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Creative work! Good luck with sales! :)

thanks :)

Thanks man!

Great work, glws ;)

thank you :)

If Pluto had the “Image Slider” of “Quantist”. Would be the best theme of history. Otherwise is amazing.

Great idea, may include it in the next update!

Thanks, Jen

If you do that, i will definately buy it!

And thanks for the reply!

Very awesome theme, guys! Love it.

Quick question:

When all of my portfolio images on the homepage are completely loaded to to the max, the Load More button remains, tricking the user to think there are more items when there are not.

Is there a way to make that button disappear after all portfolio items are loaded? If we make it disappear, will it automatically reappear when I add more portfolio items in the future?



Hello, the Load More Button will disappear clicking and there isn’t any more posts to load. Yes, it will reappear if you add more items in the future.

Thanks for purchasing, Jen

great design.. good luck for more and more sales :)

hey man, this is a tumblr theme that i’ve been dream of, but just one question, can i get rid that load more button? so its like when people click “all” it will load all of them without the “load more” button

thanks a bunch and will definitely buy it


It cannot be done since there is information in the footer, without the load more button your audience will be having a hard time viewing or clicking your content in the footer, since it loads every time you reach the bottom.


okay purchased, wish me luck :)


You could add a button to go back when you’re watching a project?

Hey Mgart,

We will take that under consideration for the next update.


Hello I would like to know once i purchased this theme where can i view and utilize it? I don’t see it I sent message about this issue to Envato

Install you mean? there is a step by step guide in the package on how to install this theme.


Hi, I really like your theme. After several searches, I think I am going with yours, but I have an issue. While viewing it on an iPhone 4 screen, it shows something strange on the right side, like something is misplaced

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi Alex,

Sorry for not responding, I didn’t notice your comment until now. The theme has been updated and you should be able to re-download the updated version through your account.



I love the theme, it’s perfect, THX !!

but responsive is very very bad…. why ?



Sorry for the late response, you should receive an email anytime soon about the update.


Hi there. Bought your theme – it’s very nice.

Two things however: I noticed that a guy said that the mobile theme on iPhone 4S is not quite working. I am finding this still to be the case (not sure what it looks like on other mobile devices).

Secondly… and I’m new to Tumblr so this might be a basic fix… I’m finding the tag links aren’t working that great. It basically won’t load tag-specific posts unless they are loaded in “all”. In my case I have put my contact and pricing information in posts. Because these posts aren’t loaded when initially looking at my page (they were uploaded first and are at the bottom of the list) when you click the contact or pricing they don’t show up – unless you click “load more”.

You can see my site here if I’m not making any sense:

Thank you!

Update: I’ve modified the “information” links (about, pricing, contact) to make it work. However the issue still remains: example if I choose the tag filter link “Wedding” it’s not reaching the older posts that aren’t part of the initial 15 loaded when you first visit the page.


1) Please make sure you have tumblr mobile optimization turned off:

2) Unfortunately that is Tumblr’s restriction and we can do nothing about it.



When I click “View project” when hovering over the images under the “all” category the project is opened in a new tab. Is there any way to prevent doing that in your theme?

I want everything to be opened in one tab, so that it doesn’t get so messy for the viewers.

Best regards.


Please turn off “open links in new tab” in the customize panel.



sotax Purchased

Excellent! :bigsmile:

Thanks :)


drmanxz Purchased

Great work.

A couple of questions, that I’m sure its a quick fix and I am just missing.

My items are all showing up on a single column. Also, the tag navigation bar is not sticky, like it is on the demo.

Any suggestions?

Hey drmanxz,

It seems like your JavaScript files are not working, please email us a link to your blog so we can further investigate:


Hello, I love the look of this, but is there a way to change the filters or have it so that the tags link to permanent urls? It is very difficult to use as a portfolio when many of my images don’t show up due to being older. (I have a “contact” post that does not show up as it was the first thing I posted, despite it being the only thing in the tag)

Hi fitenite,

If you’d like to customize your theme, please email us:


Hello, considering buying this theme. Am I able to add links to pages on the links menu at the top or is it just for Ask, Archive and Random?

Please get back to me asap. Thank you.

Hi Hatimhv,

Yes, you will be able to add custom links. Please take a look at this page:


Hey Jen, I’d really love to buy your theme it’s perfect for what I want! There’s just one thing I wanted to ask. When you hover over a project, is it possible to change the magnifying glass and the ‘view project’ text to show the title and tag of the post?

Hey Mosessa,

It’s only possible through modifying the code, if you are interested in extensively customizing the theme please email us at:


Love this theme just one problem. In mobile view the links will overlap the logo and vice versa? I don’t know if you’re aware of the problem. Its actually even on your demo when you open it on mobile. Look forward to hearing back from you! Thank you! If you can send me an email @ Thank you

Hey Dblanco,

Can you send us a screenshot of what you are seeing? we will get it resolved as soon as possible: