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Hi there,

We purchased your theme and have a question.

How do we remove the subscribe button in the slide?

We have added a button below which we need to keep therefore the subscribe button is not needed.



Well that is a whole new thing that you will need to research. Gathering emails is not something that comes with a WP theme (maybe some do have a plugin included for that). We suggest you look into MailChimp, PixelPerfect is ready to be connected with it and it shouldn’t take you long to set everything up.

So its not something you are able to assist us with if we gave you access? We are happy to pay for your time. We need it to work with contact form 7.


I’m afraid we’re currently overbooked. But if you can setup everything at mailchimp yourself, we can assist you with putting it all together.

If not, I strongly suggest you check out Envato Studio – you’ll surely find someone experienced there for an affordable price to do this for you. Just tell them what you need and point them to MailChimp and the part of theme documentation we linked above.

Hi, I just bought the theme whitout checking the compatibility with WP version, my fault.

I have WP 4.2, is there a way to install this theme on the 4.2?

Should I downgrade WP to 3.8? (in this case how can I do that? I’m on a GoDddy domain)

For some reason I can see all the features of the theme (slides, testimonials, screenshots, etc) only if I press PREVIEW CHANGES fomr the PAGES edit page. The homepage of the website is empty instead (I see just the header with no slides inside and no lower sections (testimonials, screenshots, etc)

That’s strange. Can you send us your website URL via an email? We’ll probably send you an update theme that you can try and reinstall.

The email is kontakt@pixeldizajn.com


All problems solved. Thank you guys, great support!!!


noska Purchased


I just saw that your theme does not display the top menu, is it just down there? How is it possible to add the top menu?

Thank you


We imagined this theme as a (one) landing page theme, so we didn’t include a menu.