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I’ve post in forum at this address: http://webthemer.com/forums/topic/logo-block-length/

Can you help me?


your forum don’t go

The hosting is experiencing technical stuff should be solved soon!

I can’t find the K2 files you were supposed to post on July 22nd.


Coleus Purchased

I have been waiting patiently for the K2 files you were supposed to post here. On July 8th you said it would be available on ThemeForest on Friday which was July 11th. Each date you set for the files to be posted comes and goes with a new promise of new release date. It is now September 17th more than 2 months since you said it would be available. Could you kindly post the files as promised?

I am working on the support for K2 for Plussone and for my other templates that runs Gantry Framework it taken a little longer then expected but i will have it soon, the latest 23-24 of September for sure! I would like to make this right so i don’t fix stuff later so if you could just wait this few days you will not regret i will also include the demo of K2 in template demo!


Coleus Purchased

It is October 8th, 3 whole months since you said the files would be available on ThemeForest. Your last post here said the latest would be September 23-24 Then on your forum you said it would be relaeased the week of September 28th. I posted on your forum on October 3rd, and still have not gotten a response. I really don’t need promises of new dates, just the files.

Very nice template i like it very much!!! I use it on two different websites…

But maybe someone has the same problem!? I modified it a liitle bit but after i empty the joomla cache all mods are gone and i have still the standard template again??

Any idea??? Greetings

I have sent to this: nroehler@gmx.net, please send me a mail to support@webthemer.com to see if i will get one from you!

Did you get my messages?

I just replied did you got it?


I need some help, please. About main menu when I scroll down to bottom of page. The main menu can’t show and this is my site http://demo.nida.ac.th/index.php/nida-about/nida-about-1

Could you please to help me. Thank you.


Can you please open a post on the forum here: http://webthemer.com/forum/

where can i find module class suffix list in any of your templates?

i searched alot in all themes, there is no guide or command list

In Plussone they are located in: utilities.less i will put them in demo on a page in next update!

and final question :D

is this menu system support show module in menu?


Yes it supports!

Can you tell me where to find the documentation, all I can find in the documentation folder is gantry help docs??

I figured it out, sorry it was right there in front of my face, thought it was a code change i was looking for. Nice template by the way, i don’t use the quickstart and so far no issues. I’ve used gantry before and its one of the best frameworks

Great, Yeah Gantry is one of the best Frameworks, just wait when Gantry 5 will be out you will be blown away :)

I look forward to it, the site is nearly complete and as I guessed no issues, thank you for saving me a lot of time

Recent work on homepage 3, can these roksprocket images link to the article instead of the image and lightbox? I don’t want titles or descriptions to show, only the image

They can if you later the php file post in here and i will let you know how! http://webthemer.com/forum/

Hi Webthemer,

I’m having issues with the Unite Revolution Slider 2 on Plussone. For some reason, I can’t edit the extensions. Let me know if you have a fix.

Thanks, Boostgraf

Did you send your issue to the support@webthemer.com?

Yes! There is no information about the problem. Why do I need to send support to support@webthemer.com. When you knew there was an issue with the Unite Revolution Slider 2, you should have create a patch to fix it from Webtmemer.

Please provide further information to fix the issue ASAP. I can’t edit the Unite Revolution Slider 2 from the component, error code javascript:void(0). The Slider button is not working.

Send me your Unite Revolution Slider 2 version number to support@webthemer.com and i will see if you have latest version and we will continue to talk over the ticket support!


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Hi Webthemer,

Im having the same problems with the Unite Revolution silder as boostgraf, same error. Please help, also is any chance to install the template same as the demo? Thx

Please send your request here: support@webthemer.com


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hi webthemer, i would like to change the links in the portfolio: now, when i click on the picture it zooms the picture. But i want instead a link to the DETAIL-PAGE when i click on the picture (its the roksprocket-module). Please help. please help me as soon as possible! thanks in advance!

Sure send a support request here with your url, username and password and problem and we will help asap! support@webthemer.com

We would like to inform all our current and future customers that we have a new support site online you can check it here: http://support.webthemer.com/

If you didn’t register you can do so here: http://www.webthemer.com/my-account/

Please use the support portal for problems, issues and ThemeForest comment section only for pre-purchase question.

Regards Damir Webthemer.com


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Hi, what’s is the shortcode for putting a map on the contact us page?

Did you open a ticket here? http://support.webthemer.com/

you have quickstart pakacge for the version 2.5 ???

Nope only 3.4 sorry …

Hallo, i have a problem with recaptcha of google, any idea? Conflict with template? Please help

Will look at this today i see your ticket …

Hiii Webthemer

How can I change from the boxed Layout to the wide Layout of the design?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards developics

Its solved ;)

Great ;)

Hii Webthemer

is it possible to set more than two top position?

i try to set in the template master 3 positions (top a, top b, top c) but after updating it change it again to the 2 positions.

how can I change this?

thanks for help

Best Regards developics

Please make a support ticket http://support.webthemer.com/helpdesk


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I need help. How do I get the TOP MENU where social media icons (and information@plussone.com +1 800 546 35 48 is LOCATED) are to DISPLAY on MOBILE / RESPONSIVE ??


jrdon718 Purchased

Ticket Received – [#270] Question about PlussOne Joomla Theme We have received your request and a ticket has been created with ID – 270. A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 24 hours).

I received that 2 days ago… just a FYI

Answered the ticket


jrdon718 Purchased

thank you guys!


IMSware Purchased

Great template :-)

Thx ;)