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Hi, i need to buy this template, but i need to change the trasparetn skin to this color #c4ac9f and change the font to futura. Is possible ? how?


Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that.

Is this ipad and iphone compatible?


First of all – great theme! I’m working on this theme for my client but I got some problems.

When you change between different menus it works smooth until the 3rd time you click, then nothing happens.

I’ve tried 2 reinstall the theme etc, but still no luck. Any ideas?


Please login with your purchased account.

Hi I have a small problem that occurred last attempt at posting. I tried to put a photo on the blog and it will not … when I click “Set Featured Image” it does not leave the process to save … what can it be?

silenx Purchased

I, i just purchased your theme. Do you know a compatible plugin for changing font? If not i do myself via css/php. Thanks a lot. PS: just for your information: your theme is not fully compatible with the plugin “themefuse maintenance mode” it do issue with the ajax page animation. Bye

I’d like to buy this theme but I did not understand this sentence:

“Note: This theme is fully driven by AJAX and not support custom permalink”

Can I customize the menu items, links etc? what is the limit? It’s in Php? Tnx a lot


Yes, you can customise menu items using Wordpress custom menu but you can’t change site permalink to custom one ex. yoursite.com/menu_item

Udomsak Purchased

Hello K. Peerapong How can edit or remove “Copyright © 2010 Peerapong Pulpipatnan. Remove this once after purchase from the ThemeForest.net “

Thank you for help.


Thank you for purchasing krub.

Open Pluto admin > Footer > Page Footer Content


I am waiting for your reply on the issue I mentioned above!

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Hi peerapong,

Great theme! I only have one problem, I can’t seem to see any slide captions on my homepage slider even though I have everything filled out in the media. What could be the problem?


Did you enable it using Pluto admin > Homepage?

DKoppy Purchased

Hey peerapong,

I have a few things I wanted to see if you can help me with.

1. When you CLICK the “X” to CLOSE the page you CANNOT get it to open again by CLICKING the same menu. You must CLICK another menu, have it open and then CLICK back to the Menu you had closed to have it reopen.

2. When my Gallery displays, there are no Image Title or Description shown along with the image, though I believe it can and should be there.

3. When you select a page to be shown on the homepage, the contents of the original page lose their “br” points and everything is wrapped around and no longer looks like the original page (which happens to also be available from the menu on the left).

4. In the font section under pluto settings, it doesn’t appear that changing the sizes for h1, h2, h3, etc affects anything on my page that utilizes the h1,h2,h3 tags.

How does one upload social icons to the bottom of the homepage menu from my computer, please?

I have read the manual and it does not actually EXPLAIN much about uploading social icons. I understand the a href code to link it to the actual page but I don’t know how to load my own icons from my computer. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons.



You have to add social icons using HTML code.

Also, I have put a video on the homepage but it plays non stop… how do you stop the video playing non- stop, please?


I have sorted the icons. Any suggestions to stop the video playing in a continuous loop, dude?


Open /js/jquery.tubular.js line 34 remove “loop=1”

Before I purchase, can you tell me about the video background:

1) Instead of Youtube, can I use an mp4 video hosted on my own server?

2) Video player options: Can I hide the player progress bar, so that it never appears even when they do a mouseover?

3) The slides play behind the transparent lefthand navbar. Very nice! But, video does not. The video’s lefthand border butts up against the navbar instead of showing behind it. Can you make this change, so the the video plays behind the lefthand navbar? please!! It will make your theme even cooler than it already is now!


Thank you for your suggestion ;)

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.


Hi @peerapong,

I asked 3 questions, and you replied “Sorry It doesn’t support that.” Which question are you answering?

chaun Purchased

Is there functionality in the theme dashboard to order the items that are added to Menus? I need to add a new item to a specific category but when I add it the positioning defaults to the last one in the list. I need to be able to rearrange positioning of menu items without having to delete and recreate them.

If you do not have the functionality built in to do this, is there a plugin that you recommend?


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

chaun Purchased

Here is an example of what I need to do.

On my restaurant website I have a “Lunch” category and my menu displays these items (as seen in the image below) in the following order: Cedar Salmon Lemon Pepper Haddock Filet Spicy Thai Seafood Portabello Stuffed Mushrooms Caesar Salad Spring Mix Salad

I need to move “Lemon Pepper Haddock Filet” so that it displays in between “Caesar Salad” and “Spring Mix Salad”. How can I change the display order of these menu items? I need to be able to rearrange the display order of menu items on a monthly basis so I need a simple way to do this.


Thanks for all the support peerapong, it is indeed a great looking restaurant theme. Certainly not an “easy” WordPress CMS theme as there’s quite a lot of little coding/html/plug-in/timthumbs tricks to learn but a great theme all the same once one gets to grips with it and with some patience. Challenge accepted!

temaki Purchased

Hi Peerapong,

I just would really like to know… When I click on one of the menu’s the window pops out to the side like its suppose to. When I click on some of the menus like for instance “reservations” I have a form up, but instead of the window popping out to the side there is just another new window that opens up.

You you give me guidance on how to fix. I go to other users sites that have this theme and theirs work.

Thank you!


How did you add “reservations”? Did you use another plugin?

temaki Purchased

Yes I added a webform plugin through wordpress.

But besides the fact, all pages should have the pop out window feature for this theme.

acdubms Purchased

Don’t waste your hopes on this theme. It does not work as average themes do. The #1 issue is the pages don’t load. Instead, a loading circle pops up forever. I restarted again from scratch & it always works at 1st, then just stops loading & no changes are made to cause this for every website page.

DKoppy Purchased

Hey, for those of you who would like to have Title and Captions shown on the Fancybox Overlay you need to edit the “template-portfolio-4.php” template and change line 127 from …

<a rel="gallery" href="<?php echo $image_url[0]; ?>"></a>

to …

<a rel="gallery" href="<?php echo $image_url[0]; ?>" title="<?php echo $photo->post_title; ?> <?php if(!empty($photo->post_excerpt)){echo ' - ' .$photo->post_excerpt;} ?>"></a>

That will show the TITLE and CAPTION (if any) for the image.


temaki Purchased

Not sure if you know exactly what I’m talking about even though it might a very simple thing to do. I see other sites with this theme have this feature.


You can setup homepage content using Pluto admin > Homepage

temaki Purchased

My mistake if I’m confusing you at all. Would you mind sending a screen shot of what you mean?

Because in the pluto settings under homepage it doesn’t give an option to make all pages slide out.

Would be greatly appreciated.



Provide URL of page which has issue please.