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nomenesl Purchased

Would you please direct me how to change the Contact info box from Plaza Theme to Edutime? Please



We believe every client should be happy, so we’ll do our best to assist all of you with whatever issues you have with the theme.
We’ll answer questions about minor customization as well, but not for some more advanced customization requests or re-design requests.
I hope you can understand. Thanks!

Hi, Is this a joomla template?

I await your kind reply. info(@)uddin.me




No, this is a HTML Template. Not a Joomla template.

pauld123 Purchased


Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful landing page. I have had it in my bookmarks for a while and found it again. It is perfect for a project I am just starting on.

Looking forward to trying it out and wanted to say thank you for such a superb piece of design.

Best wishes,



Thanks Paul, we try to be better every day.
Our goal is to make high quality landing pages with a simple structure and all the necessary to increase conversions.
Good luck with your project

nomenesl Purchased

Where do I put my email address so that when customers request information, it comes to my email?


nomenesl, Open the php file and replace the email address with your email address, upload all the files into your server and make a test. Just that. :)

nomenesl Purchased

Is the php file the one under: join.php? also too, I tested the form I am getting error: warning,please fill all form

repka Purchased

Hi, I have a few questions for changing the template. Who can I contact about this issue?


Go to our website > forum > add your questions there.
We will help you.

Ths is a great theme! Perfect for a work project I am developing right now. I was just wondering if the color scheme/theme can be changed via HTML for any color palette I desire. Thank you so much! Regards.

Yes! You can use the color that you want.
Right now you have:
  • brown
  • blue
  • red
If you need help just go to our website > forum > Plaza landing > add your question there.

Thank you! I imagine I can fully customize since it’s HTML, right? Another question: I’ve never purchased a theme via themeforest, what kind of files will I receive? Thank you so much!



You will get a HTML and CSS Template is easy to customise, fully documented, SEO optimised for high search engine rankings and fully featured.
With this features:
  • Based on Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive – Plaza works perfectly and looks great on all screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • Professional Design – Plaza was designed by professional designers focused on visitor user-experience, SEO and Marketing & Landing pages that convert.
  • Flexible Layout – With Plaza it is easy to create your own landing website by rearranging simple blocks of code. Made with Bootstrap to makes customisation very easy.
  • Extremely Customizable – Easily change any colors and make use of any Google fonts to make the template of your dreams.
  • 3 Layered PSD Files
  • 3 Different colors
  • All Free Fonts
  • Working Newsletter
  • Pricing Tables
  • Testimonials
  • Documentation Included
  • +30 Different Patterns for your Background

  • 3 HTML page
  • 3 PSD Layered Files
  • PHP Files
  • Full Documentation HTML page
repka Purchased

help me change the template Plaza – Education – Hotel (registration form, leaving only a name, phone number and e-mail), and link to an email. thanks in advance


@repka No problem, we can help you, but take into consideration that we dont do customization work.
Please go to our website > Forum > Plaza > Add your question.
Regards! :)

Hi CoralixThemes,

Your themes are rocks Man. Congratulation!


Thank you so much!!! :)

simonben Purchased

I have changed the gallery images on the Plaza page and they no longer load. I have put my own images in the same directory as the dummy images and updated the html to point to them.


Is something wrong or am I missing something here?

simonben Purchased

Just registered, posted a topic, but it’s not showing. Tried posting again, says it’s a duplicate post, yet profile says zero posts.


It is ok, it was waiting for modaration, we saw your post. Answered!



More than you would expect, very professional, and very full. Great job, congratulations

I’ve raised a new ticket in your support forum, but it doesn’t appear to register or post.

The join.php form in the Hotel version seems to relate to the Dating version. It returns the error “Please fill in all fields” even when they are filled in.

This is true for the edited form of mine, and also for the form straight out of the theme files – unedited – but with my email address in place.


Still not working. Reopening the thread,


This waw 7 months ago, we did some updates.


So are you saying that the php mail form is now included and configured?

So, nice template but how to use another fonts or how to adaptive current fonts for Russian language? i’v add to google font end &subset=latin,cyrillic-ext but this not working, i think U use fonts without russian lang support. Why U don’t post this information in description?


so , i tryed to use http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator for generation fonts with cyrillic support but no luck, your fonts doe’t support cyrillic:( Can u change to some another fonts?


Could you please add this questions at the forum?
We will help you there. Thanks!

Im trying to get support , but I never got a purchase code for this landing page, I am having trouble controlling the slider timeout, I change the timeout in the java script but nothing changes


Hello, we saw your post at the forum, we will help you as soon as we can. Thanks! :)


I’ve downloaded two themes from your company and they both give me the same error when I try to install them. Please advise.

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description themeforest-5054685-plaza-education-hotel-dating-landing Stylesheet is missing. themeforest-5881465-diploma-education-bootstrap-responsive-landing Stylesheet is missing.


Hello danrooney
The error is because you are trying to install a HTML Template into a WordPress. And any of the templates that you bought are a WordPress Theme.

The “request information” button gets held up on this one as well. The form doesn’t actually appear to submit for me for the demo…


Hi, don’t worry! We never upload the php file in the demo. This is the reason why you only see the Loading alert. It is working fine in the download zip. After buy the item take a look at the Documentation file. Regards!
Let us know if you need anything else.

This really is a great theme. It makes a killer landing page. I ran into a bit of a problem though.

I am trying to set up the form on the University landing page to work with Aweber. I got the form working fine, but when I enter something in the form I get a pop up on the top that says ‘Loading’.

I want it to say ‘Check your email.’ How would I change this?


Open the javascript file of the custom script and replace the Loading text with your text.

Is this easy to modify so that it fits on a mobile or small tablet screen. I tried viewing the demo page but it is too big.


What do you mean by its too big, what? It looks fine on mobile.


I will try on another mobile, on mine the text boxes are really big on the Contact info box.

I did not download the documentation and the php file in the form! What kind of nonsense? Help!


Hello PaulFirst88, all the images have the same size? If you want an easy way to edit images you should open the original image from the download zip in Photoshop, replace it and save it. In case you need a screenshot or some tutorial steps to do this please add this question at the forum, we will help you there. Regards!


I am unable to form!! writes and download the mail that does not come!


Could you please add your question at our forum? We will give you support there. Thanks!

Hello there, beautyful design. I have a problem, if a fill the form i get an error: Warning !Please fill the form! How can i fix it? I just change my email in join.php file also the news letter dont work too… Best


We will improve it in the next update. Thank you so much for your feedback. Regards.

After buying your template, Can I convert to Wordpress myself and reuse or pass on to others?


No! Read Themeforest Terms please.