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Good Stuff…very well done!

Great work Amanda !

I’ll use it for my class blog !

A french history and geography teacher…


OMG ! That is too cute! I just had a cute attack! I love it!

I love this one.

OMG .. so cool and cute.. love it.. thx Amanda

I dont know if you ever read posts but could you PLEASE do a ‘Bushido’ theme for Blogger. Thanks, love your work.

Bought but it doesnt work – Emaiiling you now.

Zixpk Purchased

Hi Amanda, I bought this template from you a while back. I bought it actually for the sole purpose of modifying it. Your template was a great start off point for my website redesign. The website that I am talking about is http://www.zixpk.com/. As you can see my website looks completely different from your template, but in actuality the only reason that my new website design was possible was do to your amazing template and coding. So I’m sorry for the late review Amanda, I just wanted to tell you that you help me out so much and that you did a wonderful job :) Take care…

Ps. I love your website bloggerbuster.com!!!

loocnon Purchased

why pits always bad request

Please respond to my message, thanks. Nice work. (:


Can anyone tell me how to contact Amanda please? I’ve tried here, on her site and Twitter but no reply ):

Planet Play is the awesome …its a great