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My “Highlight Points” are lined up underneath the “Highlight Price”, and not to the right of the price like it is in your demo.


Can you check this? I also sent an email through your member page in Themeforest.



I want some questions Is this template provides the following services Open an account for a client Purchase through the site Domain registeration Registration hosting and Activation

Does this theme offer multiple color schemes?

ludomuse Purchased

Hi There,

IS there a way to fix IE9 little bugs here ? thanks


Yes, just update the cufon js to latest version…

ludomuse Purchased

Just great thanks :) Maybe you can update your compatible browsers as well ^^

Do you have a showcase?

GZ-Host Purchased

i cant find Hosting plan 1 can someone give me the shortcode?


I am interested in the theme, there is also a WooCommerce support with domain query? Or how could it open up a shop hosting?

Thank you for your feedback.

Regards A. Fritz

I would buy this theme, but do not understand much of the installation of wordpress themes. It comes with a setup file and wordpress theme or do I have to install wordpress and then install the theme? If I can not install the theme and let the same advertising image, you help in the installation?

user: favaro

Good Morning,

I really like this wordpress theme but it doesn’t look like it is capable with 4.1. So before I purchase it will it work with 4.1?