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mwelch Purchased

The theme looks great! Couple questions:

1: Is there any built-in sharing capability? Like a row of buttons across the bottom of each post to share on different social media platforms?

2: What are your plans for newer Ghost features like tag cover image and structured data?



1: No, right now there isn’t. But we have sharing icons on the WP-version of the theme plattan-wp.northemes.com, so we can provide css-styling and code examples to include them.

2: We try to follow Ghosts release-cycle, sometimes we need some weeks to implement newer features, but buyers-requests get always prioritized.

Thanks for your interest

Daniel / Northemes

Hi There,

Loving the theme. How will I go about to decrease the size of an image and center it?

Thank you


do you mean inside the admin area? I think Ghost hasn’t come that long that you can manage image size from inside the admin area. You upload the image in the size you want it to be. As for centering I’m not sure if it is possible without falling back to HTML. The following post discusses both questions:


Give us a note if you need further assistance

All the best

Daniel / Northemes

Hi there,

Silly question, possibly. I want to change the tag separator to a ” \ ” and have updated the post.hbs as below. I’ve updated the theme with the change but nothing seems to take effect (I’ve tried a few different figures here to test, with the same result). Any thoughts?

Thanks Jon

 <div class="post-meta">
                        {{#if tags}}
                            <div class="post-tags">
                                {{tags seperator=" / "}}

My blog is at http://moedus.ghost.io/ if that helps. :)

Could you guys add an example of using prism in a post? I’m trying something like :

(pre) (code class=”language-objectivec”) @interface XCRBTTestCase : XCTestCase{...} (/code)(/pre)

But nothing seems to change.

<> replaced by ()

Hi, thanks for the beautiful theme. So far I love it, but want to make some customizations and couldn’t find how… first one: I want to deacitivate/edit the effect/transition when the page loads, would you be so kind to point me in the right direction? Thanks! Camilo

for those of you wondering the same, everything is on the stylesheet, style.css.


crisp0r Purchased

Hi there

Is it possible for HTML to be shown properly on the index page? For example, embedding a tweet only shows the raw tweet text on the front page, code is all on one line, links don’t show as hyper-links, etc.

This all works on the individual blog post page, but not on the front page.