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How do I get access to the demo please. I have registered but I don’t see anywhere where I can download the demo content. Can you please advise how to get it and why isn’t it part of the theme just like all themes on themeforest? Help please.

You have been activated. The Demo Content is in Plussone – WordPress Category.

Live Preview isn’t working for me.

The Entire Datacenter is down it will be available soon.

How do I get the demo content for plussone wordpress theme and does it work on wordpress 3.8

You have been activated on our forum, please find the Quickstart Demo in the Plussone Category on our support forum. You install that like any other WordPress installation, please check the videos here http://www.gantry-framework.org/documentation/wordpress to help you out how to work with Gantry Framework.

I just registered, i need demo files asap.. thanks


Dear Sir, I have purchased plussone-responsive-wordpress-business-template.

I have issue related to plussone theme. After uploading and activating gantry_wordpress_framework-4.1.2-20140110.153113-3.zip plugin and new theme wt_plussone_wp-1.0.zip, when I vist site, blank white page opens. There is no content there. Could you please suggest what is wrong with theme? Are there any further steps which I m missing?

Regards, MH

You are Activated! Log in and log out!

Thanks for your reply. I have done logout and login again. But still I am experiencing same issue. Please suggest. what to do? I am really in trouble to sort out this. Please help

You go to my Support forum and post this on there and post the site details and i will take a look.

Hi I’m struggling a bit here. The documentation is difficult to get through. The theme as I have installed it look like a broken version of twentythirteen and I can’t seem to get into your forum (yes I have signed up) to download demo content in the hope to get a working site. Any help would be appreciated.

You are Activated! Log in and log out!

OK thanks. I am deleting the WP install and DB and running your demo install so fingers crossed.

If you will have problems please write on the forum.

Hi i need demo contents and if i can send database file with contents and settings that will be great

You are activated on our Forum Board. ;)

Hi, have a question. I put in the settings: On the main page to display your latest posts Home page is empty help me solve the problem

Did you buyed with this account (adwer) or other one?

no..with luckymax acc

your luckymax account is activated!

Hi..have 2 accs… I repeat the question: I put in the settings: On the main page to display your latest posts Home page is empty help me solve the problem

http://webthemer.com/support/activate-your-account.html Activate your account on our support forum and post a question put your site details in Site Details Tab and i will take a look.

hi there, I purchased this theme and I am having a few issues with uploading the plugins. RokSprocket and RokCommon plugins fail to install. Any ideas as to why?

Check this and try again:

Server Requirements: PHP support for the SQLite PDO driver, PHP support for the MySQL PDO driver, MySQL with InnoDB support, PHP support for PDO, PHP support for GD2, PHP 5.3 and above, mod_mysql, mod_xml, mod_zlib,

PHP.INI Requirements max_execution_time = 600, max_input_time = 600, memory_limit = 128M, max_input_vars = 4000, upload_max_filesize = 35M, post_max_size = 35M, extension=pdo.so, extension=pdo_mysql.so

Thank You, I was able to install the required plugins!

Hi, I have registered on your forums, but still cant access the demo content for this theme. Please advise.

Hi, You are activated! Log out and Login on the forum and you should see the Plussone Category.

Pre-purchase question. I need a left sidebar, middle content for posts, and right sidebar and I would like to size them to what I need and it still to be responsive. Is this setup possible with your theme? You can view my current theme at rockitpro.com to see what I’m trying to mimic.

Sorry no, you can only have both sidebars the same width. The Framework is made like that.

Hi, I have registered on your forums, but still cant access the demo content for this theme. Please advise.

still no access

You do now :)

Just purchased it. Where is the demo content?

Register here: and when i activate you you will have access to Quickstart. http://webthemer.com/support/activate-your-account.html

Registered. Waiting the activation now. Thanks


Please activate me to get the demo content. Regards

Activated !

I just registered, i need demo files please.

I activated you!

Registered and waiting for activation. Thanks!


Purchased the Theme please activate the Demo Content.



Hi, I purchased the Demo and I need activation.


You are Activated!