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All the Home Pages are well designed especially the elements are very good. Very good work.


Great job!Good luck :)

Thanks ThemeRox.

Awesome! Nice job. Good luck WebThemer :)


Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Defatch!

Awesome . Good Luck WebThemer


wow, Awesome work partner, Good Luck :)

Thanks Partner!

Very good work! :)

Thanks Louie!

Great theme! Good luck :)


Congrats , wish you the best with sales.


Great theme. The Right Sidebar Blog page has a left sidebar.

Thanks, Fixed!

Very nice clean theme. GLWS :)


Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)


Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)


Is there any demo content?

Yes register register and follow the instruction on how to activate your account: http://webthemer.com/support/activate-your-account.html and there is a Quickstart available to download in the forum, do to the rules there cant be any in the zip pack.

Is there any demo content for this themplate, it not good working whit my. The setup i don’t understand what i must do.

I have send it, if active than can i download the Demo?

You are activated the demo is in Plussone Category

And here you can find videos on how this great Gantry Framework works. http://www.gantry-framework.org/documentation/wordpress

Very nice theme,But why not warp ? :( Good luck with sales :)

Gantry 5 is Coming, I am a Mod on RocketTheme :bigevilgrin:

I think it dose not differnt for user that theme powerd by Gentry or Warp :D .They want the good work .It is struggle? between developers :)

Yes absolutely good work :). By my opinion they are both a great Frameworks where lot of stuff can be done and then its all on the developer to choose. :sunglasses:

Awesome with Gantry :) waiting for gantry 5 :bigwink:

Thanks! :bigwink:

Are you planning to release regular updates for the templates as bugfixes, compatibility with new Wordpress versions and a Gantry 5 update? Very quick updates are very important for me…

Yes, Themes made on Gantry Framework are great for regular updates, there will be regular updates on regular basis, also there will be new stuff coming to the theme like woocommerce, bbpress, etc…

Another pre-buy question: Did you optimize the template for SEO? In what way did you optimize it (e.g. h-tags, content first, structured data etc.)?

Theme is optimized for seo it includes the h1 tags for page header title and post titles are with h2 tags. Look at the demo and the source and if this is what you need http://demo.webthemer.com/wordpress/plussone_wp/