mandar

Hey there,

something is wrong with my installation i think. I can’t use shortcodes on project details page. The page always shows up only the the code (e.g. [flex slider] etc.) but not the result. Do you have any idea ?

thanks innersmile73

Please post a link to your site.

Hi Mandar, i just bought the pixelove theme and i want to know how can i activate the auto mode in the slider, with a time lapse, if it’s possible! Thank you and congratulations, great theme!

Hello mimetica,

Thanks for purchasing Pixelove !

Navigate to : ./includes/js/init.js Now, Line No : 174 Set “auto: false” to “auto: true”


- Mandar