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Love the template, great work!

I have a tech Q, is there anyway I can get the homepage image slider to stay still when someone clicks the play button on the video?

At the moment, when they reach the image slider with the embedded video and click play, the slider continue to scrolls and the video keeps playing but you cant see it.

Please advise.


The author has not responded to any of the numerous people who complained about the page loading that never goes beyond the spinning atom. Does anyone have a solution or should I get a different template?

Also, does anyone know how to get the .brand box larger? I have set it to width=533 in style.css and in the index.html is shows it as >500 but it squishes my logo down to 300 when it loads.




It is done with the span command


Thanks mate :D

hi can you help with the script to signup for newletter … where can i put my own email id

Hi, great template, really helpful.

Just a slight coding issue, my revslider isn’t loading properly. adplexng.com

Appreciate a response soonest.



Got my problem solved. The Google Map – had to replace it back – so i have to figure out how to configure the map to get the right location which i avoided in the first place. Challenging template mate…that’s what i like :D


Thanks mate :)

Hi can you tell me how to ajdust logo size??????


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Dear JOGJAfile,

Thank you for creating such a beautiful template. It has really helped me.

I will be following you for your latest updates. Till then, good luck, keep designing awesome stuff.

Take care.


Thanks zanazaka7

first question is:

I have changed the navbar menu text, however on hover over I am still gettting the old names for the nav menu on the bottom left of my page (hover over links) – where in the site files is the coding for me to change the sectioned named area?

For e.g the Technology nav tab has the settings as being called #about. I want to change this to #technology.

Please let me know where the coding for this is.

and my second question is: if someone wants to share an article into facebook – how would this be done as there is no visible link to the articles? if I add after the domain /(articlename.html) the page will not load.


If you want change link on nav like #about.
you need to change the main menu as shown below: before:
<a href="#about">About</a>
<a href="#technology">About</a>

and then, you need to change the section id as below: before:
    <section id="about" class="about grey">
    <section id="technology" class="about grey">

For the guys who complain about the “Only Rotating Atom” error. I think the problem would be on the js/main.js directory, go to the bottom of the page main.js under the ./JS directory, then instead of using your username@yourmail.com as your twitter “username” use your main username on twitter instead, like alstudiodotnet for example see the working site here: www.alstudio.net


If you will use the yourname@yourmail.com as your Twitter username in the main.js file under the JS directory, the whole script will loop and will last for eternity the atom keeps rotating. so use your Username instead for your Twitter account inside the main.js file.


Thanks for your comment help mate :D !

I have found a bug that is easily reproducible. Even on a fresh, untouched index.html, the “Portfolio” section is seriously misbehaving. Steps:

  • 1. Go to portfolio section, and click the “Responsive” button. Everything works fine, and links appear correctly project_1.jpg, project_4.jpg, project_8.jpg, and project_11.jpg.
  • 2. Click on “Mobile” button. Everything works fine as well, with it’s own images and hrefs appearing correctly.
  • 3. Bug: Click back on “Responsive”. While images appear correctly, the hrefs are incorrectly those of “Mobile” (project_2,5,9,12), and of course clicking on them nothing happens.

Generally, it “keeps” the hrefs of the right-most button clicked. To reset it, clicking the “All” button seems to reset the hrefs, but that doesn’t solve it.

Thanks for an otherwise excellent theme!

When the page loads, the top bar (mTop) doesn’t show unless you scroll up to it. It there any way to make the page display from the very top instead of starting at the logo? Let me know if you need any clarification about this.

To anyone, My slider seems disabled when it is the only <section> on the one-page. Can anyone help with this issue?


can i see your site?


I haven’t uploaded it yet. May I send you a zip file?

HI! Great Theme!

but i do not know what is happening with the sliders and portfolio!

You can see the problem here:



I found the problem, please add the following files into your js folder:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.cookie.js"></script>
or if not, you can delete a line of code like this:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.cookie.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/styleswitch.js"></script>
and this script:
<div class="switcher" />

Hope that helps.


Trying to figure out a few things.

1). Plasma Website speed. Trying to understand why is my client Website loading so long: http://bit.ly/1AubRrm. This is a landing page about translation services. No heavy scripts etc.

2). Since this is not a Wordpress template, what is the best way to quickly edit the template (I used Xcode so far).

Any help is much appreciated!


maybe you have the wrong person, I saw your web page and template you are using is not my own template, but the template user: DSA79 (http://themeforest.net/user/DSA79/), and the template you are using is the template: Crossway – Startup Landing Page Template (http://themeforest.net/item/crossway-startup-landing-page-template/7342227)

you can contact the author.


Thank you! I will.


You’re welcome :D !

Hi Think Ive found a slight bug,

When I remove the Map section the rest of the page derails i.e nav bar isnt sticky etc

Can anyone reproduce this issue?

Cheers, Adam


can i see your site ?


Presale question. Can I change the colors here to match the logo and style of the logo? Is this SASS-y?

Also, from an SEO pov is a one-page template a good idea?


Hi, In the descriptions is that this template has Ajax Contact Form, but in demo and downloaded package it is not working as ajax but standard form, is something missing?

Hello, what AdamDawson says is true. my friend have the same problem with this template , he wants to remove only the map module. But when he delete the map, the slider it would not work and are some problems with visualizations.

How to fix that ?. maybe it’s a tricky code we didn’t see.