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theres no template to see

Yea.. Whats happeing to Themefores.net
This looked like a nice theme in the thumbnail but can’t see it here.

yeah,this is the third one i am seeing the error….what is happening , reported to staff…:)

Hi, the preview is fixed now. Good luck! :)

Thank you for support kailoon :)

would love to get this as an html template..

second on the html template request :P

I love the beautiful simple design

Thrid on the HTML request.

Hi, I will coded it. But i don’t know when… I have little coding experience, I’m also trying to code it to HTML , but these days I’m very busy to work on it.

I will buy this soon and code it to wordpress. Maybe after I can give it to you to sell here.

I forth that motion on getting it coded. It would be a hot seller!

Whee this one is absolute great! And though I’m quite busy I can’t wait to get this ported to WP … will soon purchase !

I have emailed Kuntiz about working with him/her to port to HTML and Wordpress. I have the first page almost done (code wise). HTML right now but Then to Wordpress. I still haven’t got to buy the theme yet (lack of money). I’ll get back to you all once Kuntiz emails me back!

I will buy the theme for you, will like to play with it in photoshop anyways, but If I can help out, and get this changed over to html css, then am more than happy to help!

Purchased….this is uber sexy!

MrHillman08, got a MSN , or AIM we can talk over? I can code it for you. Currently working on finishing the Homepage.

Update. Finished homepage coding. Waitin for a response from either kungiz or mrhillman08. Either of you send me a email at kr3wsk8r231 at gmmaill dotttt coommm. Spelled like that for anti spam. I’d be happy to share my code with you but I have no graphics since I am having money problems and can’t afford.

I wish there was a edit button. But I finally got it all done. I will suppl the xHTML and CSS soon to all that want it. NO GRAPHICS WILL BE INCLUDED !