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Hello, I’d like the Demo access please, thus needing activation.

Thank You!


hi there. I purchased the plussone theme. I tried to register for the forum so I can get the demo content. I have not received an activation link. My email address is mharkins@studioradd.com.

Please push my registration through, I did not realize i needed to go through this to get the demo content. Thank you.


Hello! Just like the others, I have bought the template, and tried to register on the forum for the demo content, but haven’t recieved an activation link. My username is webtolcser.

Help me please.

You are activated!

Can i Get my account activate also. so that i can access them demo data.

Sark3y thanks..



Sark3y Purchased

Hi, I have tried to log into the support site and it says that my username doesn’t exist, can you advise? I was looking to find out are there any updates for the plusone theme (wordpress) thanks

I will update the Plussone WordPress somewhere next month about 15th … also you need to register on the support.webthemer.com

I need the support activation to access the demo content and quickstart. I sent a message to you through the evanto form to be activated. My username in your site is : Gambelli

Thank you


I bought Plussone last week

I need quick installation pack…

Pls send to me cafercelebi@gmail.com

Did you Bought Joomla Version? If so download it again from ThemeForest Quickstart is in Pack

hi there. I purchased the plussone theme. I tried to register for the forum so I can get the demo content. I have not received an activation link. My email address is yuval@yuvalraz.com.

thanks :)

Demo content Sent!

Hi, There’s no way to enter your support forums for the past week or so and it’s getting urgent for me to get the demo content. please contact me at yuval@yuvalraz.com


hi there. I purchased the plussone theme. I tried to register for the forum so I can get the demo content. I have not received an activation link. My email address is oliviabenisrael@gmail.com

Please push my registration through. its very hard to work with this theme thanks

Please register on the new forum and you will have access for the demo in the appropriate forum.

I can not install the demo content the them is blank

I answered!

thanks resolved, your awesome guy !



I would like to buy this theme with drupal. Earlier i saw it on themeforest. How i can do that?

Thanks, Alíz

Can i Get my account activate also. so that i can access them demo data.

Register here and you do the activation by your self: http://webthemer.com/forum/

Is any of your staff monitoring your support forum? I have been waiting for assistance for over two hours.

Hello triplemoons,

First, we use Gantry Framework for creating the templates and framework documentation is available here http://www.gantry-framework.org/documentation/wordpress/ and included in the Template zip file, including videos, when u see them it will be all clear how framework works and how powerful it is.

Also we provide the complete demo replica as Quickstart that you can download from our Support Forum when you register so you can start from it or use it as a reference point by installing it on your localhost and looking at it to see how stuff are made and what setting are being used.

Also for plugins you can find documentation here:

http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/wordpress/plugins/roksprocket/ http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/wordpress/plugins/rokbox http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/wordpress/plugins/rokajaxsearch/ http://www.rockettheme.com/docs/wordpress/plugins/rokgallery/

Second i don’t have to provide support for my items it seas here but i do and very good support, it will sometimes take for 48 hours to do so but i help people, even installing stuff and configuring them.

Tell me what are you trying to achieve and i will provide support on our Support Forum

Regards Damir – Webthemer.com

Good morning Damir,

The problems with your theme does not involve Gantry. I have an in depth familiarity with Gantry, which is one of the reasons why I chose to purchase your theme. The problem revolves around the Rok plugins which require a paid subscription to the Rocket Theme forums to get support on. Something as simple as the header image with subsequent sub-heading should have been built into the theme itself rather then relying on a 3rd party plugin.

I will submit my list of issues that have been presented to our developers to solve on your support forum.

Regards, Stef

If you need any-kind of help you can ask me about Rok plugins, if there is a bug in the RokPlugins i will try to resolve them with the RocketTheme and get back to you as quick as i can. See you around my support board.

Thanks Stef!

Hi, I have register to your forum to get the Demo content but I didn’t get the verify email yet, please help. My account: hanyalbana@gmail.com

Thank for your quick response.

did you check the spam folder?

Hello, I’d like the Demo full data please. my email : engkhafagy@gmail.com

Thank You!

Hi Where i can get username and password for login ?

You need to Register, then you put your purchase code and you will have access. http://webthemer.com/wp-login.php?action=register

I need the demo content, however I’m getting a notice that your support forum is down. “We are currently upgrading our Support system and site please send all support requests and inquiries to support@webthemer.com

Well this is the Quickstart, you install it like you would install WordPress and it will set exact demo. Sorry Gantry Framework 4 works like this.

You don’t have Gantry (function does exist I use it myself – https://wordpress.org/plugins/gantry-export-import-options/) and WordPress exports to provide?

Ok i will provide those but i don’t think it will work, tomorrow i will send to you!

Solid! Thank you!

You welcome ;)

It would be most helpful to have detailed documentation on how to get the same display of items as shown in the demo without having to use your demo installation. We’re running a multisite network and can absolutely not use that.

For example, when I create a Testimonial “Sprocket” using the 3rd party plugins required to get all the features advertised in this theme, it looks nothing like the demo. It actually looks really terrible. Their is nothing on RokSprocket about how to get it to look like the demo…their’s nothing on the “documentation” provided in PDF format with the theme download…and their’s nothing on the demo website about how to get it to appear properly. I feel that purchasers of this theme are left to flounder and have nothing but the Gantry framework, which is free.

Also, why is nothing setup with theme shortcodes? You expect purchasers to hand code all of these items? Shortcodes are ridiculously easy to create when developing a theme, they should be included.

Please send me the email about what section you need to develop to support@webthemer.com and i will provide instructions for that i am currently making extensive documentation for RokSprocket and all that is in it and it will take some time!


wewill Purchased

How did you create the Team page: http://demo.webthemer.com/wordpress/plussone_wp/?page_id=45


You have a widget called Team Member! http://take.ms/ZiTwS

We would like to inform all our current and future customers that we have a new support site online you can check it here: http://support.webthemer.com/

If you didn’t register you can do so here: http://www.webthemer.com/my-account/

Please use the support portal for problems, issues and ThemeForest comment section only for pre-purchase question.

Regards Damir Webthemer.com