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Are you going to make customisations for clients? I have a bootstrap website and not sure how to implement this template without destroying the code layout. If I’m buying this are you gonna help me with that?

Thanks for perfect template! Can you help me create “stop-button” on Macbook carusel!? Or just stop carusetl, when my cursor is on it. Sorry for my English. From Russia with love :)

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I’d like to have a video playing instead of the image carousel inside of the laptop, how can I do this?

Thanks Rvp

I know it has been asked a few times but saw a few pages back that WP was being developed. That was a few months back – is it likely to happen? Only asking before I go about buying this version and writing in blogging functionality. Thanks

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Hi Virae,

I have little question about the icon pack. Actually its include in version 1.3 version? because a lot of icons are not available.


Awesome, simple and PLAIN template. When I don’t have a lot of content the footer takes up half my page. Is it possible to keep it at the bottom. I’ve tried ‘fixed’ but then on long pages the footer is in the way.

HELP! Thanks.

Hi there, once again… thanks for such an AWESOME template.. !!

Just wondering if there is a simple way to include the bootstrap LightBox function in the “Gallery” (work.html) page. Rather than current setup which links to new page for each project / gallery item etc.

Many thanks in advance.

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Nice work! Could you add Github to social-networks.png? :)

Hello, its not working on ie to me…. W3 validation

Line 150, Column 11: Stray end tag section. </section>

but when i remove it, does not work anymore. The web site crash… I’m using home-variant-2.html

can you help me? Thanks in advance

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Do you plan to upgrade to Bootstrap 3.1 ?

Any plans for the future?

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This theme template is dead. Author has abandoned it

Please, can you tell us when do you plan to upgrade to Bootstrap 3 ? Is in your roadmap?

Thanks in advance

I was able to remove the black bar that appears below my footer when the page is not long enough, but when the browser is re-sized and the responsive mode kicks in the black bar appears. I can’t find anywhere in any style sheets where to modify this. Can you help?

Hi, is the laptop on the homepage copyrighted or can we reuse it freely for non-commercial purposes ?


in any case can you reference us from where the image is ? Thanks UOU

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Seems like you have abandoned this template simply to sell it under another name here: