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Hi I purchased your theme and I am having installation issues. I sent in a ticket 2 days ago and no answer yet. My issues are with buddypress and multi-site. 1. whenever I activate buddy press, site gives me a wp 500 error and I have to delete the plugin for site to come back.

2. I edited the wp-config.php file, in the “dashboard” . under “tools” , “network options” show up but is blank

Thanks for your anticipated help.

I am very disappointed at the service. I purchased the theme and I can not get any help with the installation. please get back to me.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed by the service, but you haven’t actually contacted me in anyway so I’m not sure how I was expected to have helped you until now.

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com where I will answer them shortly. :)


aeroger Purchased

what wordpress, buddypress and bbpress versions are you using on the demo ?

Hi there,

WordPress 4.1.1, BuddyPress 2.2.1 and bbPress 2.5.4. Why do you ask?


aeroger Purchased

How can users upload sitewide image for their blog when they are using different themes on each of their blog ?

Hi there,

If you haven’t done so already please submit your support questions at http://ghostpool.ticksy.com where I will answer them shortly. :)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.


dnow Purchased

how to show sitewide products (woocommerce) ? I can’t find any custom post type options in your site wide widget.

Hi there,

I have addressed your question on the support site.

My site shows the latest post on the front page against my will. SO I am unable to use any of the responsive features described here. Unfortunately, I submitted support ticket 2 days ago with no reply. I am probably going to have to call it a loss.

Sorry to hear you did not receive my ticket. I just submitted another

Well, I hope you received my ticket this time and hope you will provide help today. I really cannot afford to continue to use the theme this way.

I did receive your ticket and replied to it on March 5. You can view your ticket here: https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/ticket/386520

Hi, This theme give a blog account and specific page for users which sign up directly ? and we can then manage their articles by approving ? I want that for a group blog allow for any user to create a special blog for him, but with my managing.

Hi there,

This theme utilises the features of WordPress multisite. With WordPress Mutlisite you can create multiple blogs/sites on a single WordPress installation. This theme allows you to show all the content from each blog/site on a central blog to create a blog network.

I can’t seem to get comments showing on Pages. Any ideas? I have everything ticked. Comments?Pingback etc. But not showing. They show on 2015 theme.

Posted on your support network and got no reply

Sorry for such a late reply, I’ve been moving house and haven’t had internet access until now. I did put up a big notice up on the support site so nobody was left wondering where the support was. :)

Yep saw the big notice but I posted 3 days before you said you’d be away. All sorted now thanks.


could you please configure the template according to our requirements ; instead of blogs our site has schools and events, we also llist the top schools in order;



Thanks for the reply ; and seems fine and it will work for us as well . one last request if you could share some screen shots of Network admin and super admin ; also I hope that we can change the menu of each blog according to requirements . also about Licence we have a website where we will install (1) Plexus with multi sites / blogs what licence shall we purchase ?

I will customize the theme according to our requirements ; also please specify that theme code is not encrypted ? e.g. blogs will be replace with schools and there will be registered schools section which I will customize after purchase ..

1) Yes, you can have a different menu for each blog.

2) You should really purchase an Extended License for multisite use. However if only the main site will use Plexus theme you can purchase a Regular License.

3) Here’s some screens of the network admin interface:

\\ \\

4) The theme code is not encrypted and clearly labelled for editing. You can change any of the blog wording to schools also.

hello, this theme enable pulling site wide blog posts and category into the main page, I wonder whether this feature work properly with mapped domain (using domain-mapping plugin)? Will it detect mapped-domain address or just the original sub-site address?

And also whether this theme can work without buddypress? All I need is just bbpress forum not that complicated buddypress

Please reply it ASAP.

Hi there,

I’m not familiar with this plugin unfortunately. The theme uses the Sitewide Tags plugin to pull posts from sub blogs into the main blog for display. I suggest asking the domain mapping plugin developer if their plugin will work with the Sitewide Tags plugin.

Yes the theme will work just fine without BuddyPress – you can just use bbPress.

I have a question: your theme can be used in conjunction with WordPress SEO Premium by Yoast is not? The post in Forum and Group its items have visibility on google? And I do not see a new account register button on the demo page?

Thank you!

Hi there,

1) Yes the theme works with WordPress SEO.

2) Forum and group posts should be visible on Google.

3) Registration is disabled on the demo for security purposes unfortunately.

Thank you. I purchased this theme. But can not install like the demo version. Can you help me, please?

Hi there, it sounds like you need theme support. Just so you know the ThemeForest comments area is a dedicated place for people who have not yet purchased the theme and want to ask pre-purchase questions.

If you are looking for theme support, please sign up to our support site at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com or browse our articles at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/articles which contain many detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Once logged in, you can create a new support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/submit



I am at the point of buying your theme. I do have some issues for which I want your opinion. - I want to give blog members the opportunity to start a small woocommerce shop. Is it possible to pull site wide woocommerce products to show on the homepage?

Thanks in advance André

Hi there,

The theme doesn’t support this feature unfortunately. I’m not sure if WooCommerce provide this option themselves, so you’ll need to ask them about that.