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Imi place, Bafta :)

Merci Deagle ;)

Are these iPhone and Blackberry proof as well?

I haven’t tested, but i did disable the font adjust feature so the fonts doesn’t go crazy :)

And what about the column layouts inside the main table? Would those break?

I’ve been asked to create an email template that doesn’t break exactly on those two platforms…Blackberry and iPhone.

Any chance you could test and get back to me before I purchase?


Sorry, you’ll have to handle this on your own, as I have no means of testing it on those 2 platforms, but it should be solid :)

I can do this how without buying this exactly?

I can do this how without buying this exactly?

Your funny :) I just did a test on a iPhone, on GMail using Safari, the layout is the same, only thing is that it’s bigger then the Gmail reading window so it get’s outside that area.

Good luck with your project.

Sometimes you just need to ask a question in the right way to get the answer you’re looking for :)

So yeah, that’s great news, I’ll be buying later on!

Thank you :) And great designs!!

I had to borrow my boss’s iPhone :D Thx for the compliments ;)

Unfortunately none of them work well for the Blackberry…except the 5th option since it’s a single comment layout. Anything having to do with horizontal layouts gets pushed to the next line automatically.

I’m sorry to hear that, I’m not sure there is a way of checking if you’re on a mobile device and use a certain style. You could include a plain text version, but I doubt that will help you out.

Do the table/bg images break in Outlook?


Nothing breaks :) This newsletter was highly tested on both Software and Web Email Clients. If you are interested just in Outlook, the newsletter was test on Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007(I’ve also included screenshots in the preview section)

Take care

One Question, can you tell me how to change the Logo from a image into an HTML Text?

You can refer the issue date (heading 2 + issue_date class) on the newsletter as an example. You’ll have to create a new CSS class or use the one from the issue date.

Hope this helps.

Great template , i will definatly buy this one …....

Thx fluidswork ;)

Hi. I see the screenshots but is there a function here somewhere that you can send my Gmail/Yahoo a sample newsletter with the Platnum layout? Just so I can see myself that it works?

Thank you for your time.

Hi There,

Can this templates be edited, eg, inserting pictures etc? What would it cost to do a minimal amount of editing?

Best regards,


Hey, I am not clear on the explanation of Regular Licence. Can you clarify:

(a) Your use of the Work is limited to a single application


Is this usable with constant contact?

I am a novice at this, but I went ahead and purchased the Platnum Email Template, 6 Layouts, 8 Colors.

What is the best way of editing these templates. Would it be Word or something like Notepad++?


Notepad++ is definitively a better choice for coding :)

Love this one!!! Quick question…. Can you add audio to these templates when ur customizing? Would love to use this for a music artist but I would love to add audio some how.. Is that possible?

I tried to add a social media box on the right sidebar under Blog entries and cannot seem to line up the icons in a single line. It forces each item in a new line.