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Great template!


Thank you aditivadesign!

I love it ! great !


I happy you like it. Thank you!

Nice template lordthemes! Keep up the great work.


Thank you! I appreciate your words and wish you the same!

Excellent work!! :) Good Luck.


Thank you Roziek!

cocofried Purchased

Just bought PlusMail but I do not have Adobe Photoshop, so I cannot open the psd file. Can I use your template without Photoshop? Esther


Yes of course you can use the html templates without having Photoshop. All you need, to edit the templates, is an text-editor such as “Notepad++” and an image-editor such as “Gimp”.
Another way is to use the ready-files from MailChimp and Campaign Monitor or another email service to edit the content.

cocofried Purchased

I managed to create nice reply letters using the code. I would like to know if I could add text in the area below the photo, otherwise the text area is too long compare to the photo next to it and it looks odd. Is it possible to edit the design in html view, if yes, than how? Thanks for a beautiful design mobile template for email letters!!! Love the results


Tell me if i’m wrong. For example for module “Image on Left side + Text On Right side”: If the content text is to long and exceed the image, to continue only below the image.

[ image ] text
text text text

The answer is yes but not practicable, the table structures don’t allow you to do this. The only way you can do this is to separte the content text in two and include them in two modules.
If you want to help you with that send me an email at lordthemes@gmail.com , because I must to modify the code a little bit.
Sincerely, LordThemes.

I really like Lord themes templates as your coding is very organised compared to others which makes easy to edit and I will continue to purchase from you.

But you should know after testing this template across all email clients:

This template isn’t compatible in: Microsoft outlook 2007,2010,2013 Lotus notes: 6.5.4 Lotus notes: 7

If you want the testing report please let me know?

I love that you put in repeater layout tagging for campaign monitor keep that up! But you should consider replacing the <singleline> tagging in the repeater to <multiline> Just a thought.

Will you be able to fix the templates


Further to this campaign monitor testing is better than most and considering my client base are using campaign monitor as there distribution then your template has issues and it’s showing up.


The bed news is that you are right. The good news is that I know where is the problem and how to fix it so will make an update, but first I will send you the file updated via email.


I sent you an email with the updated file.
I’m waiting your replay.

We released a new update for PlusMail.

Version 1.2 – 18 October 2013
- Resolved the spacing bug for Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013
- Replaced all <singleline> tag from CampaignMonitor files with <multiline> tag.

Thank you for using our products!

I’m having problems with responsive emails from mailchimp.

The email itself (header, footer etc) is responsive when viewed on mobiles, but the content that I add in the content sections (image and text) is not responsive – it maintains the same width and goes off the side of the screen.

How do I fix this?


I just finished and uploaded the MC files on ThemeForest. In few hours will be available to download. Thank you!

I made a tutorial video how to upload the images in MailChimp for my templates. Please follow the video instructions: MailChimp – How do I edit my template?
Before to send the email after customisation, verify it on MailChimp Preview Demo. If it is OK there, will be OK on your mobile.
So, if you follow the steps from video tutorial you will not have problems, as you can see in the video.

Tips: When you replace the image:
- click “edit”;
- press click on the image (very important, and don’t delete it);
- press “File Manager Icon”;
- replace the image with yours;
- delete the width and height fields.


The update is available on download.
Sincerely, LordThemes.


Great thanks! I’ll test it out…