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ajrengel Purchased

Great work, as always! And your support is second to none :) keep up the good work, and all the best with sales


Thanks man. I appreciate your support ;)

Hi Pirenko, awesome theme. But would you please fix the “read more” link position via a iPad2, so that I can purchase. It’d be absolutely great.


For now I’ll just remove the “posted by” text which is an option on the control panel and it solves this issue. In the meantime I’ll work on the theme so that this doesn’t happen in any scenario.
Let me know if you buy the theme and need a quick fix.
Thank you for your kind comments ;)


This theme is lovely.

I just have 2 very quick and probably fairly basic questions. Firstly would it be relatively straight forward to change the background to Black?

Also on the homepage would it be possible to have a link to the item pictured? Would I do this with basic html or is there an option in the theme to go to the page that the homepage image/images are associated with?

Many thanks


Here are your answers:
1 – Yes. Background color is an option on the control panel (you have a color picker ;) ).
2 – Yes. Slides can have links (it’s also already an option on the control panel). You can set a specific link for each image.
Thanks :nerdy:

Nice theme. Could be very succusfull. I like to see (the possibility of) a right-sidebar at the blog page…


I’ll make some tests with it. I just wonder if the center area won’t be very thin… I assume that you are saying that it always visible?

this is really nice. is there an option to click on portfolio grid thumb and go to a URL ? This way one doesn’t have to be restricted to the portfolio template.


You want to open an external link, right? I can add this to the single custom post options. Let me know if you buy the theme and I’ll include it on the next update. Thanks!


Just wondering – does this have author profiles as I want to use it for a community ran blog which will have multiple authors that need their own credit at the bottom!



Currently not, but I can add that as long as these bios are the ones created inside the Wordpress Dashboard.
Let me know if you buy the theme and need this. I’ll include it on a future update.

Ooops… Reply to AsthonFrancis: Currently not, but I can add that as long as these bios are the ones created inside the Wordpress Dashboard.
Let me know if you buy the theme and need this. I’ll include it on a future update.

Elegant work, congrats :)

Great theme.


Hummm… Why? It seems to be fine here. What browser and OS are using? And what does the Remove Frame doesn’t do as it should?
Thank you for your feedback.


I tried the Minimal theme, which did not allow frame removal. When I tried “Clear” was able to remove frame, however it crashes when I navigate to Portfolio or any other page in Chrome for iOS. Trying basic Safari now on iOS 5.


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll install chrome on iPhone and make some tests. If you want to test the theme without the frame just open http://www.munto.net/pixia-v1/
If you find any issues without the frame I kindly ask you to report them.
Once more thanks :nerdy:

Great work! :) Will buy it if it is possible to…...

Desktop: 1) On portfolio / blog page, what code should I edit if I wanna change the width to 100%?

2) I would like to have an audio post, does this theme include audio player? And can you add soundcloud icon?

3) Password protected portfolio / blog. Possible?

4) On my blog page, let’s say I have 10 pics, I want visitor scroll down to view all of my pics, not using the silder. Is it hard to change it?

5) Different page with different background. Possible?

6) set the Portfolio page as front page/ index

7) “Related Post” on blog page. Just like the “Related Projects” on portfolio page.

Mobile Version: 1) No filter on Portfolio ?

2) Bottom left popup, can’t see the Twitter area.

I’m using Android.

Thanks. :)


Here are your answers:
1 – That’s already an option.
2 – Currently there’s no audio post. If I get more requests I’ll implement it.
3 – Not at this stage. There are plugins for this.
4 – Should be as simple as deactivating the slider (removing the id and or class).
5 – That’s already an option.
6 – That’s already an option.
7 – I’ll implement this if you buy the theme.
Mobile version: seems to be fine on iPhone and iPad. I’ll find a way to test on the Android in the next days :S

Very Nice :)

lou2 Purchased

bom trabalho :)

Vary nice theme :) I like it

Lovely theme – The minimal theme is not displaying in Chrome or Safari for viewing purposes.

Not Found

The requested URL /pixia-v1/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Any idea?


My mistake. It’s fixed now (my server was slow and I pointed it to another place). To make it work you might need to clear your cache or at least refresh this page http://www.munto.net/pixia/
Thank you for reporting this :nerdy:

Hi, awesome theme Pirenko !!!

I was wondering when viewing a single portfolio item I get a row of 3 related projects. Did you determine these projects (meaning are they fixed by the author) or are those related items chosen by keywords (if so, how are they ordered – date,comments).

best regards


These projects are displayed randomly as long as they are in the same categorie(s). This behaviour can be adjusted by changing manually a specific php file. If you have any specific request just let me know and I’ll see if can be done. Thank you for your kind comments!

Thanks everybody for the kind and encouraging words. They are highly appreciated :nerdy:

Really cool theme!

How is the SEO in this theme?

And the blog is loading really slow.. Could it be faster to load the blog page??

And what aboute a Team page template??:)


The theme doesn’t have any SEO properties. I recommend the Yoast plugin for this matter (it’s far better than anything I ever tried).
About the blog: my server is a bit slow today… The blog page should load as fast as the others, but the server is a bit unstable so it might be a bit lazy… It’s currently loading 6 posts and you can set this number on the control panel.
Team page template: with the help of layout shortcodes you can build one in a couple of minutes (picture on top and some content on bottom). Anyway I’ll consider this suggestion on a future update ;)